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Closed Captioned Sir Ridley Scott—The Kingdom of Heaven #101 [TV-G]
A master of epic cinematic storytelling, Scott has helmed such acclaimed films as Blade Runner, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, Alien, and Matchstick Men, using imagined worlds or historical events as backdrops for intimate human dramas. His latest film, Kingdom of Heaven, brings to life the titanic struggle for the soul of Jerusalem during the Crusades. Though set more than 1,000 years ago, its tale reflects a struggle over the Holy Land that continues to this day.

Closed Captioned Coach John Wooden—Wooden on Leadership #102 [TV-G]
John Wooden is the legendary college basketball coach who led UCLA to 10 national championships, including 88 straight victories and four perfect seasons. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Honor and was named Coach of the Century by ESPN. In his book Wooden on Leadership, he explains that his ultimate goal was not to win, but to teach that success is the peace of mind that comes from knowing you made the effort to become the best you can be.

Closed Captioned John O'Donohue—Beauty, the Invisible Embrace #103 [TV-G]
John O'Donohue is a doctor of philosophical theology from Ireland. His book Beauty, the Invisible Embrace invites readers to attain new heights of passion and creativity by seeking out the awe, wonder, and eternal grace that lie between the lines of everyday life.

Closed Captioned Randall Wallace—Love and Honor #104 [TV-G]
Wallace wrote the Academy Award-winning film Braveheart, wrote and directed The Man in the Iron Mask, and wrote the screenplay and novel Pearl Harbor. He discusses those films as well as his recent novel set during the American Revolutionary War, Love and Honor.

Erica Jong—Sappho's Leap #105 [TV-None]
Erica Jong discusses her novel Sappho's Leap, an epic romantic adventure starring the famed Greek Singer Sappho.

Suzanne Somers—The Sexy Years #106 [TV-None]
In her book The Sexy Years, Suzanne Somers issues an inspiring call to combine the wisdom of age with the vitality of youth.

Robert Waller—High Plains Tango #107 [TV-None]
Robert Waller talks about his follow-up to the best-selling The Bridges of Madison County: a haunting, evocative story of another small town entitled High Plains Tango.

Walter Mosley—Little Scarlet #108 [TV-None]
Popular mystery author Walter Mosley discusses one of his Easy Rawlins adventures.

Closed Captioned Peter Bogdanovich—Who the Hell's in It? #109 [TV-G]
Filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich shares his insights on 25 major film legends he respected, worked with, directed, and/or befriended. In his book Who the Hell's in It?, he draws on a lifetime of experience and understanding of the art of film to write about the actors he came to know and admire along the way.

Stephen J. Cannell—Cold Hit #110 [TV-None]
Stephen J. Cannell discusses his thriller Cold Hit, in which detective Shane Scully returns to solve a case that threatens to destroy everything he loves while exposing some deep-seated political, social, and judicial problems.

Gary Grossman—Executive Treason #111 [TV-None]
Former journalist, documentary filmmaker, and Emmy Award-winning television producer Gary Grossman discusses his political thriller Executive Treason.

Dallas Woodburn—3:00 a.m. #112 [TV-None]
At 18, Dallas Woodburn published a collection of short stories entitled 3:00 a.m. It's been featured in numerous magazines as well as the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and the play she wrote for her high school production has appeared in a variety of national publications.

Michael Berman—Living Large #113 [TV-None]
Michael Berman served as deputy chief of staff for Vice President Walter Mondale and helped organize the last eight Democratic national conventions. In his book Living Large, he tackles a more personal subject: how it feels to live inside the body of a seriously overweight man.

Dr. Mimi Guaneri—The Heart Speaks #114 [TV-None]
Dr. Mimi Guarneri is a cardiologist and the founder of the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine. In her book The Heart Speaks, she explores how healing the heart can have more to do with healing the mind and the soul.

Tab Hunter—Tab Hunter Confidential #115 [TV-None]
Tab Hunter made his mark as a star of stage, screen, and television and was an icon of the 1950s era. His autobiography Tab Hunter Confidential is a story not only of the making of a movie star and teen idol, but also of survival and perseverance.

Gail Sheehy—Sex and the Seasoned Woman #116 [TV-None]
In Sex and the Seasoned Woman, Sheehy tells stories of an intimate revolution taking place among the men and women of the Boomer generation.

Closed Captioned Stephen Shapiro—Goal-Free Living #117 [TV-None]
Stephen Shapiro shares the philosophy behind his book Goal Free Living, which posits that a person can have an extraordinary life without having defined plans.

Closed Captioned Robert Greene—The 33 Strategies of War #118 [TV-G]
Robert Greene's The 33 Strategies of War is a guide to playing and winning the subtle social games of everyday life using proven military principles.

Closed Captioned Robert Zuckerman—Kindsight #119 [TV-G]
Robert Zuckerman is one of Hollywood's great still photographers. But in his book Kindsight, he shows his profound appreciation for the extraordinary nature of ordinary people.

Closed Captioned Barbara Guggenheim—Decorating on eBay #120 [TV-G]
Art consultant Barbara Guggenheim has helped build collections for museums, corporations, and celebrities like Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg. In her photo book Decorating on e-Bay, she offers advice on how to turn your home into your dream house even if you don't have the bank account of a superstar.

