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Electronic Field Trip to an Orchard Woman picking apples
From pruning to picking, owning an orchard is a year-round job! Show Host with Orchard Owner
KET and the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture staff spent a year documenting the work of orchard owners Mark and Don Haney, who live near Somerset, Kentucky.

In this 35-minute electronic field trip, you'll learn about
  • the crucial role played by honeybees in fruit production,
  • the importance of pruning trees in winter,
  • marketing apples to consumers,
  • how many apples are produced on one tree,
  • the economics of operating a successful orchard,
  • the fun of visiting an orchard to pick your own apples,
  • and much more!
To purchase videotapes of this and other KET Electronic Field Trips, call (800) 945-9167 or E-mail .

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