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ECHO - Helping Underdeveloped Countries Grow Their Own Food #101 [TV-G]
ECHO (Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization) uses the power of agriculture on a global scale to reduce hunger and improve lives in underdeveloped countries. ECHO provides students and overseas development workers with agricultural skills and resources to help those who are just one failed crop away from starvation. Meet these garden heroes and see how to apply many of the skills shown in the simulated gardens to home gardens.

Closed Captioned Creating An Eco-Friendly Landscape from the Ground Up #102 [TV-G]
Offers practical, simple tips for gardening in a more earth-friendly way and how taking these simple steps will create healthier plants, tastier produce, and a safer environment.

Closed Captioned More Ways to Create an Eco-Friendly Landscape at Home #103 [TV-G]
Ideas on conserving water, providing wildlife habitats, and reducing air pollution. Also, the latest research on how houseplants, including herbs, are doing more to clean our indoor environment.

Closed Captioned Phipps Conservatory - The Greenest Conservatory in the World #104 [TV-G]
Over 100 years ago, wealthy businessman Henry Phipps built the Phipps Conservatory as a gift to the city of Pittsburg at the height of our nation's industrial revolution. Today, Phipps has become a model for public gardens and conservatories around the world for sustainable building practices, energy conservation, and eco-friendly methods. In the process, the Phipps Conservatory has earned the distinction of being "America's greenest garden" and the greenest conservatory in the world.

Closed Captioned Growing Power - Will Allen's Story of Inspiration through a Garden #105 [TV-G]
In 1993, Growing Power was an organization with teens that needed a place to work. Will Allen was a farmer with land. Allen designed a program that offered teens an opportunity to work at his store and renovate the greenhouses to grow food for their community. What started as a simple partnership to change the landscape of the north side of Milwaukee, has blossomed into a national nonprofit organization and land trust with a global commitment to sustainable food systems.

Closed Captioned Composting 101 and Beyond – Seattle, WA #106 [TV-G]
Compost is full of the primary nutrients your plants need, along with beneficial microorganisms no manufactured product can provide. In addition, compost takes yard waste and kitchen scraps that might otherwise be destined for a landfill and keeps them at home, where they become black gold for your garden. See how simple and inexpensive it is to make compost.

Closed Captioned Urban Beekeeping: What's All the Buzz About? – Seattle, WA #107 [TV-G]
Backyard urban beekeeping is becoming more popular than ever, due in part to people's response to the mysterious die-off of many bee hives, known as colony collapse disorder. With high demand for fresh, local honey, combined with the important role bees play in a healthy garden, more people are setting up backyard hives than ever before.

Closed Captioned The Edible Schoolyard - Using The Garden As The Classroom #108 [TV-G]
The Edible Schoolyard is a shining example of how a garden can be used as an outdoor classroom, utilizing all of the children's senses to bring book-learning to life. This public middle school classroom uses a natural setting to teach every aspect of its core curriculum (math, science, language arts, social studies, nutrition awareness, etc.). Students learn about the full garden cycle and also learn to cook with what they grow.

Closed Captioned Fetzer: The Most Earth-Friendly Winery in America – Mendocino, CA #109 [TV-G]
Fetzer winery has won numerous awards for its quality wines and commitment to the environment. Fetzer not only produces wines in a very sustainable, responsible way, but also shares its knowledge openly with others in the industry in the hopes of shifting them to more environmental practices. The winery's goal is to create wines that are as good for the earth as they are on the palate, setting a fine example of what can be done at a corporate level, as well as what we can do in our own gardens to make a difference.

Closed Captioned Annie's Annuals - Preserving Heirlooms While Promoting the Environment #110 [TV-G]
A few miles away from San Francisco sits a small wholesale/retail nursery called Annie's Annuals and Perennials. The business specializes in rare and heirloom plants that larger, commercial operations pass buy. In addition, everything at Annie's is grown the old-fashioned way: from seed. There are no greenhouses or machines.

Closed Captioned Farmer D - A Young Man's Campaign to Lead By Example #111 [TV-G]
Farmer D is an entirely new brand of farmer with a thumb more "green" than any of his predecessors. Born in South Africa in 1976, Daron 'Farmer D' Joffe, is the model of today's more eco-conscience farmer and the future of agriculture's more sustainable tomorrow. He lives to make a difference because of his passion for the earth and the biodynamic methodologies that can save it.

