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Closed Captioned Let It Snow #101
A visit from Old Man Winter makes for a fun day. Pedro builds a snowman, then goes for a spin on his sled with the help of his furry dog, Bridget. Kids ride an Amish one-horse sleigh through the Pennsylvania countryside, and Grandfather Reads shares the warm winter tale "Ridiculous," about a tortoise who doesn't want to sleep during the winter.

Closed Captioned Super Safari #102
Pedro goes on a safari and sees lions, giraffes, hippos, elephants, and more. Grandfather reads the story "I Don't Want To Go to Bed," about a little tiger's adventure in the nighttime jungle after he refuses to go to sleep one evening, and then goes on a trip of his own to see a real baby tiger. The final story is from the book Lazy Ozzie, a charming tale about a lazy owl and the rewards of hard work. A video venture following the book visits the home of some real baby owls.

Closed Captioned Don't Be Grumpy #103
Pedro learns the power of a smile when Grandfather Reads shares the warm story of a boy who makes a grumpy day vanish with his own smile. Then Pedro discovers the famous smile of the Mona Lisa and heads off to the art fair, where he learns that art takes on many exciting forms besides paint on canvas. Inspired by what he has learned, he gives Grandfather Reads a gift from the heart: a picture he drew himself.

Closed Captioned Off to Lady Liberty #104
After a reading of Lady Liberty and the Lost Puppy, the story of a cute puppy who wanders through the exciting streets of New York City all the way to the Statue of Liberty, Pedro leads a video tour of the statue. Grandfather Reads and Bridget head down the old dusty trail as Bridget faces the challenge of being a town's first cowgirl. The closing message is about accepting people who are different from you.

Closed Captioned Magical Moon #105
Grandfather Reads shares the touching story The Moon, the Stars, and Taz, about an old man who plays his harmonica to his friends the moon and stars each night. Pedro takes the kids to an observatory for a close look at the stars and planets in the evening sky. In the enchanting attic, Grandfather finds the book Woman in the Moon, in which two children make a new discovery about the moon during a space voyage. Then Pedro blasts off to space camp.

Closed Captioned Happy I'm Here #106
Pedro feels better about being adopted after Grandfather Reads shares the touching storybook Horace, about a little leopard adopted by a family of tigers. Later, Pedro goes horseback riding at the Dude Ranch, then comes home to "The Duck So Small," a fun story with a positive message.

Closed Captioned Pedro Goes to the Zoo #107
Grandfather Reads shares the book Charlie Wants a Friend, about a baby gorilla looking for a playmate who searches all around the zoo, then leads a trip to Zoo Atlanta to meet a real gorilla named Charlie. Later, he reads another fun story about recognizing every person's unique qualities. Pedro makes a music video starring a couple of wallabies.

Closed Captioned I Think I Can #108
After a reading of the charming story "Charlie and Tess," about a lamb who thinks he's a dog, a video segment shows border collies being trained to herd sheep. Pedro visits a farm to see a sheep getting a haircut, and Grandfather Reads shares an old story about a steam engine called "I Think I Can," about the value of keeping a positive attitude and working hard to reach your goals.

Closed Captioned Be Nice to Mice #109
Pedro learns an important lesson after literally getting caught with his hands in the cookie jar. His bellyache inspires Grandfather to read "The Midnight Mouse on Main Street," a light-hearted mystery tale about a cake that keeps disappearing—one piece at a time. After video trips to an old water-powered grain mill and the bakery, where he tries his hand at making oatmeal cookies, Pedro shares a poem he wrote about the mill.

Closed Captioned Pedro for President #110
Pedro explores a variety of possible occupations as he tries to find the right career for himself. Grandfather Reads shares the story "I Don't Want To Grow Up To Be President," in which young Josh doesn't want to be president because of all the long speeches, hand shaking, and kissing of babies on the campaign trail. Then Pedro leads an exciting outing to Washington, DC, accompanied by the original song "Anyone Can Be President."

Closed Captioned Skaters and Hoppers #111
After hearing the story "Grandmother McDoogle's Roller-Skates," about a zany grandmother who strolls through life on her skates, Pedro gives his own set of wheels a spin at the rink. Grandfather Reads shares the whimsical tale "What If," about farm animals afraid of losing their jobs to the new kangaroo coming to the farm. Then Pedro leads an outing to the National Zoo in Washington, DC to see a real kangaroo.

