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KET Electronic Field Trips
KET Electronic Field Trip to Horse Cave Theatre
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Objectives  |  Program Summary  |  Using the Program

Educational Objectives

The following educational objectives are addressed in KET’s Electronic Field Trip to Horse Cave Theatre.

From Kentucky’s Learning Goals and Academic Expectations:
2.23 Students analyze their own and others’ artistic products and performances using accepted standards.
2.24 Students have knowledge of major works of art, music, and literature and appreciate creativity and the contributions of the arts and humanities.
From the Core Content for Arts and Humanities Assessment (middle and high school):
AH-M-3.1.32 Elements of production: staging, scenery, props, lighting, sound, costumes, makeup.
AH-M-3.1.35 Identify elements of production for a scripted scene, using appropriate vocabulary.
Identify the skills and training necessary for jobs associated with theater (playwright, director, actor, actress, designers).
AH-M-3.1.310 Discuss the collaborative artistic processes of planning, playing, responding to, and evaluating a performance.

Objectives  |  Program Summary  |  Using the Program

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