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Who is Susannah?

From Who's Who in the Bible 1994

According to the book of Susanna in the Apocrypha, Susanna and the prophet Daniel were among the Jewish exiles living in Babylon. Because Susanna rebuffed two elders with dishonorable intentions, they accused her of sinful behavior, and she was condemned to death. Upon being led to her execution, Susanna prayed to the Lord for help. The boy Daniel came to her defense by asking each elder separately under which tree they had witnessed Susanna's sin. Their contradictory evidence convinced the community of Susanna's innocence, and the elders were sentenced to the very death they had planned for Susanna. Everyone rejoiced for Susanna "because nothing shameful was found in her" and from then on "Daniel had a great reputation among the people." (Susanna 63, 64)

Susanna: Hebrew: Shoshanna - Lily
Daniel: Hebrew: God has Judged

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