Tree Rental Operator

What do they do? Rent trees and plants for decoration.

Description: Knowledge of the plants you rent, lease, or sell; tuned business skills; superior customer service; and an artistic talent in interior landscaping are the keys to a thriving plant and tree rental business. The industry is divided between providing decorative plants for special events like concerts, graduations, conventions, dances, and weddings and renting to private homes and businesses. A general knowledge of plant species and how they develop best is essential for providing expert help in selecting and maintaining plants that will best fit the needs of the customer. Continuing education and training in horticulture can provide the knowledge needed for the care and maintenance of the plants.

Education: None required, but good business skills and a knowledge of trees and plants will help get you started.

Salary: Depends on the size and clientele of the business. A prosperous business can make about $60,000 annually.