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Rex B. Mann
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USDA Forest Service patch In his long career with the USDA Forest Service, which began right after he graduated from college in 1967, Rex Mann has personally witnessed the gradual shift in the agency’s philosophy from a focus on maximizing timber cuts to a more holistic approach to managing forests. Though the aim is still to make sure forests are productive, the newer approach also emphasizes sustainability. Part of Rex’s job involves promoting better, more efficient use of timber products so that timber production is less wasteful—and more attuned to the needs of the forest ecosystem as a whole.

Rex is the staff officer for timber, wildlife, and fire in the supervisor’s office for Kentucky’s Daniel Boone National Forest. He plans and directs all fire management activities; oversees the planning of timber management, including the determination of annual harvest allowances; directs the silvicultural program, which is aimed at improving the general health of the forest; and provides guidance to the foresters who do the hands-on work. Based on the results seen in the forest, he then advises the forest supervisor and district ranger on policy and management decisions.

As a staff officer, Rex also spends much of his time working with professionals from other government agencies, both federal and state. For instance, activities that may affect wildlife habitats, especially fish and game animals, are coordinated with Kentucky’s Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. And the United States Fish and Wildlife Service is responsible for protecting rare and endangered species in the region.

Rex has a bachelor’s degree in forestry and forest management from North Carolina State University. While moving up the ranks of the agency, he has also moved around a lot: from the George Washington National Forest in Virginia to the Chattahoochee National Forest in Georgia; the Ouachita National Forest in Arkansas; the supervisor’s office in Jackson, MI; and then the Ouachita again. He settled in at the Daniel Boone headquarters in Winchester in 1986.

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