Closed Captioned Charles Holland and David Cochran—Breakthrough Business Results #121 [TV-G]
In their book Breakthrough Business Results, Charles Holland and David Cochran explain how multi-variable testing can dramatically improve any business, revolutionize decision making, and improve the quality of organizations as well as society as a whole.

Closed Captioned Anne Taylor Fleming—As If Love Were Enough #122 [TV-None]
Anne Taylor Fleming, a nationally known journalist and essayist, discusses her novel As If Love Were Enough, a story of faith, infidelity, redemption, and forgiveness.

Closed Captioned Mike Leonard—The Ride of Our Lives #123 [TV-None]
With engaging charm and keen insight, Leonard's The Ride of Our Lives tells the story of his own family's adventures while traveling the country in a pair of rented RVs.

Closed Captioned Dr. Marty Olsen Laney—The Hidden Gifts of the Introverted Child #124 [TV-G]
Laney discusses how parents can help an introverted child grow up to be successful and well adjusted.

Closed Captioned Kathy Freston—The One #125 [TV-G]
Kathy Freston's book The One offers advice on finding and keeping true soulmate love—the deepest emotional and spiritual connection two people can attain.

Closed Captioned Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams—The View from the Center of the Universe #126 [TV-G]
Joel Primack is one of the world's leading cosmologists and an originator of the theory of cold dark matter. His wife, Nancy Abrams, is an innovative writer on the history and philosophy of science. Their book The View from the Center of the Universe evolved from a course they teach at the Universityof California in Santa Cruz and describes the universe and how we fit into it.

Closed Captioned Mitch Albom (Journalist) Have A Little Faith #1101 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned Matthew Weiner (Producer/Creator) Mad Men #1102 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned Daphne Rose Kingma (Personal Coach) The Ten Things to Do When Your Life Falls Apart #1104 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned Dean Koontz (Author) A Big Little Life #1105 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned James Ellroy #1106 [TV-None]
Author James Ellroy is known for his riveting and intense novels like, L.A. Confidential, The Black Dahlia, and The Big Nowhere. With his candid memoir, The Hilliker Curse, he gives a soul-baring revelation of himself in his unique Ellroy manner.

Closed Captioned Michael Palmer #1107 [TV-None]
Michael Palmer is a physician turned writer who is well familiar with the crossroads of politics and medicine. With his book, A Heartbeat Away, he shows what happens when those worlds collide with the security industrial complex and the potential danger lurking behind the scenes of securing America.

Closed Captioned Bruce Eric Kaplan (The New Yorker Cartoonist & Producer of Six Feet Under)I Love You, I Hate You, I'm Hungry #1108 [TV-G]
For the second time in a decade Leonard Mlodinow and legendary physicist Stephen Hawking have teamed up to write about the ultimate issues we have contemplated since the beginning of time. With their book, The Grand Design, they question the conventional concepts of reality with mind boggling theories that challenge the deepest reality of our existence.

Closed Captioned Wendy Walker (Sr. VP of CNN & Ex. Producer of Larry King Live) Producer #1109 [TV-G]
Andy Williams is one of the world's best loved singers and entertainers. He has entertained millions through his music and now with his memoir, Moon River and Me, Andy not only shares his triumphs and setbacks, but gives us insight into the life of a warm, generous, and always captivating gentleman.

Closed Captioned Ted Gup (Chair of Journalism, Emerson) The Secret Gift #1110 [TV-G]
Ted Gup is chair of the Journalism Department at Emerson College. His book, A Secret Gift is an inspiring account of one of our country's most difficult periods, the Great Depression, but this is not a book of despair for it is filled with stories of Americans at their best in the worst of times.

Closed Captioned Lauren Kessler #1111 [TV-G]
No relationship is as primal as that between mother and daughter and none as challenging when it comes to surviving the teenage years. With her book, My Teenage Werewolf, Lauren Kessler shares her and her daughter's struggle through this challenging time with an insightful, poignant, and candid look at this defining relationship in a woman's life.

Closed Captioned Charles Fox (Grammy and Emmy award winning composer) Killing Me Softly #1112 [TV-G]
Dr. Judith Prager, with her book Verbal First Aid, details how words spoken in times of a crisis not only helps heal, but when applied correctly may also help you through difficulties later in life.

Closed Captioned Harry Hamlin #1113 [TV-G]
Harry Hamlin became a household name after starring in the popular television series L.A. Law and now in a new reality show with his wife Lisa on TV Land. But with his book, Full Frontal Nudity, discover another side of this actor that People magazine once named, the sexiest man alive.

Closed Captioned Robert Herbold (Coo of Microsoft) What's Holding You Back? #1114 [TV-G]
Robert Herbold is the former chief operating officer for Microsoft and now managing director of the Herbold group. During his seven years as COO of Microsoft the company experienced a sevenfold increase in profits. But the bottom line is not the only line. With his book, What's Holding You Back?, Robert spells out the core principles that face individuals in order to guide themselves and their organizations to innovative excellence.

Closed Captioned Eli Holzman (Producer/Creator) Undercover Boss #1115 [TV-G]
Eli Holzman is one of the creators and executive producers of the TV phenomenon Undercover Boss. With his book, Undercover Boss, Eli takes us behind the scenes of the show and how it is changing the relationship between bosses and employees everywhere.

