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Closed Captioned Getting Started #101
Linda stitches a whole-cloth pantograph, then meets up with Linda Jenkins and Becky Goldsmith at the International Quilt Festival in Houston for a look at some beautiful quilts completed by longarm quilters. She also outlines issues to consider before starting a longarm business.

Closed Captioned Design Ideas #102 [TV-G]
Linda talks about sources for ideas, demonstrates outlining, stitches "in the ditch," and completes a freehand feather design on a mountain quilt. Quilting teacher Pam Clark shows how she completes beautiful designs using simple stencil reference lines and chalk.

Closed Captioned To Bind or Not To Bind #103 [TV-G]
Linda shows different methods of binding and discusses providing binding as a service. Quilt expert Marilyn Karper shows some of her work, demonstrates how to sew the binding while the quilt is still on the long-arm machine, and uses the machine to do cross-hatching.

Closed Captioned Feather Frenzy #104 [TV-G]
Quilting freehand feathers on a "weaver feaver" quilt pattern, design tips and stippling techniques with award-winning quilter Linda McCuean, and a look at various quilting specialties.

Closed Captioned New Quilting Ideas #105 [TV-G]
Linda works on Lone Star and Grandma's Garden quilts and discusses partnerships between longarm quilters and quilt shops. Guest Barbara Vanice shares a great cross-hatching technique.

Closed Captioned Quilt Painting #106 [TV-G]
Linda demonstrates a simple technique for faux trapunto using an air brush, explains how professional quilters deal with patterns, discusses ergonomics, and shows some simple exercises for quilters. Guest artist Michelle Newman shares a special garment made by painting and quilting on silk.

Closed Captioned Freehand Feathers #107 [TV-G]
Linda shows how to do freehand feathers, a beautiful effect accomplished easily on the longarm machine, and talks about preparing a quilt top for the machine. Laura Heine demonstrates her favorite techniques with specialty thread.

Closed Captioned Irish Chain #108 [TV-G]
Linda cross-hatches an Irish chain-quilt top, setting several designs in the centers, and discusses how to deal with wavy borders and other problem quilts. Award-winning quilter Carol Selepec shares some of her secrets, and the business segment looks at how to advertise a longarm business or find a longarm quilter.

Closed Captioned Quilting Partners #109 [TV-G]
Linda shows how to stitch around appliqué and set designs in specific areas using a front laser light. Frequent collaborator Cheri Meineke-Johnson talks about partnering and the creative process and shows some award-winning designs based on her appliqué method. Also, how piecers or "toppers" can team up with longarm quilters.

Closed Captioned Title goes here | Vested Interests #110
Linda demonstrates how to do a chenille vest, along with other wonderful quilting ideas. Gina Perkins demonstrates her favorite machine techniques and shares her secrets for success, along with many samples of her lovely and award-winning wearables. And Linda discusses how to work professionally when working at home.

Closed Captioned Title goes here | Reverse Appliqué #111
Linda demonstrates reverse appliqué, an advanced technique. Sue Patten, Canadian quilt artist, demonstrates her incredible embroidery techniques. Plus, how do you decide what to charge? Linda looks behind the price tag.

Closed Captioned Title goes here | Cabin by the Lake #112
Linda demonstrates several interesting techniques on a "cabin by the lake" quilt top. The well-known Hari Walner shows a new technique for giving your quilts an embroidery look. And Linda covers the business of copyright issues—all rights reserved, multiple commercial use restricted, home use only.

Closed Captioned Title goes here | Good Gadgets #113
Linda demonstrates some of the tools and attachments she uses on her quilting machine to make quilting easier, faster, and better. Paul Statler demonstrates a computerized quilting machine, showing how easily perfect designs can be accomplished. Plus, a look at work orders—the best way to keep track of what you're doing with each quilt and who it is for.

Closed Captioned Title goes here | Lone Star with Feathered Circles #201
Linda shows how to use the curved-arch guide to quilt curves, the straight ruler to quilt the lines of the feathered circle, and freehand techniques to top off the "lone star" quilt. Janet Stewart demonstrates how to attach zippers on leaders, Paul Statler demonstrates perfect quilting with an automated quilting machine, and Linda talks about some of the extra services longarm quilters might offer.

Closed Captioned Tied Hearts, Watercolor Heart #202 [TV-G]
Linda shows how to use a heart template on a watercolor heart quilt wall-hanging. The "gadget girl," Shelly Zacharias, shares tips for using acrylic tools to create border designs. Then Linda shares her experiences and gives sound advice on how to make your customer relationships strong.

Closed Captioned Little Star and Star Pillow #203 [TV-G]
Linda demonstrates how to freehand feathers while using the piecework as a guide and discusses the benefits of computerizing a quilting business. Laura Heine creates a stylish and versatile reversible table runner.

Closed Captioned Sun Bonnet Sue #204 [TV-G]
Linda gives "sunbonnet Sue" a new look and shares her best practices for work orders. Gina Perkes shows how to create Spirograph designs that work on garments and quilts.

Closed Captioned Four Sisters #205 [TV-G]
Linda explores a variety of ideas for the sashing, corner sets, and blocks on a "four sisters" quilt and encourages longarmers to keep a design library. Pam Clarke demonstrates her techniques for stenciling on quilts of every size and shape.

Closed Captioned Variable Hunter Start #206 [TV-G]
A little bit of trapunto goes a long way on a colorful hunter star as Linda shows how to turn an ordinary quilt into a show stopper. Gayle Wallace quilts garments on the longarm and shares her award-winning finishing techniques, and Linda stresses the importance of drawing every day to keep the creative muscles in shape.

Closed Captioned Safari! #207 [TV-G]
Linda shows how to stabilize a quilt and how she transferred her 9-year-old niece's drawings of animals onto fabric to make another quilt. Cathy Franks shares thread techniques, including needle lace, thread appliqué, and painting. The business segment focuses on archiving thank-you notes and testimonials.

Closed Captioned Freehand Feathers #208 [TV-G]
Linda shows off a vase of freehand feathers and "auditions" patterns for quilts. Anita Shackleford drafts several feather-quilting designs and shows how to apply them to quilts.

Closed Captioned Squares #209 [TV-G]
Linda uses variegated thread to quilt positive and negative squares and talks about labels as a form of advertising. Guest Barbara Oliver Hartman shares quilts made from hand-dyed fabrics and offers advice on how to organize dyeing supplies.

Closed Captioned Bargello #210 [TV-G]
Linda looks at quick but beautiful freehand ideas and does some thread painting in the light areas for a contemporary feel on a bargello quilt. Cheri Meineke-Johnson shares secrets for making sure quilts hang flat—including blocking, binding, and sleeves. Also: when and how often to change your needle.

Closed Captioned Embroidery #211 [TV-G]
Combining quilting with embroidery designs, thread-painting tips and techniques from Richard Larsen, and basting for hand quilters as both technique and business possibility.

Closed Captioned Antique Quilts #212 [TV-G]
Handling and using antique quilt tops, loading more than one quilt at a time in a longarm machine, and suggestions for using pantograph and roll patterns in borders and as inserts.

Closed Captioned Shadow and Reverse Trapunto #213 [TV-G]
Linda creates stunning effects with shadow trapunto and reverse-shadow trapunto on the longarm machine and discusses storing and organizing thread and bobbins. Hari Walner shares simple trapunto techniques to add more dimension to quilting.

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