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KET Electronic Field Trips
The Forest
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Using the Field Trip in the Classroom
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Electronic Field Trip to the Forest, a 2002 KET production, is a 60-minute overview of forest ecology and management for grades 4-8, covering topics in environmental science, life science, history, geography, and economics. While introducing several fundamental concepts in biology, the program also focuses on human interactions with and uses of forests, emphasizing the need for good stewardship.

The field trip is divided into three 20-minute segments for classroom use, focusing on these broad themes:

  1. history and geography: an overview of historic uses of forests and an introduction to forest habitats
    [Part 1 details]

  2. life science and environmental science: forest ecology, the functions of healthy forests, and the importance of old-growth forest
    [Part 2 details]

  3. economics: wood and tree-derived products, timber management, and regulation of forests and logging
    [Part 3 details]

The field trip is hosted by actor Tim Womick and three teenagers, who discuss what they are learning about forests on a series of hikes through the woods. Interviews and demonstrations by foresters, a wildlife biologist, an ecologist, an archaeologist, and a logger introduce and illustrate the various concepts.

Electronic Field Trip to the Forest airs periodically on KET3/Star Channel 703, KET’s instructional program service for Kentucky schools; see our online ITV catalog for airdates. It is also available on videotape from KET. Call (800) 945-9167 or E-mail for purchasing information.

Overview | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Pre-/Post-Test

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