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Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! The New Face of Diabetes #101
Diabetes rates are soaring in this country and Kentucky's burden is alarming. Meet people who are living with diabetes and see how they manage the disease to live healthy, full lives. Also, learn about a YMCA program in Louisville that offers classes to help those identified as prediabetic make important behavioral changes, and state workers identify specific ways people without diabetes can contribute to resolve this growing problem.

Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! Erasing The Stigma of Mental Illness #102
A look at the pervasiveness of stigma in the media and in society regarding mental illness. Also, meet several people who are recovering from mental illness and learn how stigma impacts our treatment of people with this disease.

Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! Probing Prescription Drug Abuse #103
Learn about prescription drug abuse in Kentucky from three people on the front lines: a drug treatment counselor, a narcotics detective, and a prevention specialist. Recovering addicts discuss how they first became involved with prescription drugs, how they obtained them, and what finally led them to treatment. Experts will highlight the most promising strategies underway for dealing with this problem.

Kentucky Programming #104

Kentucky Programming #105

Kentucky Programming #106

Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! The Heart Facts #201
Cardiovascular disease is now the leading cause of death in the nation and in Kentucky. In this episode, we trace the history of cardiovascular disease and its treatment in the last 50 years; understand how individual lifestyle choices, societal changes, and genetics impact heart health; and learn why women are particularly vulnerable to heart disease.

Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! No Health Without Mental Health #202
This program explores the impact of depression, stress, and anxiety on our physical health and looks at health care solutions that connect our minds to our bodies.

Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! Citizens Taking Charge #203
This program highlights the work of citizens who are actively working to improve the health outcomes and lives of Kentuckians on a community and state-wide level.

Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! When Children Are Cruel #301
Bullying has become a serious concern in school districts across the state and in the nation. Host Renee Shaw and guests explore the impact of bullying on students today, the role of bystander intervention, and how schools are implementing anti-bullying programs.

Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! Healthy Competition: How County Health Rankings Are Catalyzing Change #302
This program unpacks the data inside the Kentucky county health rankings and provides information about the factors that shape a community's health. Learn how innovative strategies, relentless analysis of data, and a little competitive spirit can bring about improved health outcomes.

Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! Champions of Children's Health #303
This program features innovative and effective strategies for improving the well-being of Kentucky's children including Better Bites, an initiative to transform snack bars in the Lexington area; and HANDS (Health Access Nurturing Development Services), a state-sponsored program that provides support and information about child development to new parents.

Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! Sleepless In Kentucky #401
Host Renee Shaw and guests look at the importance of sleep to our overall health, examine sleep disorders like sleep apnea, and discuss how "screens" are leading to more restless nights.

Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! Easing The Burden of Asthma #402
This program explores the common myths and misunderstandings about asthma and looks at efforts across the state to better educate those living with this condition.

Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! The Heroin Epidemic: Kentucky Fights Back #403
Heroin use is sky-rocketing in certain areas of Kentucky. Host Renee Shaw and guests share how concerned communities are coming together to save lives, expand treatment options, and prevent others from falling into the grip of this highly dangerous and addictive drug.

Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! Thinking Like A Pancreas #10101
Meet two people living with diabetes - one with type 1 and one with type 2 - and see how they manage their disease to live healthy, full, rich lives.

Kentucky Programming #10102

Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! Cardiovascular Disease #10201

Kentucky Programming #10202

Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! It Doesn't Have to Be #20101
A program at the YMCA in Louisville helps those identified as pre-diabetic make important behavioral changes.

Kentucky Programming Recovery Is Possible #20102

Kentucky Programming Nealia #20104

Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! Heart Attack #20201

Kentucky Programming #20202

Kentucky Programming Beyond Dr. and Patient #30101
State experts point out specific ways people without diabetes can contribute to resolving this growing problem.

Kentucky Programming Stigma by the Numbers #30102

Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! Heart Valves #30201

Kentucky Programming #30202

Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! Ventricular Assist Devices #40201

Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! Jarvik Artificial Heart #50201

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