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Tooth Customs and Traditions Around the World

In the United States, when a child loses a tooth, it is put under the child’s pillow. Then the Tooth Fairy takes the tooth and leaves money. In some countries, children put their teeth where the Tooth Mouse can find them. They hope their new teeth will be as strong and sharp as a mouse’s teeth!

Other cultures have different traditions. In Sweden, the tooth is put in a glass of water. In Greece, it is thrown on the roof for good luck. And in Mexico, the tooth is placed in a small box.

Activity: Research tooth traditions around the world or ask people from other cultures what their tooth traditions are.
Activity: Use creative thinking to brainstorm what the Tooth Fairy could do with all of those teeth that are collected. Write a story or make a picture about one way the Tooth Fairy might use the collected teeth.
Activity: Have you ever wondered what the Tooth Fairy looks like? Draw a picture or write a paragraph describing the Tooth Fairy.

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