Closed Captioned The Power of Worms - Vermicompost As An Organic Marvel #112 [TV-G]
Explores home vermicomposting, visits a commercial a commercial harvesting operation, and tours a "zero waste" company turning worm waste into a multi-million dollar operation as a natural fertilizer alternative.

Closed Captioned Recycling Horticulture Waste - Making Better Choices One Pot at a Time #113 [TV-G]
Each year, millions of plastic plant containers are not recycled. Instead they, along with millions of tons of other plastic, clog our solid waste stream and contribute to a growing but avoidable problem. The good news is that many companies are working to fix this problem. Viewers will learn what their choices are are in the horticultural world today and how they can help eliminate this problem, one pot at a time.

Closed Captioned All About Pruning: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly #114 [TV-G]
Learn the benefits, common mistakes, and step-by-step instruction on how to promote healthy plants with careful pruning.

Closed Captioned Living Homegrown Fresh - Raising Food & Livestock in Urban Backyards #115 [TV-G]
On average, the food we eat today travels 1500 miles from farm to fork, having a negative impact on the environment. But many home gardeners are changing that. Discover how to "keep it close to home" with purchases and pursuits, so we can a more organic and fresh lifestyle.

Closed Captioned Native Plants and Invasives & Certified Wildlife Habitats #116 [TV-G]
By looking at several prime examples of community gardens in action, this episode demonstrates how the benefits of a neighborhood garden can reach far beyond the garden gates, bringing people closer to the earth and closer to each other.

Closed Captioned Seed Savers Exchange - Saving the Planet by Saving Seeds #117 [TV-G]
At the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, TX, learn why some exotic plants are dangerous, how gardeners can prevent further spread of some of the more aggressive species, and how using the right native plant for a particular space can make gardening easier for people and better for the planet.

Closed Captioned Waterwise Gardening: Simple Solutions To Reduce Water Usage #118 [TV-G]
Explores the best ways to irrigate your garden, how to preserve the soil moisture you already have, and how to harvest rainwater. Also, the latest innovative ideas and garden gadgets that assist gardeners in preserving water.

Closed Captioned Waterwise Gardening - Simple Solutions To Reduce Water Usage & Manage Runoff #119 [TV-G]
On an 890-acre farm in Iowa, the horticultural heritage of America is being preserved one seed at a time. The Seed Savers Exchange uses this farm to save and share the heirloom seeds of our garden heritage, creating a living legacy that can be passed on to future generations. Learn how to save seeds from your own garden and better understand the importance of doing so.

Closed Captioned Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs #120 [TV-G]
Thomas Jefferson has made his mark in history for many things. But to gardeners, he holds a special place of honor. The gardens at Monticello were a botanic laboratory of ornamental and useful plants from around the world. Jefferson's pioneering organic practices with plants and soil are still in use today. Thanks to his meticulous records and the historic preservation of the grounds, today we can step back in time to see how he lived out his passion for gardening in Monticello.

Closed Captioned Community Gardens- Growing So Much More Than Plants #121 [TV-G]
Rainbeau Ridge Farm is a small-scale farm that includes an egg operation, organic vegetable gardens, a restored orchard, goats, chickens and other farm animals, as well as world–renowned goat cheese that owner Lisa Schwartz cultivates herself. What makes this small farm unique is that it brings the farm experience and its products to city dwellers, and offers them the chance to live this lifestyle for themselves.

Closed Captioned Green Roofs and Rooftop Gardens - The Sky's The Limit #122 [TV-G]
One of the biggest global opportunities to positively impact our carbon footprint is to plant "green roofs." Rooftops across America and the planet offer nearly untapped, limitless space to plants perennials, shrubs, even trees that can cool the air in and above our homes and offices. From an up close and personal tour of the largest and most famous rooftop garden at Chicago's city hall, to a demonstration of how to implement a smaller homegrown version.

Closed Captioned Organic Gardening: Creating a Garden Ecosystem #123 [TV-G]
This episode explores exactly what organic gardening is while guiding viewers through the benefits, drawbacks and the bottom line. An interview with Maria Rodale of the Rodale Institute sheds light on this eco–friendly way of gardening.

Closed Captioned Natural Pest Control - Discovering Eco-friendly Solutions to an Old Problem #124 [TV-G]
Finding and promoting natural predators in the garden and also incorporating natural bacteria and plant derivatives when a bug problem gets out of hand.

