Landscape Contractor/Foreman

What do they do? Beautify properties by installing landscaping and irrigation.

Description: A landscaping contractor is a true Renaissance person, wearing many hats. Although the final product is basic irrigation and beautification of a property, the landscape contractor must be knowledgeable in bidding, grading, trees, wood, concrete, flatwork, and more along the way. On a large job, a landscape contractor can subcontract with between 50 and 60 trades. Landscape contractors need substantial capital investments for equipment; start-up costs of $100,000 are needed to compete in this industry.

Education: Most landscape contractors start as laborers at minimum wage. But a degree in business, a computer background, sales experience, and/or a landscape contractor’s license can move you up quickly.

Salary: All work is on a bid basis, and profit margins are typically 5%. Foremen typically make between $12 and $15 hourly.