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Electronic Field Trip to a Horse Farm

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Students who live in towns, cities, and suburbs—whose experience with horses might consist of watching the Kentucky Derby on television or driving past sprawling, white-fenced horse farms—might be very curious to learn what life is like on one of those farms.

KET offers students a chance to discover more about farm life with this electronic field trip to Margaux Farm in the Bluegrass region of Central Kentucky, United States. Host Kim Gray of the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture and co-host and colleague Craig Wood are joined by several guests, including a large-animal veterinarian; a farrier; and Steve Johnson, the owner of Margaux Farm.

Throughout the program, both the hosts and their guests answer students' questions, like ...

  • What makes the Bluegrass region so good for raising horses and other livestock?
  • How is hay baled?
  • What's a farrier?
  • What is a typical day like on a horse farm?
Kim with horses

Two mares compete to greet host Kim Gray.

Liz with horses
Liz Hobson, producer of the field trip,
gets a kiss from a friendly mare.
Electronic Field Trip to a Horse Farm first aired live on Tuesday, May 7, 1996. A videotape or DVD and teacher's guide are available. For information, call KET Tape Duplication at (800) 945-9167 or E-mail .

Internet Resources

The Internet contains a wealth of resources related to horses of all kinds. These links focus on Kentucky resources, including museums and farms.

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