Closed Captioned Thomas Jefferson & Monticello - A True Organic Gardener in Action #125 [TV-G]
focuses on what a victory garden is, who is responsible for "planting the idea" at The White House, and how viewers can create their own garden on a shoestring budget of only $25.

Closed Captioned Urban Farming at Greensgrow Farm #126 [TV-G]
The inspiring story of Mary Seaton Corby, founder of Greensgrow Farm in Phildelphia, and her determination and dedication to sustainability.

The Best People of Season One #201 [TV-G]

The Best Places of Season One #202 [TV-G]

Greenhouses for Year-Round Growing #203 [TV-G]

From Seed to Cellar; Living Homegrown Fresh #204 [TV-G]

The Northwest Flower & Garden Show; Behind the Scenes of Making it Great #205 [TV-G]

Growing Hydroponically; No Dirt Required #206 [TV-G]

Dispelling Gardening Myths #207 [TV-G]

Gardening in a Waterwise Way #208 [TV-G]

Critter Control; Effective Ways to Repel Wildlife #209 [TV-G]

Raising Backyard Chickens #210 [TV-G]

Dominica; A Small Country Big on Sustainability: (Dominica Island) #211 [TV-G]

The Gift of Trees (Atlanta, GA, Mt. Airy, NC & Seattle, WA) #212 [TV-G]

Young Farmers #213 [TV-G]

Oh Grow Up; Small Space and Vertical Gardening (San Francisco, CA) #214 [TV-G]

Attracting Backyard Birds and Wildlife: (Mt. Airy, NC) #215 [TV-G]

Edible Landscapes (Los Altos, CA & Mt. Vernon, WA) #216 [TV-G]

Organic Flower Power; All the Beauty-None of the Chemicals #217 [TV-G]

The Power of Worms; Natures Miracle for Healthy Gardens #218 [TV-G]

Locavore Gardens and Landscapes #219 [TV-G]

Gardening for the Hungry; Easy ways to Share the Bounty #220 [TV-G]

Living Walls; A New Way to Make Great Neighbors #221 [TV-G]

Back to School; Learning to Be An Organic Farmer #222 [TV-G]

Dining from the Farm Field; as fresh as it gets (Los Angeles, CA) #223 [TV-G]

Organic Seed Saving; More Important and Challenging than Ever #224 [TV-G]

Composting in the Twenty-First Century #225 [TV-G]

Thomas Jefferson & Monticello - A True Organic Gardener in Action #226 [TV-G]

Winter Gardening (Harborside, ME) #301 [TV-G]

The Dirt On Creating A Healthy Garden (Raleigh, NC) #302 [TV-G]

Sow True Seed: (Ashville, NC) #303 [TV-G]

Farm School (Athol, MA) #304 [TV-G]

Organic Lawn Care (Arlington, VA) #305 [TV-G]

Sustainable Agriculture (Swoope, VA) #306 [TV-G]

Backyard Composting (Winston Salem, NC) #307 [TV-G]

Veteran Farmers (Jacksonville, FL) #308 [TV-G]

Schoolyard Wildlife Habitats (Atlanta, Ga) #309 [TV-G]

Urban Gardening (Detroit, MI) #310 [TV-G]

Backyard Chickens (Raleigh, NC) #311 [TV-G]

Young Farmers (Atlanta, GA) #312 [TV-G]

Backyard Orchards (St. Louis, MO) #313 [TV-G]

Just Because It's Organic (St. Paul, Mn) #314 [TV-G]

All About Seeds (Mt. Airy, Nc) #315 [TV-G]

Heritage Breeds (Pittsboro, Nc and Potomac, Md) #316 [TV-G]

Garden Coaching (Atlanta, Ga) #317 [TV-G]

Organic Flowers (Skagit Valley, Wa) #318 [TV-G]

Moss Gardens (Raleigh, Nc) #319 [TV-G]

Behind The Scenes of a Flower Show (Seattle, Wa) #320 [TV-G]

Permaculture (Raleigh, Nc & Americus, Ga) #321 [TV-G]

Nyc Rooftop Gardens (New York, Ny) #322 [TV-G]

Small Space & Vertical Gardening (San Francisco, CA) #323 [TV-G]

Independent Garden Centers - A Gardener's Best Resource (Atlanta, GA) #324 [TV-G]

