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North/South soldiers drawing

Electronic Field Trip to Perryville

Quiz answers

What evidence is left in Perryville of the battle?

What artifacts were found at a dig of the J.J. Polk house?

How many soldiers fought at the Battle of Perryville?

A. less than 500
B. less than 4,000
C. more than 35 thousand

How many people were killed or wounded in the battle October 8, 1862?

A. 100
B. 7500
C. 10,000

What was the largest Civil War battle in the Commonwealth of Kentucky?

A. The Battle of Mill Springs
B. The Battle of Richmond
C. The Battle of Cynthiana
D. The Battle of Perryville

What is the significance of the Battle of Perryville?

A. This was the confederates last major attempt to claim Kentucky.
B. There were more casualties in Perryville than in any other battle.
C. This battle was in Lincoln's hometown.

What is the name for the troops who fought on horseback?

A. Cavalry
B. Infantry
C. Artillery

What was the age of the average Confederate cavalry man in the Civil War?

A. 45
B. 32
C. 17

What might have prevented soldiers in 1862 from bathing?

A. drought
B. company rules
C. mosquitoes

What would soldiers do with hard tack?

A. Sleep on it.
B. Shoot it.
C. Eat it.
D. Wear it.

How would you describe the marching technique in 1862?

A. single file
B. shoulder to shoulder
C. scattered

What are two reasons for the Civil War mentioned at the beginning of KET Electronic Field Trip to Perryville?

A. issues regarding slavery and states' rights
B. placement of railroad routes and telegraph lines
C. taxes and slavery

After the Battle of Perryville, the Confederate forces...

A. installed a Confederate governor.
B. retreated from Kentucky.
C. surrendered, which ended the Civil War.

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