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Electronic Field Trip to the Post Office

With a quick stick of a stamp, we’re off to see what happens to the mail once it leaves your mailbox. In this eight-minute electronic field trip for the primary grades, students meet a postal carrier, watch mail zip through the sorting machines at the post office, and learn about the different ways mail is delivered to different destinations by many different people.

By highlighting the role mail plays in our daily lives, this KET video field trip also reinforces the critical importance of communication in the functioning of a community and underscores the need for strong reading and writing skills. These web pages include ideas for building on these themes and tying the field trip to topics in language arts and social studies.

The Electronic Field Trip to the Post Office is a 2006 KET production.

For information on purchasing this and other KET Electronic Field Trips on videotape or DVD, call (800) 945-9167 or e-mail .