Landscape Architect

What do they do? Plan and design private, public, and commercial greenspace and create site plans for land use.

Description: Landscape architects rely on their knowledge of construction, grading, drainage, irrigation, plant materials, and horticulture throughout an often solitary workday in the office that revolves around design and drawing. In their careers, landscape architects tackle a variety of projects, including designs for private residences, apartment buildings, schools, parks, golf courses, office buildings, and public road projects. A talent in art, a knack for graphics, and an eye for detail pave the way to architecture. In addition to traditional architectural studies, landscape architects also must have a good understanding of plants, the environment, and social trends.

Education: Four-year degree, state license, and certification from the American Association of Landscape Architects.

Salary: Ranges from $25,000 to start up to about $75,000.