On-Air Sponsorship

KET impacts the lives of Kentuckians at all stages of life. ... KET also promotes lifelong learning and prepares adults for the workforce. Lexmark is a proud supporter of KET.

Kathy Hillyard

Manager, Corporate Citizenship, Lexmark

KET is Kentucky's only statewide media source, reaching 4 million viewers across the Commonwealth and in parts of the seven surrounding states.

Businesses, associations, nonprofit organizations, and foundations can receive recognition spots, produced by KET using voice-over copy and visuals provided by the organization, at the beginning and end of programs they choose to underwrite. These underwriters reach a desirable audience; capitalize on their association with KET's quality and credibility; and strengthen their relationships with customers, employees, shareholders, government officials, community leaders, neighbors, and friends.

How does KET's on-air recognition benefit your business?

  • Build brand loyalty: KET builds brand identification and strengthens your corporate image. Corporate partners benefit from the "halo effect" of being associated with KET and its mission to make a meaningful contribution in their community.
  • Double your visibility ... stretch your budget: KET's two broadcast channels offer double the market coverage in Kentucky and in parts of seven states. As Kentucky's only statewide media source, KET offers a unique marketing opportunity no other advertising medium can match—and at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Whether you make a tax-deductible gift from your marketing budget, your philanthropy budget, or a combination of both, your support of KET is much more than advertising. You are advancing the mission of KET and the well-being of your community and your business.
  • Reach your target demographic: Using internal data, KET can define the viewing audiences of programs available for sponsorship. Targeted messaging enables corporations to speak directly to their constituents.
  • Stand out in an uncluttered environment: In commercial hour-long broadcasts, nearly 17 minutes may be used for ads, with individual messages sandwiched between direct competitors vying for the same viewers' attention. With our uninterrupted programming, KET restricts interstitial time to 5 minutes, 21 seconds or less. The results? An incredible 80% of parents with children under 3 could recall seeing a sponsor message for Libby's Juicy Juice because of its national sponsorship of Arthur.

Join our distinguished group of On-Air Sponsors by selecting one of our many wonderful local or national programs to underwrite today! For information on how to get started, contact

Caragh Moloney Babcock
(859) 258-7209

Sharon Michael
(859) 258-7228

Commonwealth Fund for KET
560 Cooper Drive
Lexington, KY 40502-2200
toll-free: (800) 866-0366