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Closed Captioned A Fresh Start #201
Father Dominic reviews all the things that can go wrong with a home-baked loaf and demonstrates how to fix the problems.

Closed Captioned Multigrain Revisited #202
Father Dominic introduces more multi-grain bread recipes and lists some alternative flours available for people with celiac disease (wheat intolerance).

Closed Captioned Super Sandwiches #203
Father Dom bakes classic pumpernickel, cibatta, and a French twist on panini.

Closed Captioned Out of Africa #204
Ambasha, an Ethiopian spice bread, and tangy Kenyan sambosas.

Closed Captioned Pizza Revisited #205
Father Dom introduces some interesting deep-dish and gourmet pizza pies.

Closed Captioned Snack Breads #206
Garlic-mustard pretzels, cheddar-chive breadsticks, and a delicious English muffin loaf.

Closed Captioned Coffeecakes #207
Father Dom's basic dough can be used three different ways to make breakfast breads that are sure to delight the eyes as well as the palate.

Closed Captioned Beyond Tortillas #208
Father Dom makes an orange-flavored pan de muertos for the Day of the Dead, starts crusty Cuban bread in a cold oven, and rolls some panecillos.

Closed Captioned Herb Breads #209
Father Dominic shares recipes for an Italian onion herb baguette, dill bread, and rolls using sour cream and chives.

Closed Captioned Kids in the Kitchen #210 [TV-G]
Breads that children will enjoy helping to make, plus suggestions on how to include the kids in measuring, mixing, and kneading.

Closed Captioned Tea Time #211
Recipes include classic scones, Irish soda bread with a delightful orange twist, and lemon raisin muffins.

Closed Captioned Brioche Four Ways #212
Father Dom demonstrates how to use a flexible dough in different recipes, from a large classic brioche loaf to a variation on beef Wellington using a pork roast and ham paté.

Closed Captioned Mardi Gras #213
Father Dom bakes a variety of ethnic traditional breads, including fassnachts (German doughnuts), king cake, bliny (from an old Russian recipe), and muffalatta.

Closed Captioned Classic Breads #301
Some classics of baking history: French baguettes, a dramatic "double-decker" cottage loaf, and Italian focaccia with red onions.

Closed Captioned On a Roll #302
From braided onion rolls to Texas moppin' bread flavored with pepper Jack cheese, Father Dominic explains how to create some of the most delicious rolls you've ever tasted.

Closed Captioned Autumn Harvest #303
From braided onion rolls to Texas moppin' bread flavored with pepper Jack cheese, Father Dominic explains how to create some of the most delicious rolls you've ever tasted.

Closed Captioned Kids in the Kitchen 2 #304 [TV-G]
Kids and parents alike can learn how to draw on dough, create Magic Caterpillar Bread for a birthday breakfast, and make a flower out of sweet dough for Mother's Day.

Closed Captioned Unique Pans #305
Proving that a loaf of bread does not have to be rectangular, Father Dom shares classic recipes like popovers and Boston brown bread, as well as new creations like corn sticks.

Closed Captioned Eastern European Traditions #306
Father Dominic creates a spicy, fruit-filled Vanoka from the Christmas traditions of Czechoslovakia and, as an example of everyday baking, a hearty Hungarian potato bread.

Closed Captioned Herb Breads with a Meaning #307
Father Dominic presents herb bread recipes that can be used to send a message to a loved one.

Closed Captioned Delightful Donuts #308
In addition to a sour cream doughnut that's fried in the traditional manner, Father Dom offers a delicious recipe for a baked chocolate chip doughnut.

Closed Captioned Flour Power #309
Specialty flours are starting to appear on store shelves everywhere. Father Dom discusses the origins, history, and sumptuous uses of these alternative flours, complete with recipes.

Closed Captioned Solving the Pastry Mystery #310
While uncovering the mysteries of Danish pastry, Father Dom highlights standards like almond bear claws and prune Danish.

Closed Captioned Basket Breads #311
Father Dominic presents three different "bread baskets": oatmeal rolls, a distinctively shaped Banneton loaf, and a woven-dough basket in which to carry the other breads.

Closed Captioned What's in a Name? #312
The stories behind Anadama bread and the famous Sally Lunn, Kaiser, and Parkerhouse rolls, including how all these breads got their names.

Closed Captioned Chocolate Cravings #313
Chocolate is finding its way into more recipes than ever, and it certainly does wonders for bread.

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