What do they do? Manage all aspects of financial recording and reporting and prepare tax returns for urban and rural forestry groups and woodland owners.

Description: All accountants must adhere to generally accepted accounting principles. But because trees are living organisms, their value is in constant flux (either increasing or decreasing), and communicating the worth of forest assets at true market value is a real challenge. Creative financial reporting can be used as an edge when looking for funding and competing for grants.

Education: Environmental literacy is a real plus for accountants working with trees and in urban forestry. Qualifications include a four-year college degree; CPA certification; and good leadership, team-building, management, and communication skills. This combination will go a long way in making the accountant an integral part of the forestry movement.

Salary: Earnings are based on the size of the organization. Typically, a CPA managing assets in excess of $1 million can expect to earn in excess of $50,000 annually.