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Home of Cassius Marcellus Clay

The Electronic Field Trip to White Hall airs periodically on KET’s instructional service, KET3 digital broadcast and satellite Star Channel 703. For broadcast dates and more educational information, see our online instructional video catalog.

The field trip is also available on videotape from KET; call (800) 945-9167 or e-mail for more information.

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Kentucky Core Content Correlations: Social Studies

  • SS-M-5.2.3: Alaska Purchase, Early Women’s Rights Movement
  • SS-E-M-H-5.1.2: History can be understood by using a variety of primary and secondary sources and tools.

Kentucky Academic Expectations Correlations

  • 2.14: Democratic Principles
  • 2.15: Citizen Rights and Responsibilities
  • 2.16: Social Systems
  • 2.17: Cultural Diversity
  • 2.20: Historical Perspective

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Related Web Resources

White Hall Links

The White Hall Historic Site web page maintained by the Kentucky Department of Parks includes tour dates and times, admission fees, a calendar of special events, travel instructions, and contact information.

The Political Graveyard is an interesting place to check on historical figures.

Learn more about Cassius Clay’s cousin, statesman Henry, at the web site for Ashland: The Henry Clay Estate, a museum run by the Henry Clay Memorial Foundation.

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Related Instructional Television Resources

  • Electronic Field Trip to Perryville (KET)
    visits the site of the largest Civil War battle in Kentucky; grades 4-12
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  • Colonial Williamsburg Electronic Field Trips
    a continuing American history series; grades 4-12
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  • Electronic Field Trip to the Mountain Homeplace (KET)
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  • Tracks: Impressions of America
    visits to historic sites; grades 4-6
    description and television schedule
    Program 8, “Divided and United,” explores the causes of the Civil War and its effects on the American people, connecting the events of the Civil War with the civil rights movement during a visit to Montgomery, AL.

  • Kentucky’s Underground Railroad—Passage to Freedom (KET)
    Kentuckians’ roles in resisting slavery; grades 4-12
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  • Kentucky’s Story (KET)
    early history of Kentucky; grades 4-5
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    Program 5, “Slavery in Kentucky,” outlines many of the problems and conflicts associated with slavery. Program 6, “Civil War,” examines the effects of the Civil War on children and adults.

  • Our Presidents in America’s History
    personal and historical profiles; grades 5-12
    description and television schedule
    Program 7, “Harrison, Tyler, Polk, and Taylor,” includes controversies about slavery. Program 8, “Abraham Lincoln,” features Abraham Lincoln and emancipation.\

  • Great Campaigns of the Civil War
    Civil War battles; grades 6-12
    description and television schedule
    Program 1, “First Blood,” chronicles the prevailing issues of the Civil War’s first years.

  • America Past
    American history; grades 8-12
    description and television schedule
    Program 7, “The Artist’s View,” explores the dual role of the artist before the Civil War. Program 8, “The Writer’s View,” reviews Colonial literature (1820-1860). Program 9, “The Abolitionists,” outlines the goals of the abolitionists, profiles Garrison and Douglass, and illustrates both Northern and Southern reactions to them. Program 10, “The Role of Women,” covers the beginnings and the development of the women’s rights movement (a cause in which Cassius Clay’s daughter Laura was involved). Program 16, “The Antebellum South,” delineates the social classes of the pre-Civil War era.

  • Women of Kentucky: Our Legacy, Our Future
    women in Kentucky’s past and present; grades 4-12
    description and television schedule

  • Kentucky Chautauqua (KET)
    characters from Kentucky history; grades 7-12
    description and television schedule
    Includes performances by George T. Vaughn as the Rev. Elisha Green, a former slave who became a Baptist minister and fought for civil rights, and by Vic Hellard Jr. as Edwin Porch Morrow, Kentucky’s Republican governor from 1919 to 1923, who championed women’s rights, fair tax assessment, governmental accountability, and education reform.

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  • If you’re looking for book resources, a good place to start is with a keyword search at the Kentucky Commonwealth Virtual Library, which allows you to search many libraries and databases at once. You’ll need an ID and a password, but it’s easy to get one from your school library media specialist or from your local librarian. Once you’re in, just do a search for “Cassius Marcellus Clay,” “Laura Clay,” or “White Hall,” and you’ll see many related listings.

  • Keven McQueen, an assistant professor of English at Eastern Kentucky University and former White Hall Historic Site tour guide, has written a book on the Clays and White Hall. Cassius M. Clay: Freedom’s Champion, published in fall 2000 by Turner Publishing of Paducah, includes many interesting facts about the Clays and White Hall—and some entertaining ghost tales as well. ISBN: 1-56311-667-7

    McQueen also has written Offbeat Kentuckians, Legends to Lunatics (ISBN 0-913383-80-5) and More Offbeat Kentuckians (ISBN 0-913383-90-2), in which stories of some of the Bluegrass State’s known and lesser-known eccentrics give the phrase “favorite sons and daughters” a new twist. McQueen spins tales of the likes of career criminal George Barrett; psychic Edgar Cayce; duelist Alexander McClung; “King” Solomon, Lexington’s heroic gravedigger; William Goebel, the only state governor ever to be assassinated in America; Nathan Stubblefield, the purported “real” inventor of radio; psychic healer Edgar Cayce; Jim Porter, the “Kentucky Giant”; and Carry Nation.

    Both Offbeat Kentuckians and More Offbeat Kentuckians are published by McClanahan Publishing House in Kuttawa. McQueen is a featured narrator-guide in the KET field trip to White Hall.

  • For excellent brief overviews of the lives of Henry Clay, Cassius M. Clay, Laura Clay, and others, see the Kentucky Encyclopedia. John E. Kleber, editor in chief. Lexington, KY: University Press of Kentucky, 1992. ISBN 0-8131-1772-0.

  • Two well-written and entertaining books on Cassius Clay, his family, and White Hall that usually can be found in Kentucky bookstores and in the White Hall gift shop:
    • Cassius Marcellus Clay—Firebrand of Freedom by H. Edward Richardson. Lexington, KY: University Press of Kentucky, 1976. ISBN 0-8131-0861-6.
    • Cassius Marcellus Clay’The Man Behind the Legend by Carolyn L. Siegel. Berea, KY: Kentucke Imprints, 1988. ISBN 0-935680-37-3.

  • Also recommended: Lion of White Hall: The Life of Cassius M. Clay by David L. Smiley. Madison, WI, 1962.

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