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Electronic Field Trip to an Orchard

Study Guide Questions

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Questions with answers

  1. What is a diversified farm?
  2. What important activity happens in the winter?
  3. Why is pruning important?
  4. Why would you wear safety glasses when pruning?
  5. Which are better for fruit bearing, horizontal or vertical limbs.
  6. Insects beside bees can pollinate, so why would someone rent beehives in the spring?
  7. What is the most important tool for a beekeeper?
  8. Name some of the jobs of the worker bee.
  9. Do we have killer bees in Kentucky?
  10. How does the orchard owner make a season last for picking and selling peaches?
  11. What makes a locally grown peach better than one flown in from California?
  12. Describe how Mark Haney thins peaches.
  13. What sells an apple?
  14. What is the king blossom?
  15. Name as many different apple varieties as you can.
  16. Why would an orchard owner go to a national trade show?
  17. How is the Haney market different from a supermarket?
  18. How do the Haneys "add value" to their product?
  19. What are some of the things to consider when pricing apples for sales?
  20. Explain why running an orchard is a year round job.

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