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Safety Training


mine safety training Director Joy Flynn on the left, and host Mary Henson on the right.

This picture shows some of our crew members taking the safety training course on a scouting trip to the coal mine. Before you're allowed into the mine, you have to take a one-hour training lesson about safety precautions and emergency procedures. The course also covers the various pieces of safety equipment you have to wear in the mine -- everything from protective eyewear to special shoes -- as well as instructions on how to operate the equipment in case of an emergency. Trainees (which, in this case, meant the KET crew!) are taught how to use emergency breathing apparatus (worn on the belt) in case of a loss of oxygen in the mine. Other safety tips include the location of the emergency escape routes throughout the mine and what to do in case there is a loss of electrical power. Fortunately for our crew, they didn't have to use any of their new knowledge on our trip!

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