Pledge Sponsorship

Hilliard Lyons has been a strong supporter of KET for many years. We have always felt the quality and variety of the programming that KET provides to be second to none. KET’s programs in areas such as workplace education, professional development, and public affairs, just to name a few, are wonderful examples of the value that public television and KET bring to our communities in Kentucky. KET is truly a treasure that needs to be supported by everyone.

Steve Grossman

Senior Vice President, Hilliard Lyons

Throughout the year, KET broadcasts on-air fund-raising appeals. These program specials generate some of KET’s highest viewer ratings. With a minimum gift of $1,500, companies can sponsor volunteer phone banks to participate in these special events.

Our March TeleFund and December WinterPledge offer KET’s most-watched weeks of “sweeps” programming, which explains why 50% of our 28,000 member families joined KET during an on-air fund-raising drive. At this time of highest public TV viewing, your sponsorship will entitle you to up to six hours of live on-air exposure across Kentucky and parts of seven other states.

Sponsorship of a pledge drive offers these benefits:

  • You can staff a phone bank with 24 volunteers during either TeleFund or WinterPledge. It’s a unique opportunity to galvanize employee involvement in your company and community, signal your commitment to team morale and development, and have fun! Your team is encouraged to wear brightly colored shirts or sweatshirts with your logo for enhanced company promotion from our studio set.
  • Your group will be repeatedly acknowledged and thanked by KET hosts during the membership pledge breaks.
  • KET will interview your spokesperson on the air during a pledge break.
  • If you wish, you may also make a check presentation on air.
  • A credit with your logo will air at the end of the pledge day.
  • Your company or organization will be recognized for 10 days following the pledge drive in a promotional television spot thanking all of our volunteers and donors.
  • You will be included in an on-air listing at the end of each broadcast day for 12 months.
  • You will receive value-added recognition in Visions, KET’s monthly program guide.
  • As an annual giver at the $1,000+ level, you also will be entitled to parking privileges for University of Kentucky football games at KET, which is located adjacent to Commonwealth Stadium.
  • Your participation showcases your commitment to improving the quality of life in the communities you serve and to advancing education for all.
  • You will align yourself with the one television source trusted to be a safe, civilized, and credible influence in homes across Kentucky.

All sponsorship gifts are tax-deductible, too!

Please contact , (859) 258-7221, if you would like to sponsor a KET TeleFund or WinterPledge phone bank.