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KET Electronic Field Trips
The Forest
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The entire Electronic Field Trip to the Forest is available for viewing online, in three parts. In addition, you can view the entire video from which the Blanton Forest footage was taken and four short interview clips from Steve Bonney that were not included in the field trip.

These clips require either Windows Media Player® or RealPlayer®.

Electronic Field Trip to the Forest:

  • Part 1 (20:16) Windows Media Real
    history and geography: an overview of historic uses of forests and an introduction to forest habitats

  • Part 2 (17:14) Windows Media Real
    life science and environmental science: forest ecology, the functions of healthy forests, and the importance of old-growth forest

  • Part 3 (16:10) Windows Media Real
    economics: wood and tree-derived products, timber management, and regulation of forests and logging

Blanton Forest:

Steve Bonney Interview Clips:

  • Economic value of wildlife (:56) Real
  • Wildlife and forest habitat (1:05) Real
  • Using all your senses to “look for” wildlife (1:00) Real
  • Habitat loss in Kentucky (1:17) Real

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