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The Sumatran Tiger is the world's smallest living tiger. They live in the rainforests of Sumatra, Indonesia. (HINT: Look up Indonesia on a map.) The Sumatran tiger is also different from other tigers with narrower stripes on a more vivid orange coat. They are an endangered species, with about 500 tigers in the wild. The Sumatran subspecies is one of the last "island tigers" Tigers disappeared on the neighboring islands of Java and Bali in the last 50 years due to human overcrowding and habitat destruction.

To hunt, the tiger depends more on sight and hearing than smell. It stays close to water, hiding in the tall grass since it is easier to hunt in the water or at its edge. The tiger usually carefully stalks its prey, approaching from the side or rear attempting to get as close as possible. Although the tiger is an excellent hunter, it fails in at least 90 percent of its attempts to capture animals.

The tiger is mainly solitary, except for courting pairs and females with young. Several adults may come together briefly, especially to share a kill.

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