Closed Captioned Rebecca Costa (Socio-Biologist) The Watchman's Rattle #1116 [TV-G]
Rebecca Costa is a socio-biologist whose expertise is spotting emerging trends and how they relate to human evolution. With her book, The Watchman's Rattle, Rebecca confronts our most pressing global issues from the environment to the economy and offers scientific and social solutions that are sure to provoke, engage and incite change.

Closed Captioned Terri Cheney (Attorney) The Dark Side of Innocence #1117 [TV-G]
Terri Cheney wrote the bestselling memoir, Manic, about her life as a successful Beverly Hills attorney battling bi-polar disorder. With her latest book, The Dark Side of Innocence, Terri explores her tumultuous formative years, growing up with the disorder while suffering alone in secrecy and silence.

Closed Captioned Erin Brockovich (Environmental Crusader) Rock Bottom #1118 [TV-G]
Erin Brockovich is the real life inspiration behind the Oscar-winning movie that bears her name. Her work as an internationally renowned advocate for environmentally troubled communities is legendary. With her book, Rock Bottom, Erin combines passion, intensity and her real life experiences to show how people joining together to save their community, also helps restore the American dream.

Closed Captioned Leonard Mlodinow (Physicist) The Grand Design #1119 [TV-G]
For the second time in a decade Leonard Mlodinow and legendary physicist Stephen Hawking have teamed up to write about the ultimate issues we have contemplated since the beginning of time. With their book, The Grand Design, they question the conventional concepts of reality with mind boggling theories that challenge the deepest notions of our existence.

Closed Captioned Esmeraldo Santiago (Author) Conquistadora #1120 [TV-G]
Esmeralda Santiago was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico before journeying to New York City. Her book, Conquistadora, is also about a journey but this time about the trials and tribulations of a restless young Spanish woman who leaves her native home of Spain to come to Puerto Rico in the 1800s.

Closed Captioned DR. JUDITH PRAGER #1121 [TV-G]
In Verbal First Aid Dr. Prager details how words spoken to a child in times of a crisis not only helps them heal in the moment, but when applied correctly also helps get them through the difficulties they may encounter later in life. These lessons, when applied to any adult, will deliver the same positive results.

Closed Captioned Andy Williams (Singer) Moon River and Me #1122 [TV-G]
Andy Williams is one of the world's best loved singers and entertainers. Andy has entertained millions through his music and now with his memoir, Moon River and Me, he not only shares his triumphs and setbacks, but gives us insight into the life of a warm, generous, and always captivating gentleman.

Closed Captioned Elaine Hall (Autism Coach) Now I See The Moon #1123 [TV-G]
Elaine Hall's work with autistic children was profiled in the Emmy Award-winning HBO documentary, Autism: The Musical. The organization she founded, The Miracle Project, uses the performing arts to connect with autistic children, but often times the lessons learned will apply to us all. With her book, Now I See the Moon, discover a story of hope, faith, and miracles.

Closed Captioned Lauren Kessler (Journalism Professor) My Teenage Werewolf #1124 [TV-G]
No relationship is as primal as that between mother and daughter and none as challenging when it comes to surviving the teenage years. With her book, My Teenage Werewolf, Lauren Kessler shares her and her daughter's struggle through this challenging time with an insightful, poignant, and candid look at this defining relationship in a woman's life.

Closed Captioned Dee Wallace (Actress) Bright Light #1125 [TV-G]
Dee Wallace has over 130 film credits including her breakthrough role as the mom in Steven Spielberg's film E.T. With her book, Bright Light, she lets us in on the spiritual lessons she learned for a life in acting.

Closed Captioned Sir Ken Robinson (Knighted Creativity Teacher) Out of Our Minds #1126 [TV-G]
Sir Ken Robinson was knighted because of his ground breaking work on creativity and education. With his book, Out of Our Minds, he once again offers a groundbreaking approach to understanding creativity and how to foster it in education, business, and all of life.

Closed Captioned Warren Bennis (Leadership Expert) Still Surprised #1127 [TV-G]
Warren Bennis is the distinguished professor of business at USC, and Chairman of the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard's Kennedy School. Considered by many to be the foremost authority on leadership, he has coached the top corporate CEO's and our nation's Presidents. Now, with his memoir, Still Surprised, he shares his life and knowledge of how true leaders come to be and the role they play in shaping organizations around the globe.

Closed Captioned Garrett Burke #1128 [TV-G]
Garrett Burke is a graphic designer whose work is immersed in our pop culture. His designs are seen in everything from Star Trek to Star Wars and from James Bond to Harry Potter. And, almost everyone in the country has held his art work in their hand, for he is the designer of the California quarter. Now with his book, Quarterama, we see how an idea becomes design, and how our country's most valued ideals are expressed on the state quarters of our nation.

Closed Captioned David Goyer #1129 [TV-G]
David Goyer co-wrote the acclaimed Batman Begins and its sequel The Dark Night. He is also the creator of Blade and wrote the screenplay for the upcoming new film Superman, Man of Steel. Now, along with his co-author Michael Cassutt, he gives us his first novel, Heaven's Shadow, a sci-fi thriller that explores some of humankind's deepest thoughts about life, consciousness, and the soul itself.

Closed Captioned Carla Malden #1130 [TV-G]
Carla Malden co-wrote the acclaimed memoir, When Do I Start, with her dad, the great actor, Karl Malden. Now, sadly, her second memoir, Afterimage, is about her survival after the untimely death of her beloved husband.

