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KET Electronic Field Trips
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Electronic Field Trip Through Geologic Time

This field trip was originally produced for teachers and is being made available for classroom use. Content is at a high school level, but elementary and middle school teachers will find segments of the field trip useful with younger students.

This program supports conceptual understandings of earth science and scientific inquiry, applications and connections as outlined in the Kentucky Core Content for Science Assessment.

Academic Expectations:

  • 2.1 Scientific Ways of Thinking and Working
  • 2.2 Patterns of Change
  • 2.3 Systems
  • 2.4 Scale and Models
  • 2.5 Constancy
  • 2.6 Change Over Time
Kentucky Department of Education Core Content for Assessment

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Geologic Time Machine activity for students

KET Electronic Field Trips
Electronic Field Trip Through Geologic Time

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