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Interjections, Conjunctions, and Prepositions #101
Lord Harold Syntax, the world's foremost authority on the English language, takes a trip to lovely Syntaxylvania.

Modifiers #102
Lord Syntax investigates a mystery at Syntaxshire Castle: A valuable book on modifiers is missing from the estate library.

Nouns #103
Harold and his trusty assistant, Nemesis, provide a madcap explanation of what nouns are.

Pronouns #104
When a pesky owl awakens Professor Syntax, he attempts to teach it some other pronouns besides "who."

Sentences (Part 1) #105
During a trek to Tibet, the Syntax Swami answers questions about sentences.

Sentences (Part 2) #106
The professor tells Nemesis about the grammatical skeleton in the Syntax family closet.

Verbs #107
A visit to a Hollywood movie studio illustrates the world of verbs.

Words #108
Syntax discusses his family's role in the development of English vocabulary.

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