Nursery Owner/Manager

What do they do? Propagate, purchase, care for, and sell potted trees, either wholesale or retail.

Description: Nursery owners/managers oversee the daily operations of a plant nursery and provide a link between growers and wholesalers or the general public. They keep abreast of changing fads and trends in the tree industry and watch their inventories closely to avoid damaging the trees. Managers in retail nurseries may find themselves handling a variety of tasks, from ringing up customer sales and answering the phone to helping customers select appropriate trees. Wholesale nursery managers supply large quantities of trees to contractors, tree groups, and other organizations. Those seeking a career as a nursery manager need a wide range of knowledge of soils, tree species, diseases, and design ideas along with public relations and sales skills.

Education: The entry-level position of laborer or worker requires little experience. The next level is sales, which requires some education and experience.

Salary: In wholesale nurseries, pay ranges from $25,000 to $40,000. Large urban areas start nursery managers at $40,000. A top-notch nursery may pay its managers about $70,000.