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Questions about early life in Eastern Kentucky
John David Preston, historian, former mayor of Paintsville, lawyer, and former Kentucky Senator, answers questions 1-7 about 19th century life in Eastern Kentucky. Homeplace re-enactors answered questions 8-13.

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  1. What was life like in eastern Kentucky around the middle of the 19th century?
  2. What kinds of jobs did people have?
  3. What did being "self-sufficient" mean in 1850?
  4. What was the biggest challenge for Kentuckians around 1850?
  5. Where did people settle when they first came to Eastern Kentucky?
  6. Where did people come from who came to Kentucky in the 19th century?
  7. What challenges did Kentuckians face in the 19th century in getting an education?
  8. What does fencing the animals "out" and fencing the crops "in" mean?
  9. Why is it important to be able to do carpentry and woodworking in addition to farming?
  10. What do you do when you need help building a barn or something?
  11. What is the log home like?
  12. What was it like sleeping on a bed with just rope under the mattress?
  13. Why did most churches only meet once or twice a month?

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