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Closed Captioned Eating Well for Life #101 [TV-G]
If you think of eating well for life, it becomes a part of how you live and a part of who you are.

Closed Captioned Time to Get Happy #102 [TV-G]
Can indulgences that make us happy be healthy for us? It can when quinoa and tempeh are on the menu.

Closed Captioned Cook Your Way to Health #103 [TV-G]
Can we cook to create joy? Healthy natural food can make us feel happy, contented, and vital.

Closed Captioned Trick Or Treat #104 [TV-G]
From chocolate to candied apples, healthy sweets are showcased.

Closed Captioned Lighten Up....It's Only Your Health #105 [TV-G]
Foods that can slim your waist and improve your health can be delicious when you're using chickpeas.

Closed Captioned Feel Great Feast #106 [TV-G]
Feel your best with whole unprocessed foods like light as air ravioli filled with creamy sweet peas.

Closed Captioned With Gratitude #107 [TV-G]
It's time to count our blessings and create a feast that will win hearts and minds and waistlines.

Closed Captioned Italian Light #108 [TV-G]
Dieting has never been so yummy with delicious Italian dishes like Penne fra Diavolo.

Closed Captioned Skip The Junk Food....Feel The Joy #109 [TV-G]
Fresh corn chowder and a crunchy kale salad will make you feel strong and forget about junk food.

Closed Captioned Wake Up and Smell The Toast #110 [TV-G]
Familiar foods that promote health and well-being and give you energy through the day are showcased.

Closed Captioned Your Holiday Survival #111 [TV-G]
Christina creates festive dishes, healthy versions of classic cookies, and toasts the New Year in style.

Closed Captioned Gut Busters #112 [TV-G]
Get on the path to wellness with some tips and tricks that will have you dancing in the streets.

Closed Captioned Light Dishes for Life #113 [TV-G]
Christina looks at portion sizes and cooks to create perfectly seasoned food that is so satisfying.

Closed Captioned Making Over Your Life.... #114 [TV-G]
Join Christina to learn tips, tricks, and techniques to make your favorite family recipes healthier.

Closed Captioned The Big Game....Winning Recipes #115 [TV-G]
Healthy versions of classic tailgate and football party foods to delight your guests are created.

Closed Captioned The Sicilian Kitchen #116 [TV-G]
Christina shares the secrets to great Southern Italian food and her favorite Auntie Pina stories.

Closed Captioned Soy Vey #117 [TV-G]
Is soy good for us? Will soy make you healthy? A focus on the wonder food answers these questions.

Closed Captioned Tofu, with Love #118 [TV-G]
When seasoned and cooked properly, this powerhouse of nutrition will rescue you from poor health.

Closed Captioned Could Your Heart Attack You? #119 [TV-G]
What you choose to eat determines the health of your heart. Keep it ticking with healthier choices.

Closed Captioned The Sweetness of Life #120 [TV-G]
Christina shows how to satisfy your desire for sweet treats without risking your health.

Closed Captioned The Beat Goes On.... #121 [TV-G]
Deliciously cook your way to a healthy heart with whole grains, beans, and veggies.

Closed Captioned Fat and You #122 [TV-G]
How you use fat in your diet can either land on your hips or support your body in all its hard work.

Closed Captioned How Sweet It Is #123 [TV-G]
Christina discusses sweet alternatives to sugar and how to cook to satisfy our needy sweet tooth.

Closed Captioned Sweet Seductions #124 [TV-G]
Join Christina as she surrenders to sweet dessert, in a healthy and delicious way.

Closed Captioned Ramp Up #125 [TV-G]
Start eating well and give your body the fuel it needs to get pumped and keep going.

Closed Captioned Calling All Chocoholics #126 [TV-G]
Christina shows how we can make the sexiest of foods, chocolate, a part of a healthy diet.

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