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Weather and Climate Links

General-Interest Sites

National Weather Service Forecast Office, Louisville—the site toured during the field trip

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Weather Safety Rules, from the Louisville Forecast Office of the National Weather Service, offers advice on staying safe during a variety of weather emergencies, from storms on the water to tornadoes and blizzards.

Safety Brochures on Weather Topics from the NWS

Live Weather Images is an interesting source for radar imagery, weather maps, satellite images, and real-time weather cams mounted around the U.S. and the world—from Cape Canaveral to Tierra del Fuego and from Aruba to Antarctica.

Educational Resources

The National Weather Service Education Pages include information for children, teens and young adults, and teachers. Materials range from coloring books, puzzles, and games to lesson plans; brochures; satellite images; career information for weather-related fields, such as meteorology, hydrology, and climatology; and links to other great related resources.

NOAA Education Resources Page—educational activities, publications, and booklets produced for students, teachers, librarians, and the general public

National Weather Service Office of Climate, Water, and Weather Services—videos, slides, books, posters, charts, software, calendars, and more for educators and the general public

The “Kids’ Crossing” and “Educators’ Bridge” areas from the National Center for Atmospheric Research’s Education and Outreach site are full of educational information and activities.

The National Severe Storm Laboratory’s Resources for Teachers lists materials from preschool through college.

Using Weather To Teach Science and Math, from a NOAA scientist, includes activities on such topics as “Why Radar Can’t Usually See Tornadoes,” graphing information, wind vectors, and “Wildflowers and Rainfall.”

Sites for Students

Playtime for Kids from the NWS

Climate Games and Activities from the Southeast Regional Climate Center

Homework for Kids from the Federal Emergency Management Agency

Jetstream, an Online Weather School from the NWS

The Online Meteorology Guide from the University of Illinois is a collection of web-based instructional modules which use multimedia technology to teach and reinforce weather-related topics and then allow students to apply what they’ve learned to real-time weather data. Available modules include Light and Optics, Clouds and Precipitation, Forces and Winds, Air Masses and Fronts, Weather Forecasting, Severe Storms, Hurricanes, El Niño, and the Hydrologic Cycle.

Billed as the world’s largest archive of climate data, the National Climatic Data Center is a great source for NOAA data on a wide variety of weather and climate topics.

Climate and Radiation, a site maintained by a branch of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, is for serious students and professionals in the study of weather and climate. It includes areas devoted to such topics as remote sensing, modeling, analysis, rainfall, etc.

National Weather Association—Also for the serious high school or college student or weather professional, this site has “hot topic” areas on subjects such as aviation meteorology and scholarships, plus special areas devoted to education, remote sensing, specialized meteorological operational services, strategic planning, training, weather analysis, and forecasting.

Careers in Weather from the American Meteorological Society

Weather-Related Degree Programs from NOAA

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