Sol Mobile Bus (Various Cities Across America) #325 [TV-G]

Behind The Scenes with Growing A Greener World #326 [TV-G]

Greenhouse School (New York) #401 [TV-G]

All About Seeds (Mount Airy, NC) #402 [TV-G]

Organic Pest Control (Philadelphia, PA) #403 [TV-G]

Aquaponics: (Oakland, CA & Milwaukee, WI) #404 [TV-G]

Trees (Atlanta, GA) #405 [TV-G]

Setting Up Your Garden: (Atlanta, GA) #406 [TV-G]

Organic Lawn Care (Potomac, MD) #407 [TV-G]

Waterwise Gardening (San Diego, CA) #408 [TV-G]

Rooftop Farming (NYC) #409 [TV-G]

Weedless Gardening (NY) #410 [TV-G]

Moss Gardens (Raleigh, NC) #411 [TV-G]

Independent Garden Centers (TX, GA, NC, PA) #412 [TV-G]

Bountiful Harvest (Atlanta, Birmingham, AL) #413 [TV-G]

Backyard Beekeeping (Seattle, Atlanta) #414 [TV-G]

Greenhouses for Any Budget (Atlanta, VA) #415 [TV-G]

Restaurant Farms: (Atlanta, GA) #416 [TV-G]

Restaurant Farms (GA, WA, CA) #417 [TV-G]

In The Garden with Margaret Roach (NY) #418 [TV-G]

Garden Myths 2.0 (Atlanta, GA) #419 [TV-G]

Victory Garden Movement - The Peterson Project (Chicago) #420 [TV-G]

Growing More Power: (Milwaukee, WI) #421 [TV-G]

Mobile Truck Farms (Phil. PA, TX, NC) #422 [TV-G]

Four Young Urban Farmers & Greenhouse Bus (Durham, NC, Boston, Seattle) #423 [TV-G]

Common Ground Fair (Unity, ME) #424 [TV-G]

The Four Seasons Garden (Harborside, ME) #425 [TV-G]

Winter Gardening: (Harborside, ME) #426 [TV-G]

Creating An Edible Fruit Garden: Atlanta, Ga #501 [TV-G]
Joe Lamp'l installs several fruit trees and shrubs and shares tips for homegrown success.

Behind The Scenes with Ggw: Atlanta, Ga #502 [TV-G]
A behind-the-scenes look at how the series is made includes highlights from our favorite episodes.

Solitary Bees; The Unsung Heroes in the World of Pollinators: Atlanta, GA #503 [TV-G]
Honeybees are explored. Learn how easy it is to raise solitary mason bees at home.

Setting Up A Garden: Atlanta, Ga #504 [TV-G]
A large raised bed garden is made from scratch. Tips for creating a productive garden are shared.

Container Gardening from A to Z: Atlanta, Ga #505 [TV-G]
Recipes for successful container gardening, no matter how small or large the space, are shared.

In The Garden with Margaret Roach: New York #506 [TV-G]
Margaret Roach shares how it is possible to grow more sustainably both in the garden and in life.

The Weekend Farmer; Beyond the Garden-The Basics of Starting a Small Farm: Atlanta, GA #507 [TV-G]
Some of the most important considerations you need to know before you begin farming are discussed.

Bountiful Harvest: Birmingham, Al #508 [TV-G]
From seed to pantry, learn how to capture a harvest in a jar for year round flavor.

The Greening of Suburbia: Lake County, Illinois #509 [TV-G]
Savvy developers are building self-contained, sustainable communities around organic farms.

The Power of Worms #510 [TV-G]
With vermicompost, worms break down kitchen scraps and turning it into nutrient rich castings.

An Organic Farm Changing Lives; The Center for Discovery, Sullivan County, NY #511 [TV-G]
The Center for Discovery in New York is a farm created for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

Putting The Garden to Bed: Atlanta, Ga #512 [TV-G]
Joe Lamp'l provides tips for creating a healthier and more productive garden next season and beyond.

Gardening in the Hood; Organic Gardening in an Urban World: Atlanta, GA #513 [TV-G]
The Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture provides organic produce in Atlanta.

Independent Garden Centers: Austin, Tx #514 [TV-G]
Local, independently-owned nurseries offer benefits not available at larger box stores.

Making More Plants - How to Propagate Anything, Nc #515 [TV-G]
Some of the top plant propagators in the country demonstrate many of the tricks of the trade.