Closed Captioned Dean Buonomano #1131 [TV-G]
Dr. Buonomano is a professor in the Departments of Neurobiology and Psychology and The Brain Research Institute at UCLA. With his book, Brain Bugs, he provides insights into the brain's inherent imperfections, along with the tools to counteract them.

Closed Captioned Rebecca Gladding (Psychiatrist) You Are Not Your Brain #1132 [TV-G]
Dr. Rebecca Gladding is a clinical instructor and attending psychiatrist at the UCLA Resnik Neuropsychiatric Hospital and the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior. With her book, You Are Not Your Brain, co-written with the renowned psychiatrist Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz, she explains why we sometimes feel like we have lost control of our own thoughts and feelings, and how we can tap into our inner mind to lead a more fulfilling and empowered life.

Closed Captioned Dennis Palumbo (Screenwriter/Psychologist) Writing from the Inside Out #1133 [TV-G]
With his acclaimed book, Writing from the Inside Out, author Dennis Palumbo reveals that you already have everything you need within yourself to create your best work. This book is not just for writers, but for anyone who may get caught up fighting emotional barriers no matter what career or journey they are on.

Closed Captioned Kamran Khavarni #1134 [TV-G]
Kamran Khavarani is a world-renowned artist and father of Abstract Romanticism. Meet Kamran and his paintings, and learn why Professor Albert Boime, one of the foremost social art historians, called his work: "Art for a new humanity."

Closed Captioned Thomas Moore #1135 [TV-G]
Thomas Moore is a renowned psychotherapist and theologian whose best-selling book, Care of the Soul, has touched the lives of millions around the world. His new book, Care of the Soul in Medicine, details how important a role your soul plays in your health and also acts as a healing guide for patients, families, and the people who care for them.

Closed Captioned John Bryant #1136 [TV-G]
John Bryant is the chairman and CEO of Operation Hope. He is a philanthropic entrepreneur who founded America's first nonprofit banking organization and recognized as a world wide leader for his work in empowering low wealth communities. With his book, Love Leadership, John pioneers the new way to lead in a fear-based world.

Closed Captioned Steven Sisgold #1137 [TV-G]
The author and therapist discusses how to incorporate the heart, gut, and mind to achieve wellness.

Closed Captioned Khaled Hosseini (Author) The Kite Runner (Graphic Novel) #1138 [TV-G]
The Kite Runner was an international sensation that dominated all bestseller lists for more than two years and was then made into a internationally hit film. Now, author Khaled Hosseini gives us a graphic novel based on his beloved story.

Closed Captioned Mark Frost (Author) Game Six #1139 [TV-G]
With his latest book, Game Six, Mark Frost takes us behind the scenes of what many consider the greatest baseball game ever played.

Closed Captioned #1140 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned Nicholas Meyer (Director) The View from the Bridge #1201 [TV-G]
The screenwriter and director sheds light on show business in his book The View from the Bridge.

Closed Captioned Bryan Batt (Actor) Big, Easy Style #1202 [TV-G]
The Mad Men actor and author shows how designing your own space brings out the passion in your life.

Closed Captioned Linda Evans (Actress) Recipes for Life #1203 [TV-G]
In her book Recipes for Life, actress Linda Evans shares her joy for cooking as well the wisdom she gained throughout her life journey.

Closed Captioned Al Checchi (Entrepreneur) The Change Maker #1204 [TV-G]
Al Checchi was instrumental in transforming the Marriott Corporation, Disney, and Northwest Airlines. With his book, The Change Maker, Al demonstrates how one person can make a difference.

Closed Captioned Dyan Cannon #1205 [TV-G]
In her book Dear Cary, Dyan Cannon shares details of her marriage to screen legend Cary Grant.

Closed Captioned Ron Marasco #1206 [TV-G]
With their book, About Grief, author Ron Marasco and co-author Brian Shuff look at the insights learned from grief, transformations made, and the intensifications of love.

Closed Captioned Mike Rose #1207 [TV-G]
In his book, Why School?, Mike Rose, a professor in the UCLA Graduate School of Education, explores what it means to be educated and how we need to re-think our notions of intelligence and schooling.

Closed Captioned Elaine Hall (Autism Specialist) Seven Keys to Unlock Autism #1208 [TV-G]
With her newest book, Seven Keys to Unlock Autism, co-written with Diane Isaacs, author Elaine Hall offers parents and specifically teachers, techniques to reach these seemingly unreachable children.

Closed Captioned Tim Vanderhook (Ceo of Myspace) Rebuilding Myspace #1209 [TV-G]
Tim Vanderhook owns one of the largest internet advertising companies in the world. His recent purchase of MySpace along with Justin Timberlake gives them a front row seat in the "social networking" arena. He discusses rebuilding a brand and how important having a "vision" is to building a business.

Closed Captioned Dr. John Izzo (Philosopher/Psychologist) Stepping Up #1210 [TV-G]
John Izzo is a philosopher, psychologist, and motivational speaker. With his book, Stepping Up, he shares the key to a great career, a great workplace, and better relationships.

Closed Captioned Dennis Palumbo (Therapist) Fever Dreams #1211 [TV-G]
Dennis Palumbo is a therapist who specializes in dealing with creative minds. With his latest novel, Fever Dream, we see just how close fiction can mirror reality when it comes to how humans feel and behave.

