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Electronic Field Trip Through Geologic Time

Program Outline

In this 60-minute field trip to the Jenkins Pound Gap in Letcher County, a geologist and a science teacher show students how to identify and date rocks. The Jenkins Pound Gap is the first site in Kentucky designated as geologically significant.

Geologist Frank Ettensohn and teacher Kim Alexander discuss how early settlers used the Pound Gap as an easy crossing through thePine Mountain Ridge.

Trip Through Geologic Time
We begin at the bottom of the outcrop 360 million years ago with an explanation of how layers of rocks formed and moved over time. We'll gradually move from the Devonian through the Mississippian to the Pennsylvanian periods, with lots of explanations and visible examples of aging.

Geologic Effects
While on the tour Dr. Ettensohn explains how weathering and erosion caused the formation of a gap which had cultural and economic effects on the region. We can see how environments move "in and out" through time.

Types of rocks mentioned on the field trip: shale, sandstone, coal, limestone, dolomite. Properties of rocks are discussed in terms of color, texture, and hardness.

A chance meeting with another geologist at the outcrop leads to an interesting discussion of caves.

Join us as we travel through geologic time in Kentucky!

Showing Pennington-Lee Formation

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Electronic Field Trip Through Geologic Time

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