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Performance Etiquette

Being an opera audience member means that you have opportunities to interact with the singers on stage. To show your appreciation of their performance, you may respond with applause. The following are helpful hints for fulfilling your role as an audience member:


noteenter the auditorium quietly.
noteuse the restroom before the performance begins.
notewatch the performers closely. Even if a performer is not singing or speaking, he or she will be engaged in actions that will pertain to the story.
notelisten to the words being sung by the performers.
noteapplaud. While it is appropriate to shout "bravo" to show appreciation, it is important to note that "bravo" is traditionally used for the performance of a male singer, while "brava" is traditionally used for a female singer, and "Bravi" is used for a group of singers.
notehave fun!


notetake pictures of the performers while they are on stage. This could distract the singers, leading to a mistake in their performance.
notetalk to the person sitting next to you during the performance. This disturbs others around you -- not allowing them to hear the story and enjoy the performance. Most importantly, the performers can hear you talking from the stage!
noteget up or move excessively unless absolutely necessary. This is equally distracting to the artists and other audience members.

For the Teacher

The classroom teacher can be a leader in showing his or her students how to act while attending a live performance. Opera is a special event, and should be treated with respect. The performance space is an extension of the regular classroom, and some of the same rules apply.

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