Nature Photographer

What do they do? Capture the essence of trees in multiple media (canvas, film, computers, moving pictures, bronze, clay, glass, precious metals) and sell to end users for posters, books, magazines, jewels, clothes, cards, gifts.

Description: A nature photographer is an artist who brings images to life. Whether trees are the principal focus of the artwork or part of the background, the nature photographer must be skilled in multimedia renditions. Except for magazine staff photographers, nature photographers work mostly freelance, and their creative and economic success is based on reputation. It helps to have a stock agent to promote your work and to develop a special niche where you can sell clip art to the market at large and get paid a commission each time your creations are used.

Education: On-the-job training. A degree in photography or photojournalism can help.

Salary: Earnings depend on reputation and range from entry-level positions with a magazine at $500 per week to $60,000 or more annually for well-regarded photographers who regularly publish in National Geographic and other prominent magazines.