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KET Electronic Field Trips
The Forest
Extending the Learning
Classroom Units of Study

Using KET’s Electronic Field Trip to the Forest and other resources, the six units of study listed below address topics in life science and ecology, economics, and geography. They can be downloaded from the AWAKE (All Wild About Kentucky’s Environment) web site.

Developed by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service, the Tracy Farmer Center for the Environment, and the Kentucky Department of Education, AWAKE includes a wealth of resources about Kentucky’s natural habitats and wildlife for students and teachers as well as for anyone who enjoys hiking, wildlife watching, hunting, or fishing.

The links below provide direct access to the complete downloadable units of study. The files are in PDF format and require Adobe® Acrobat Reader® to view. The AWAKE forestry curriculum page also includes links to suggested culminating events.

Forestry Units

About the PDF Format and Adobe Acrobat Reader®

KET is using the .pdf file format to distribute many of our guides and samples. This type of file uses the free software called Adobe Acrobat Reader to open formatted documents for viewing and printing. Once you have the software, it doesn’t matter whether you use a Mac or PC or what type of word processor you are using: Adobe Acrobat Reader will allow you to use our guides, as well as the many other .pdf files available on the web.

You may download Acrobat Reader logo Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

(With a 56K modem and a good phone connection, it takes about 10 minutes to download the software.)

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