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KET Electronic Field Trip to Horse Cave Theatre
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Using the Field Trip in the Classroom


Help students zone in on the world of theater. Depending on the ages/ability levels of your students, you might try some or all of these suggestions:

  1. “Whip around” the class, asking each student to recall a live dramatic production he or she has seen. Responses might range from a classroom play to a Broadway production. If time permits, ask the students what specific features of the production they remember.

  2. Brainstorm a list of jobs, roles, or positions that are necessary to stage a live production for an audience.

  3. Using a half-sheet of paper, have students free-write their responses to this prompt: “The difference between a televised performance and a live performance is ....” Share the variety of responses in class discussion.


It might be helpful to display (on the blackboard or a bulletin board, or as a poster or PowerPoint® presentation) some specific ideas from Kentucky’s Core Content for Arts and Humanities that are addressed in this production. Watch for these:

  • elements of performance, particularly diction and control of the body

  • elements of production: staging, scenery, props, lighting, sound, makeup

  • What skills are necessary for a career in theater?

  • In what ways is theater a collaborative process?


Consider these follow-up activities:

  • Our careers section includes a writing assignment in which students compose a letter or e-mail of inquiry about a position with a regional theater company.

  • In the vocabulary section, students can work an interactive crossword puzzle of theater terminology. Or, print out the printer-friendly version and make copies to work on in class or as homework.

  • Our two-part acting exercise lesson plan lets students review an excerpt from Candida as they follow along with the script or, using the concept of obstacles as a point of departure, experiment with the theatrical technique of improvisation.

Web Picks: KET Arts Resources

The KET arts home page has links to our own ongoing arts productions, a list of past KET arts programs, schedules of upcoming arts programs on KET and Kentucky arts events, and a page of other arts news for teachers.

Check the arts section of the KET online ITV catalog for instructional videos airing on KET3 for Kentucky schools.

The web site for KET’s Electronic Field Trip to the Kentucky Opera includes background information on opera careers, performers, and history.

Objectives  |  Program Summary  |  Using the Program

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