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The Video:

For KET:

  • Content Producer: Larry Moore
  • Producer/Director: Tom Bickel
  • Scriptwriter: Kelli Burton
  • Videographers: Jason Robinson and Warren Mace
  • Field Audio: Roger Tremaine
  • Audio Post: Roger Tremaine and Brent Abshear
  • Graphics/Animation: Clark Bradshaw, boat model: Mike Ginter
  • Lighting: Don Dean
  • Photographer: Steve Shaffer
  • Editor: Tom Bickel
  • Financial Officer: Susan Kanis
  • Executive Producer: Nancy Carpenter

Special Thanks:

Special thanks to teacher Clara Mackin Fulkerson and her 5th grade gifted and talented students from Cox's Creek Elementary, Nelson Co. KY. for appearing in the video.

  • Erika Clark
  • Jake Clark
  • Hailey Eisenberg
  • Abby Hall
  • Koby Hardison
  • Dane Pike
  • Shyla Stump

For the Belle of Louisville:

  • CEO: Linda Harris
  • Director of Sales & Marketing: Kelly Gream
  • Education Coordinator: Kadie Engstrom
  • Master: Mark Doty
  • Alternate Master: Pete OConnell
  • Captain: Jamie Donohue
  • Chief Mate: Drew Cederholm
  • Pilots: Mike Fitzgerald and Eddie Mattingly
  • Chief Engineer: Jim McCoy
  • Alternate Chief Engineer: Steve Mattingly
  • Engineer: Dan Lewis
  • Fireman: Wayne McDole
  • Food & Beverage Manager : Julia Hammel-Furlong
  • Calliopist: Martha Gibbs

Additional Acknowledgments:

  • Waterfront Development Corporation
  • All members of the Belle of Louisville on-board crew and administrative staff
  • Hall's Catering
  • Sons and Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen - for their generous financial support

The following agencies supplied images for this production:

  • The Belle of Louisville
  • Cincinnati Museum Center-Cincinnati Historical Society Library
  • Library of Congress
  • The Filson Historical Society
  • Portland Museum
  • The Howard Steamboat Museum

The Website:

The Staff:


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