Closed Captioned William Pack (Former Wall Street Executive) The Bottom of the Sky #1212 [TV-G]
Author William Pack brings the worlds of Wall Street and Main Street together in his novel Bottom of the Sky.

Closed Captioned Gary Small, M.D. (Director of UCLA's Longevity Center) The Alzheimer's Prevention Program #1213 [TV-G]
Dr. Gary Small shows how you can keep your brain healthy with The Alzheimer's Prevention Program.

Closed Captioned Nancy Ellen Abrams - The New Universe and the Human Future (Astropysicist) #1214 [TV-G]
Nancy Abrams and Joel Primack combine their talents to present a new picture of the universe.

Closed Captioned Gary Szenderski - Book of SZEN (Marketing and Branding Expert/Writer) #1215 [TV-G]
Gary Szenderski is an internationally acclaimed branding expert, writer, and proponent for positive change in business and in our individual lives. With his newest work, Book of Szen, Szenderski believes that change is in the air.

Closed Captioned Gary Szenderski (Marketing and Branding Expert/Writer) Book of SZEN #1216 [TV-G]
Dr. Mlodinow returns with his latest book, Subliminal, about how your unconscious mind rules your behavior.

Closed Captioned Meredith Baxter - Untied (Actress) #1217 [TV-G]
In her memoir Untied, Baxter writes of her personal struggles with an engaging sense of perspective.

Closed Captioned Jim Abbott - Imperfect (Baseball Pitcher) #1218 [TV-G]
The former big league pitcher born without a right hand shares his story in his insightful memoir.

Closed Captioned William Crano - The Rules of Influence #1219 [TV-G]
The professor of psychology provides the tools to overcome great odds and triumph despite adversity.

Closed Captioned Robert Greene - The 50th Law (Philosopher) #1220 [TV-G]
Robert Greene's The 50th Law is an insightful look at fear and what we must do to respond to it.

Closed Captioned Dr. David Simon - Free to Love, Free to Heal #1221 [TV-G]
Dr. Simon shows how to identify and release the core beliefs that contribute to emotional distress.

Closed Captioned Mark Shriver - A Good Man (son of Sargent Shriver and Eunice Kennedy) #1222 [TV-G]
With his book, A Good Man, Mark Shriver rediscovers his father Sargent Shriver's true legacy.

Closed Captioned Richard Bronson - The War at the Shore (Business Entrepreneur) #1223 [TV-G]
Richard Bronson, chairman and founder of U.S. Digital Gaming, gives the inside scoop of the true battle for a Boardwalk Empire in his book, The War at the Shore.

Closed Captioned Jeffrey Bennett - Beyond Ufos (Astrophysicist) #1224 [TV-G]
Astrophysicist Dr. Jeffrey Bennett discusses his book Beyond UFOS about why the very quest to find alien life can help us grow up as a species.

Closed Captioned Stephen Mitchell - The Second Book of the Tao (Philosopher) #1225 [TV-G]
With his latest work, The Second Book of the Tao, Stephen Mitchell brings ancient eastern wisdom to a modern western world to show us what it means to live in harmony with the way things are today.

Closed Captioned Terri Cheney (Attorney) Manic #1226 [TV-G]
Beverly Hills entertainment attorney Terri Cheney discusses battling her debilitating bipolar disorder.

Closed Captioned Adam Michaelson (Banker/Financer) The Foreclosure of America #1227 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned Robert & Emi Kiyosaki (Financial Guru & Buddhist Nun) Rich Brother, Rich Sister #1228 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned Victor Villasenor (Author) Crazy Loco Love #1229 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned Sandy Owen (Pianist) Alternating Hands #1230 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned Mike Farrell - Just Call Me Mike #1231 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned Leonard Susskind - The Black Hole War #1232 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned Janis Ian - Society's Child #1233 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned Rabbi David Wolpe - Why Faith Matters #1234 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned Alison Armstrong - Making Sense of Men #1235 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned Father Brett Hoover - Comfort #1236 [TV-G]
An atlas for the body and the soul is highlighted.

Closed Captioned Joseph Grenny - Influencer #1237 [TV-G]
A look at economics and how we got to where we are is highlighted.

Closed Captioned Robert Greene - Mastery #1238 [TV-G]
The cognitive neuroscience researcher sheds light on free will and the science of the brain.

Closed Captioned Trevor Blake - Three Simple Steps #1239 [TV-G]
Rakesh Sarin author of Engineering Happiness discusses a new approach for building a joyful life.

Closed Captioned Rakesh Sarin (Professor of Management) Engineering Happiness #1301 [TV-G]
Rakesh Sarin shows how to solve the quest for a more blissful existence in Engineering Happiness.

Closed Captioned Joyce Appleby (Historian) - The Relentless Revolution #1302 [TV-G]
Dr. Joyce Appleby is one of our country's most accomplished historians. Her book, The Relentless Revolution, examines the history of capitalism and how it reshaped the world.

Closed Captioned Larry Elder (Radio Host) - Dear Father, Dear Son #1303 [TV-G]
A journey of American history as one man discovered a son he never really knew. And the son found a man, a friend, a father who had really been there all along.

