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Theater Terms Crossword Puzzle
A printable version is also available ... as are the answers. But don’t peek too early!

To view this puzzle, you need a Java-enabled browser and an Internet connection to receive the Crossword.class Java applet code.
  1. Oval or round stage with seating rising from the center

  2. Large cloth, often painted, used for creating a picture background on stage

  3. All stage furnishings, furniture, and things carried onstage

  4. A frame or arch separating stage from auditorium

  5. Side pieces such as flats or drops placed just upstage of the proscenium to adjust width of opening

  6. This fabric drop seems opaque when lit from the front

  7. Show produced in a small space with limited seating

  8. Wooden frame covered with cloth

  9. Italian Renaissance improvisational comedy

  10. Offstage areas to right and left of acting area

  11. Narrow bridge near ceiling

  12. This long piece of wood or pipe helps suspend scenery, lights, curtains

  13. A French term to denote the young female lead of a play

  14. Play that treats characters and situations in a humorous way

  15. Stagehands to raise and lower flown scenery and draperies

  16. Greek term meaning “God from a machine”
  1. Untangling and resolution of plot, from the French

  2. An opening in the stage floor

  3. This Greek term refers to an act of excessive pride

  4. Floor space between front curtain and edge of stage

  5. This stage has no proscenium arch and has seats on three or four sides

  6. Area of the stage away from the audience; toward rear of stage

  7. The offstage waiting room

  8. Type of drama which uses no words

  9. Flats or drops behind scenery openings

  10. Kind of theater: low comedy that mocks a broad topic

  11. Greek term meaning emotional release

  12. Where fly rope-and-pulley system is operated

  13. This term for an actor originated in Greece

  14. Stage command for actors to take their positions

  15. Short curtains which mask lighting and flown scenery from audience

  16. Gradual slope in stage floor height

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