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The orangutan is a primate from Northern Sumatra and most of lowland Borneo. They live in the rainforest, spending most of their time in the canopy. The orangutan is the only truly arboreal Great ape. They may range through the lowlands when fruits are in season during the summer, and return to the forested foothills during the wetter times of the year.

Orangs devote most of their day to foraging for food. At night these apes construct platform nests in the trees, using branches and vegetation. Here they sleep until morning.

The orang is a highly intelligent animal, with a capacity for a number of skills. In the wild, they have an extraordinary ability to find fruit. They possess a remarkable memory for time and place. They have to know when to arrive at certain trees just as the fruit is ripening, no small feat considering that the Asian rainforests are some of the most complicated ecosystems in the world.

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