Closed Captioned Garry Ridge (CEO of WD-40 Company) - Helping People Win at Work #1304 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned Patti Davis (Daughter of the Reagans) - The Lives Our Mothers Leave Us #1305 [TV-G]
The daughter of Ronald and Nancy Reagan discusses her book The Lives Our Mothers Leave Us.

Closed Captioned Larry Dean - West Coast Honky Tonk #1306 [TV-G]
The country music singer-songwriter is on a mission to spread the soulful poetic Honky Tonk sound.

Closed Captioned Maynard Webb - Rebooting Work #1307 [TV-G]
The former COO of eBay shares his knowledge on how to transform how you work.

Closed Captioned Gary Grossman - Executive Command #1308 [TV-G]
The political fiction writer once again creates a fictional situation that is very close to reality.

Closed Captioned William Friedkin - The Friedkin Connection #1309 [TV-G]
The Oscar-winning director of The Exorcist and The French Connection discusses his memoir.

Closed Captioned Joseph Wambaugh - Hollywood Crows #1310 [TV-G]
The master of the modern police novel takes us behind the badge into the heart of his characters.

Closed Captioned Mack Dryden - Fluffing The Concrete #1311 [TV-G]
The stand-up comic and TV writer shows us how to make the most out of even the worst situation.

Closed Captioned Ken Lindner - Your Killer Emotions #1312 [TV-G]
A groundbreaking process for mastering your emotions and modifying your behavior is discussed.

Closed Captioned Mark Geragos and Pat Harris - Mistrial #1313 [TV-G]
Two well known defense attorneys provide an inside look at how the criminal justice system works.

Closed Captioned Christopher Phillips (Philosopher) - Constitution Cafe #1314 [TV-G]
A blueprint for how to draw from our rebellious past to incite meaningful change today is shared.

Closed Captioned John Densmore (Co-founder of iconic rock group, THE DOORS) - The Doors Unhinged #1315 [TV-G]
A look at the legacy of Jim Morrison and what has happened to The Doors.

Closed Captioned James Kouzes - The Leadership Challenge #1316 [TV-G]
James Kouzes discusses his book, The Leadership Challenge, about becoming a leader.

Closed Captioned Jared Diamond (Pulitzer Prize Winning Author - The World Until Yesterday) #1317 [TV-G]
Scientist and author Jared Diamond discusses what we can learn from traditional societies.

Closed Captioned Jurriaan Kamp - Publisher - The Intelligent Optimist #1318 [TV-G]
A discussion with Jurriaan Kamp, publisher of The Intelligent Optimist, about journalism in our time.

Closed Captioned Lauren Kessler - Counterclockwise #1319 [TV-G]
A discussion with Lauren Kessler about her book, Counterclockwise, about the world of anti-aging.

Closed Captioned Diane Ladd (Actress) - A Bad Afternoon for a Piece of Cake #1320 [TV-G]
Actress and author Diane Ladd discusses, A Bad Afternoon for a Piece of Cake, a collection of short stories.

Closed Captioned Michael Diamond - My Father Before Me #1321 [TV-G]
The psychoanalyst and clinical psychologist discusses the power of the father and son relationship.

Closed Captioned Geri Jewell - Actress/Comedienne - I'm Walking As Straight as I Can #1322 [TV-G]
The actress who has Cerebral Palsy discusses transcending disability in Hollywood and beyond.

Closed Captioned Dr. John Izzo - The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die #1323 [TV-G]
Dr. John Izzo discusses his heartwarming book, The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die.

Closed Captioned Gary U.S. Bonds - Singer/Songwriter - By Us Bonds #1324 [TV-G]
An icon of rock 'n' roll, who inspired Bruce Springsteen and many others, tells his life story.

Closed Captioned Neil Druckmann & Bruce Straley - The Last of Us #1325 [TV-G]
Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley discuss their critically acclaimed video game The Last of Us.

Closed Captioned Sir Ken Robinson - Finding Your Element #1326 [TV-G]
Sir Ken Robinson shows us how to discover our talents and passions that will transform our lives.

Closed Captioned Anne Geddes (Photographer) - A Labor of Love #1327 [TV-G]
Anne Geddes, one of the most unique baby photographer of all time, tells her personal story.

Closed Captioned Stacy Keach (Actor) - All In All #1328 [TV-G]
The legendary actor of film, television, and theater discusses his inspirational memoir.

Closed Captioned Richard Dawkins - An Appetite for Wonder (Evolutionary Biologist/Atheist) #1329 [TV-G]
Evolutionary biologist and author Richard Dawkins gives insights into the making of a scientist.

Closed Captioned Bruce Dern - Things I've Said, But Probably Shouldn't Have (Actor) #1330 [TV-G]
Actor Bruce Dern gives insight into his work and himself with his unrepentant memoir.

Closed Captioned Jackie Collins - Drop Dead Beautiful (Actress) #1331 [TV-G]
Jackie Collins, one of the world's bestselling authors, discusses her book Drop Dead Beautiful.

Closed Captioned Jerry Bruckheimer - When Lightening Strikes #1332 [TV-G]
Film and TV producer Jerry Bruckheimer talks about his book, When Lightning Stikes.

Closed Captioned Jodi Cobb & Franz Lanting - Around the World in 125 Years #1333 [TV-G]
Around the World in 125 Years is a look back at the historic and iconic photos by National Geographic.

