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About Die Fledermaus

Note: While most of the Electronic Field Trip to Kentucky Opera features the opera Susannah, viewers also get a peak at a scene from Die Fledermaus and learn a little about the props, costumes, and other aspects of Die Fledermaus that set it apart from Susannah.

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Excerpts from Kentucky Opera's Guide to Die Fledermaus

Music and Libretto by Johann Strauss

Libretto by Carl Haftner and Richard Genée after Meilhac and Halévy's Le Revillon from Roderich Benedix's play Das Gafaengnis

Premiere: Vienna, Theatre an Der Wein; April 6, 1874

Kentucky Opera's production of Die Fledermaus is conducted by Daniel Beckwith, with Stage Direction by Michael Albano.

Synopsis (summarized from Kentucky Opera Guide)

Time: 1874 Place: Austria

This opera, in three acts, concerns mistaken identities and schemes centering on Gabriel von Eisenstein, his wife Rosalinda, and the people around them.

Rosalinda & Eisenstein in Act 1 In Act 1, set in Eisenstein's home, Rosalinda is being wooed by Alfred. Eisenstein faces a short stay in jail because of an altercation with a policeman. And their maid Adele is trying to find a way to escape her duties and attend a ball at Rince Orlosky's. The act concludes with Rosalinda caught having dinner with Alfred. She persuades him to pose as her husband, and he is escorted off to jail.

Adele (soprano Jami Rogers) waltzes with Prince Orlofsky (mezzo-soprano Jean Stilwell) in Act II party scene.Act II, Prince Orlofsky's Villa. Adele, Eisenstein, and Rosalinda all turn up at the ball and assume other personalities. Adele, as Mademoiselle Olga, is dressed in Rosalinda's clothes, thus arousing Eisenstein's suspicions. Rosalinda, as a Hungarian Countess, is introduced to Marquis Renard, really Eisenstein, who attempts to charm her. She convinces him to give her his watch. By the party's end, Eisenstein laments the loss of his watch and realizes he must head off to prison. Rosalinda (soprano Caroline Whisnant) pretends to be 'Madenmoiselle Olga' a Hungarian Countess while her real husband Gabriel von Eisenstein (baritone David Malis) pretends to be 'Marquis Renard' in the Act II party scene.

Act III, At the Prison. Over the course of the act, all the principals arrive at the jail and spend a good deal of time either in disguise or trying to straighten out who is who. Eventually Eisenstein, disguised as as his lawyer Dr. Blind, learns his wife dined with Alfred. She says her husband was out of town. When he reveals his true identity, she in turn produces his pocket-watch, and he learns that she is the Hungarian Countess. As others from the party arrive, Eisenstein learns that his friend Dr. Falke has been playing a prank and believes Rosalinda's rendezvous with Alfred was a part of the prank, and all is forgiven.

Dr. Blind (tenor Matthew DiBattista) and Rosalind sing about Dr. Blind (Eisenstein's attorney) having prolonged Eisenstein's prison sentence from 5 days to 8 days due to an argument with the judge.

Character Name Description Voice Type Artist's Name
Dr. Falke Eisenstein's friend Baritone Erich Parce
Alfred A singer Tenor Richard Drews
Adele The Eisenstein's Maid Soprano Jami Rogers
Rosalinde Eisenstein's Wife Soprano Carolin Whisnant
Gabriel Von Eisenstein Citizen of Vienna Tenor Daniel Malis
Dr. Blind Eisenstein's attorney Tenor Matthew Di Battista
Ida Adele's Sister Mezzo Soprano Rebekah Bortz-Hardin
Prince Orlofsky A rich Russian Mezzo Soprano Jean Stilwell
Frank Jail Warden Bass James Kleyla
Frosh The Jailer Comedian  
PLUS 40 members of Kentucky Opera chorus  

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