KET presents Thoroughbred, a documentary

KET's Thoroughbred explores the fascinating world of these distinctive horses and the people who breed, sell, race, and love them.

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Directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Paul Wagner and narrated by Emmy-winning actress Kathryn Walker, the film is a beautiful high-definition look at the history, culture, and excitement that surround the Thoroughbred.

Thoroughbred captures the flurry of activity trackside and "backside," the serenity of Bluegrass horse farms, and the riches of Dubai's racing operations.

Through the eyes of owners, breeders, jockeys, and fans, Wagner reveals the beauty and power of a centuries-old tradition along with the passion and spirit of competition that swirl around the raising and racing of the Thoroughbred. See the trailer below.

Thoroughbred DVDs are available for purchase from PBS. Buy the DVD at the ShopPBS website.

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Thoroughbred is the first program funded by KET's Endowment for Kentucky Production. We thank those who invested in the Endowment to help preserve Kentucky's stories.
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