Closed Captioned #1334 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned #1335 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned #1336 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned #1337 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned #1338 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned #1339 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned J.D. Power - Power #1401 [TV-G]
J.D. Power tells how he and his company, J.D. Power and Associates, became the voice of the consumer.

Closed Captioned Dave Winfield - Dropping The Ball #1402 [TV-G]
Baseball great Dave Winfield presents a plan of action to save our national pastime from self destruction.

Closed Captioned Jeffrey Bennett - Math for Life #1403 [TV-G]
Dr. Jeffrey Bennett, an astrophysicist, brings math to the masses in simple and clear ways.

Closed Captioned Alvin Toffler - Revolutionary Wealth #1404 [TV-G]
Bestselling Author Alvin Toffler provides readers with powerful tools to understand the new economy.

Closed Captioned Brian Frazer - Hyper-Chondriac #1405 [TV-G]
With his book Hyper-Chondriac, Brian Frazer attempts to achieve lasting happiness and inner peace.

Closed Captioned Sam Harris - Ham-Slices of Life (Singer-Songwriter-humorist) #1406 [TV-G]
Multi-platinum recording artist and Star Search winner Sam Harris turns his talent to the pen.

Closed Captioned John Murphy - Zentrepreneur #1407 [TV-G]
John Murphy brings the lessons of Zen teaching to the world of business.

Closed Captioned Dale Brown - Strike Force #1408 [TV-G]
The former U.S. Air Force Captain and author combines intrigue and suspense in Strike Force.

Closed Captioned Cal Ripken, Jr. - Get in the Game #1409 [TV-G]
Baseball's all-time iron man shares with us his eight elements of perseverance.

Closed Captioned Matthew Modine - Full Metal Jacket Diary: An appumentary #1410 [TV-G]
The star of Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket turned his on set photo-diary into a unique app.

Closed Captioned Walter Isaacson - Einstein-His Life and Universe #1411 [TV-G]
Author Walter Isaacson provides a glimpse into the fascinating mind of Albert Einstein.

Closed Captioned Erika Hayasaki and Dr. Norma Bowe - The Death Class #1412 [TV-G]
Inspiring lessons from Dr. Norma Bowe's Death in Perspective class at Kean University are shared.

Closed Captioned Gerald Schroeder - The Hidden Face of God #1413 [TV-G]
Scientist and philosopher Gerald Schroeder talks about his book, The Hidden Face of God.

Closed Captioned Harold Bronson - The Rhino Records Story #1414 [TV-G]
Record label founder Harold Bronson talks about his book, The Rhino Records Story.

Closed Captioned Dr. Pauline Chen - Final Exam #1415 [TV-G]
With her book, Final Exam, Dr. Pauline Chen confronts the fears that doctors have about death.

Closed Captioned Dr. Ray Grainger - Growing A Business #1416 [TV-G]
Dr. Ray Grainger, CEO of Mavenlink, talks about how to start, grow, and thrive in business.

Closed Captioned Arianna Huffington - Thrive #1417 [TV-G]
J.D. Power, with his book Power, tells how his company became the voice of the consumer and shaped the auto industry.

Closed Captioned Olympia Lepoint - Mathaphobia & Overcoming Fear #1418 [TV-G]
Rocket scientist and TED Lecturer Olympia LePoint talks about the human ability to overcome fear.

Closed Captioned Richard Abrams - America Transformed #1419 [TV-G]
Dr. Richard Abrams discusses his book, America Transformed, about revolutionary changes that occurred in America since World War II.

Closed Captioned Nigel Lythgoe - So You Think You Can Dance #1420 [TV-G]
A discussion with Nigel Lythgoe, creator/producer and judge for the TV series So You Think You Can Dance.

Closed Captioned Austin Washington - The Education of George Washington (Washington's Great, great, etc. Nephew) #1421 [TV-G]
George Washington heir Austin Washington provides an insider's look at what made Washington great.

Closed Captioned John Bryant - How the Poor Can Save Capitalism (Founder of Operation HOPE) #1422 [TV-G]
John Bryant provides an insightful and practical guide to rebuilding the middle class in America.

Closed Captioned Swoosie Kurtz - Part Swan, Part Goose (Actress & Co-star of Mike & Molly) #1423 [TV-G]
An uncommon memoir of womanhood, work, and family is discussed.

Closed Captioned Lynda Obst - Sleepless In Hollywood #1424 [TV-G]
Producer Lyda Obst tackles the drastic transformation of the current film industry in her book, Sleepless in Hollywood.

Closed Captioned George Wallace - Laff It Off! #1425 [TV-G]
George Wallace's book, Laff It Off!, provides laughter and his words of wisdom.

Closed Captioned Matthew Stewart - Nature's God #1426 [TV-G]
The acclaimed philosopher examines the philosophical beliefs of America's founding fathers.

Closed Captioned Rod Pyle - Innovation The NASA Way #1427 [TV-G]
Rod Pyle provides a guide to harnessing the power of success by following the ways of NASA.

Closed Captioned Pete Parsons - Destiny #1428 [TV-G]
Meet the COO of Bungie, the creator of the most expensive video game ever made.

Closed Captioned Sam Harris - Waking Up #1429 [TV-G]
Sam Harris is the author of Waking Up, a guide to spirituality without religion.

Closed Captioned Jeffrey Bennett - What Is Relativity? #1430 [TV-G]
An intuitive introduction to Einstein's ideas, and why they matter.