Polyface Farms #516 [TV-G]
Polyface Farms is able to grow produce and raise food while stewarding the land at the same time.

Rooftop Farm, Brooklyn, NY #517 [TV-G]
An incredible 1-acre farm that sits on the rooftop of a New York City building grows food in 8-12 inches of soil.

Veteran Farmers: Jacksonville, FL #518 [TV-G]
Many veterans returning home from war are finding healthy, rewarding careers in organic farming.

Hyper Local - Heirloom Apples & Craft Beers: New Hampshire #519 [TV-G]
An organic farmer sells 70 different varieties of heirloom apples. A nano-brewery is visited.

Winter Greenhouse School: Manhattan, Ny #520 [TV-G]
A public school in the heart of New York City uses a rooftop greenhouse to teach lessons in sustainability.

The Seed Farmer; Dr. John Navazio-The Organic Seed Alliance: Port Townsend, WA #521 [TV-G]
Learn all about seed stewardship, why it is important and what we can do in our own backyards.

Farm School - Learning to Be Organic Farmers #522 [TV-G]
The whole crew enrolls in a New England farm school to learn all about organic farm living.

Farmgirls: Seattle, Wa #523 [TV-G]
Women who feed their families healthy food and are teaching others to do the same are featured.

Thomas Jefferson; Organic Gardening Pioneer: Monticello: Virginia #524 [TV-G]
Discover how Thomas Jefferson lived out his passion for gardening at Monticello.

Money in the Honey: The Business of an Urban Beekeeper #525 [TV-G]
Joe Lamp'l attends his first beekeeping class, buys equipment, and learns to set up the hive.

Blooms and Birds; A Gardeners Guide to Backyard Birding: Copake Falls, NY #526 [TV-G]
Important things you need to know to have a healthy habitat that will attract birds are highlighted.

A Year In The Life Of A Beginning Beekeeper (Atlanta, GA; Mt. Airy, NC) #601 [TV-G]

How to Make Compost (Mt. Airy, Nc) #602 [TV-G]

Keeping Chickens 101 (Raleigh, Nc) #603 [TV-G]

Creating Certified Wildlife Habitats (Atlanta, Ga) #604 [TV-G]

Starting Seeds, A to Z (Mount Airy, Nc) #605 [TV-G]

Fan Favorites from 5 Years (All Over The Us) #606 [TV-G]

Oh, Deer! Dealing With Garden Pests (Athens, GA; Mount Airy, NC) #607 [TV-G]

The Business Of Urban Backyard Food Gardens (Seattle, WA; Brooklyn, NY) #608 [TV-G]

Rooftop Farming In Nyc (New York City, Ny) #609 [TV-G]

Bringing Bees Back (Skagit Valley, Wa) #610 [TV-G]

Annie's Annuals: Preserving Horticultural Diversity (San Francisco, CA) #611 [TV-G]

Practical Steps To A Weedless Garden (New Paltz NY) #612 [TV-G]

Aquaponics: Raising Fish And Plants Together (San Francisco, CA; Chicago, IL) #613 [TV-G]

Moss Is Boss (Raleigh, Nc) #614 [TV-G]

The Rodale Institute, Champions of Organic Gardeni #615 [TV-G]

A Primer On Pruning (Columbus, OH; Mount Airy, NC; Atlanta, GA) #616 [TV-G]

Four Farmers & A Bus: Sol Food (Various cities across America) #617 [TV-G]

The Truth About Organic Gardening (St. Paul, Mn) #618 [TV-G]

Design Tips For A Small Space Garden (San Francisco, Seattle, Raleigh) #619 [TV-G]

Bringing Nature Home: How You Can Sustain Wildlife With Native Plants #620 [TV-G]

The New Generation of Farmers: Thinking Big While Staying Small (Various cities in GA) #621 [TV-G]

Compost, Compost Everywhere: How It's Made (Seattle, WA) #622 [TV-G]

Year-round Growing With Eliot Coleman (HARBORSIDE, ME) #623 [TV-G]

Growing Without Soil: Hydroponics (Atlanta, GA; New York City; Raleigh, NC) #624 [TV-G]

Debunking Gardening Myths With Linda Chalker Scott (Seattle, WA) #625 [TV-G]

Designing The Landscape (Atlanta, Ga) #626 [TV-G]

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