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Drama Terms from Around the World

In the field trip, you see a segment of Candida from Act 3, when the resolution of the story is in sight. We use the French term denouement (pronounced, roughly, “day-noo-MA”) to name this untangling of plot in a story. Here are some other crossover terms—words that originated in another country but have become central to the English language of performance and production.

scene from Act 3 of Candida COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE  |  professional improvised comedy that developed in Italy during the Renaissance.

CATHARSIS  |  the emotional release an audience feels after the downfall of a tragic character. [Greek]

DEUS EX MACHINA  |  a Greek term meaning “god from a machine.” In Greek theater, an actor playing a god was often lowered onto the stage to settle worldly affairs. The term is now used to describe any device an author introduces late in a play to resolve plot difficulties.

DENOUEMENT  |  an element of plot that refers to the untangling and resolution of complications. [French]

ENTR’ACTE  |  music that takes place between acts in a play. [French]

HUBRIS  |  an act of excessive pride; a shortcoming or fatal flaw. [Greek]

INGENUE  |  a female lead between the ages of 16 and 30. [French]

THESPIAN  |  an actor; of or relating to the theater. [Greek]

Web Pick: More Theater Vocabulary

For a more extensive theater vocabulary, visit Tupelo Community Theatre’s web site, which has a great glossary of theater terms.

Theater Styles  |  Theater Tech  |  Crossover Terms  |  Puzzle

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