Closed Captioned Tell the Truth #112
Grandfather shares the book Secret Journey, in which a mouse sets out to find a hidden treasure and learns about the value of true friendship and the rewards of sharing. Pedro finds himself in a dilemma after losing a library book, but decides that it's best to tell the truth after hearing a story about a young boy who has his own confession to make. Grandfather closes with a fun poem about the three little pigs that adds a new twist to the old story.

Closed Captioned Lions and Bears #113
Grandfather reads the book Beware of the Bears, which picks up where the traditional story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears leaves off. The bears try to get even with Goldilocks, but learn a lesson in forgiveness instead. Pedro meets two adorable bear cubs, then heads to Washington, DC for a look at one of the most famous bears in the world.

Closed Captioned Horses and Hares #201
When Pedro wakes up scared during the night, Grandfather Reads puts his fears to rest with a touching story about a young colt. The next day, Pedro takes children for a ride at a horse farm. Back home, he makes thank-you cards for the farm workers.

Closed Captioned Pedro's Big Mess #202
In a rush to clean his room, Pedro shoves everything under his bed and spills a can of paint onto one of Grandfather Reads' favorite books. His struggle with whether or not to confess teaches him a lesson in honesty and responsibility, and the same themes are highlighted in the fun story One Fine Mess.

Closed Captioned A Pet for Pedro #203
Pedro's longing for a little brother prompts Grandfather Reads to share the special story Little Tiger's Big Surprise. Then Pedro sets out to find a pet by meeting lots of animals—including a baby tiger and ocean creatures. When he finally settles on a fish he names Finley, he gets a good lesson in responsibility.

Closed Captioned Dollars and Sense #204
When Pedro goes to the hospital, Grandfather Reads eases his worries with the fun story "Dollar Dan." After a video tour of the U.S. Mint, Pedro meets a man who shapes dollar bills into everything from elephants to frogs. Then Pedro gives his own hands a try at origami.

Closed Captioned Butterflies and Bees #205
Grandfather and Pedro cap off a late-night snack of toast and honey with the touching book Love Is a Handful of Honey. The next day, Pedro visits a bee farm and a butterfly garden. He also uses his imagination to write a song, "Butterfly Flutter Fly Over to Me," and his own book about a caterpillar.

Closed Captioned Let's Make Music #206
After Pedro's violin practice, Grandfather Reads rummages through his attic for the book A Home for Mr. Trombone. Then the two of them introduce a wide variety of musical instruments and talk about the rewards of working hard to reach a goal.

Closed Captioned Harvest Time #207
After hearing the book The Three Little Pumpkins, Pedro embarks on a harvest adventure tour that includes strolls through the pumpkin patch, a blueberry farm, an apple orchard, and the country's oldest pretzel factory. Then he gives Grandfather Reads a pumpkin that Pedro made just for him.

Closed Captioned Pilots and Planes #208
After hearing a story about a young girl dreaming of becoming a pilot, Pedro goes up and away in an old biplane. Later, a visit to Kitty Hawk in North Carolina explores the beach where the Wright Brothers made humans' first flight. Grandfather closes with a message about following your dreams.

Closed Captioned Dealing with Anger/Boats and Barges #209
Pedro learns some important lessons on how to cope with anger while struggling with a tough conflict. Grandfather helps by sharing a touching story of an Indian boy who paves the way for a peaceful resolution between two tribes. After visiting a Native American powwow, Pedro sets off to sea to learn about boats and barges.

Closed Captioned Pancakes for Pedro #210
After sharing the fun story "Stan Stan the Pancake Man," Grandfather Reads leads a walk through the snowy woods of New Hampshire to see how maple syrup is made. Pedro lends a hand at a charity pancake breakfast and learns about the importance of volunteering. He also makes up a song for the occasion: "Flip 'em Up, Eat 'em Up."

Closed Captioned You Can Do It #211
Pedro is ready to throw in the towel for an upcoming race, convinced that there's no way he can win. But Grandfather inspires him to keep going with the story of the life of Helen Keller. After a video tour of Keller's home and a conversation with a blind woman about her guide dog, Grandfather shows how the Braille alphabet allows blind people to read.

Closed Captioned Web of Love #212
Grandfather reads a story about a gesture of kindness one family gives to another on a cold winter's night. Their simple gift to keep the family warm also warms the heart. Pedro learns how people used to make blankets and clothes on hand weaving looms, then watches nature's great weavers at work: spiders spinning amazing creations.

Closed Captioned If Pets Were People #213
Grandfather reads a book about a dog whose day at school proves fun for the students, if not for the teachers.

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