Closed Captioned Victoria Tennant - Irina Baronova and the Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo #1431 [TV-G]
Irina Baronova is the mother of the Modern Ballet. She is also the mother of actress Victoria Tennant. This is the story of how she brought the Modern Ballet to America,

Closed Captioned Dennis Palumbo - Hollywood on the Couch #1432 [TV-G]
Dennis Palumbo's Hollywood on the Couch is read by many who find blocks in their creativity.

Closed Captioned Melanie Rothschild - The Art of Mistakes #1433 [TV-G]
With her book, The Art of Mistakes, Melanie Rothschild shows us how mistakes are gateways to creativity in all walks of life.

Closed Captioned #1434 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned Paul Williams & Tracy Jackson - Gratitude and Trust #1501 [TV-G]
Paul Williams and Tracy Jackson discuss their book, Gratitude and Trust, an inspirational guide designed to uncover your most productive self.

Closed Captioned Michael Connelly - The Burning Room #1502 [TV-G]
Mystery author Michael Connelly talks about his newest installment on The Harry Bosch series, The Burning Room.

Closed Captioned Edward Larson - The Return of George Washington #1503 [TV-G]
Edward Larson chronicles how George Washington saved the United States by coming out or retirement to secure the country's future and become our first President.

Closed Captioned Dennis Palumbo - Hollywood on the Couch #1504 [TV-G]
With his columns, Hollywood on the Couch, featured on-line in Psychology Today, Dennis Palumbo enlightens how the creative mind works and what you can do to hone your own creativity.

Closed Captioned Christine Hassler - Expectation Hangover #1505 [TV-G]
A guide to overcoming disappointment in work, love, and life.

Closed Captioned Theodore Bikel - Theo #1506 [TV-G]
With his autobiography, Theo, Bikel provides an insight into showbiz and life that few can duplicate.

Closed Captioned James Darren - Goodbye Cruel World #1507 [TV-G]
Actor James Darren, star of the Gidget films, talks about his long and varied career.

Closed Captioned Brian Smith - The Birth of a Brand #1508 [TV-G]
UGG founder Brian Smith shares his secret for launching your entrepreneurial passion and soul.

Closed Captioned Cecilia Demille - Cecil B. Demille #1509 [TV-G]
Cecilia DeMille, granddaughter of epic Hollywood director Cecil B. Demille, gives us a behind the scenes look at the birth of the Hollywood epic and the life of her most famous grandfather.

Closed Captioned Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D - The Upside of Stress #1510 [TV-G]
Kelly McGonigal talks about her book, The Upside of Stress, a revolutionary new concept about how stress is actually good for you.

Closed Captioned Mariel Hemingway - Out Came The Sun #1511 [TV-G]
The actress discusses overcoming the legacy of mental illness, addiction and suicide in her family.

Closed Captioned Gary Grossman - Old Earth #1512 [TV-G]
This thriller digs into the history of the Earth to find the secrets people are willing to kill for.

Closed Captioned Bobby Hart - Psychedelic Bubblegum #1513 [TV-G]
Bobby Hart is best known for writing and producing many number one hits of the Monkees. He talks about his book, Psychedelic Bubble Gum.

Closed Captioned Ronald Fierstein - A Triumph of Genius #1514 [TV-G]
The story of Edwin Land, the inventor and founder of Polaroid, and the patent war battle between his company and Kodak.

Closed Captioned Leonard Mlodinow - The Upright Thinkers (Part 1) #1515 [TV-G]
The human journey from living in trees to understanding the cosmos. The first 100,000 years.

Closed Captioned Leonard Mlodinow - The Upright Thinkers (Part 2) #1516 [TV-G]
In part 2, Physicist Leonard Mlodinow focuses on human progress from the enlightenment to the present.

Closed Captioned Dr. Peter Whybrow - The Well-Tuned Brain #1517 [TV-G]
Dr. Peter Whybrow of UCLA reveals the benefits of better understanding the workings of the mind.

Closed Captioned Marshall Goldsmith - Triggers #1518 [TV-G]
Marshal Goldsmith is a leadership consultant and executive coach to the major CEO's of the world's largest companies and a bestselling author. With his book, Triggers, he shows how we all can create the behavior we desire in order to become the person we want to be.

Closed Captioned Ron Garan - The Orbital Perspective #1519 [TV-G]
In his book, astronaut Ron Garan provides lessons in seeing the big picture of life and our planet.

Closed Captioned Robbie Bach - Xbox Revisited #1520 [TV-G]
Former President of Microsoft and Chief Xbox Officer Robbie Bach provides a game plan for personal, corporate and civic renewal following the guidelines he used to make the Xbox one of the biggest selling game consoles in the world.

Closed Captioned Michael Hiltzik - Big Science #1521 [TV-G]
Pulitzer Prize-winning, Los Angeles Times journalist, Michael Hiltzik explores the life of Ernest Lawrence and how his creation, the cyclotron, launched the military industrial complex and changed the entire field of scientific exploration.

Closed Captioned Cindy Williams - Shirley, I Jest #1522 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned Erica Jong - Fear of Dying #1523 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned #1524 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned #1525 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned #1526 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned #1527 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned #1528 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned #1529 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned #1530 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned #1531 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned #1532 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned #1533 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned #1534 [TV-G]

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