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Download the 17-page (40K) Falls of the Ohio State Park Educator's Handbook (in .pdf format--open with Adobe Acrobat Reader). It includes hands-on activities, background materials, a glossary, and bibliography.

Scavenger Hunt

Have your students follow this scavenger hunt as they watch the program.

  1. What was the name of the geological period in which the tropical sea covered this area?
  2. What fossil resembles something a bee might make?
  3. In the column of rock that Kenny showed us, which rocks were oldest--the ones toward the bottom or toward the top?
  4. What fossil animal closely resembled the Asiatic clam that Kenny showed us?
  5. What force of nature polished many of the rock ledges and actually carved out the Ohio River Valley?
  6. How was the natural arch created?
  7. What form of transportation did Native Americans use for river travel?
  8. Who was the explorer who started the first permanent English-speaking settlement on Corn Island?
  9. What famous artist painted pictures of the wildlife around the falls?
  10. What were the 58 sets of wood and metal dams along the Ohio River called?
  11. What was the name of the dam built in 1964?
  12. What was Dunkleosteus?
  13. What fossils did early explorers think were actually horns from buffalo?
  14. How tall were the glaciers that carved out the Ohio River Valley?
  15. What wading bird with red eyes do many bird watchers come to the falls to see?
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