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Belle of Louisville Steamboat Careers!

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We hope you had fun while you learned something about careers on a steamboat. Someday, you might like to have a career on the Belle of Louisville too!

There are all kinds of jobs on a steamboat. They can be done by either men or women. People who work on a boat are called "crew members". Here are some of their jobs.
captain icon The CAPTAIN: The captain is responsible for the whole boat, including the passengers and crew members. The captain has a really BIG job! He supervises all boat operations and works with the Coast Guard, the organization that sets the rules the boat follows.
pilot icon The PILOT: The pilot steers the boat. Steering is done in the pilothouse on the top of the boat. The pilot has to know a lot about the river!
first mate icon The FIRST MATE: The first mate is the captain's "right hand man" or woman. He or she keeps track of all work the deckhands do to maintain the boat, helps with landing and launching, and takes care of all the work the captain wants done.
engineer icon The ENGINEER: On a steamboat like the Belle, the engineer starts and stops the boat's engines. The engines turn the paddlewheel. The engineer also makes sure that all electrical and mechanical systems work on the boat. Because of the engineer, the lights turn on and all the water faucets work.
fireman icon The FIREMAN: Steamboats need a fireman to make sure there is enough fire to heat the water in the boilers to make steam. Steam makes the whistle blow and the paddlewheel turn. If there wasn't any steam, the boat wouldn't go anywhere, the lights wouldn't light, water wouldn't flow, popcorn wouldn't pop, and toilets wouldn't flush!
purser icon The PURSER: The purser watches over the things that are sold on the boat and is responsible for all the money. Food, soft drinks, souvenirs, and tickets are all things that are sold.
crew icon The DECKHANDS: The deckhands paint the boat, do repairs, clean up, and help passengers who are taking a cruise. They teach passengers about boat safety, and they can rescue people, too!
concession icon The CONCESSION and SOUVENIR workers: These workers sell food, soft drinks, and souvenirs to the passengers who are taking a cruise.


For the Belle of Louisville, some careers are done in the boat's office, and they are really important jobs, too. Just like on the boat, these jobs can be done by both women and men. Here are some of them.

CEO icon The CEO: The CEO (the Corporate Executive Officer) oversees the administrative end of the Belle's business. She or he helps raise money for the boat and talks to people around town so they will see how important the Belle is to our community.
sales icon The SALES AND MARKETING DIRECTOR: The Sales and Marketing director tells people about the boats and plans cruises with special themes. This person also works with TV, radio, and newspaper reporters to help them tell everyone about our wonderful boat! He also supervises the office workers and the Education Coordinator. The Sales and Marketing Director has a lot to do!
office worker icon The OFFICE WORKERS: There are quite a few of these people! Some of them help groups who want to have parties or meetings on the boat. Others answer the phones, mail letters, make things on the computer, and sell tickets and souvenirs to people who want to cruise on a boat. They are busy people!
education icon The EDUCATION COORDINATOR: The Education Coordinator helps people learn more about the history of the Belle of Louisville and the Ohio River. Sometimes he or she gives tours, sets up exhibits on the boat or at special events, participates in events sponsored by other organizations, and gives talks or programs to children and adults.


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