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Pizza Party #101 [TV-G]
Showcases several recipes, including a delicious Greek salad, an easy way to make pizza dough, and a fresh strawberry sorbeto. Allen creates a fun tablescape using interesting items from the garden. Also, tips on what herbs can be planted together.

Bunches of Blueberries #102 [TV-G]
Allen goes to Oregon to sample several delicious blueberry dishes and visits a plant where they harvest blueberries. Back at the farm, he makes his homemade blueberry muffins. Allen shows how to use blueberries as an ornamental plant when he puts together a deckscape with a blueberry theme.

Tomato Festival #103 [TV-G]
Chef Josh Smith who makes a delicious tomato gazpacho and explains how to properly cook heritage poultry. There's also a tomato tasting happening in Allen's one-acre vegetable garden where guests sample heirloom tomatoes and vote on their favorite.

Orchard Fruit #104 [TV-G]
Allen shares things you can do with orchard fruit, including a crunchy pear salad, grilled nectarines with bleu cheese, and a refreshing peach beverage. He decorates a festive fall table using apples. Allen pays a visit to an expert on peaches and takes viewers on a tour of his orchard.

Closed Captioned Harvest Festival #105 [TV-G]
Delicious recipes include mouthwatering pumpkin creme brulee and roasted chicken and pumpkin stew.

Closed Captioned "Egg"Cellent! #106 [TV-G]
Allen visits chef Patrick Herron to learn about duck eggs and make some incredible desserts.

Salad Greens #107 [TV-G]
P. Allen Smith demonstrates the ease of growing your own salad greens and shows his favorites.

Backyard Farming #108 [TV-G]
Learn how to take even the smallest outdoor spaces and turn them into your own mini-farm.

The Emergence of Spring #109 [TV-G]
P. Allen Smith picks dandelions to create a salad and makes an amazing tablescape using daffodils.

The Joy of Canning #110 [TV-G]
P. Allen invites Aunt Genny over to learn her secrets of canning and makes a cake with marmalade.

Cooking for Old-Fashioned Flavor #111 [TV-G]
Allen visits an 18th-century cooking expert and learns how to use the tools of the trade. Allen also cooks up his great grandmother's a blackberry jam cake and an amazing buttermilk pie recipe from a 1923 handwritten note.

Amber Waves of Grain #112 [TV-G]
P. Allen Smith visits with a neighboring wheat farmer and talks about what it takes to grow hundreds of acres of grain. Allen also visits the rice capital of the world in Stuttgart, Arkansas during one of its busiest times of the year.

Crazy for Berries #113 [TV-G]
Allen visits a "you-pick-em" strawberry operation and then makes refreshing strawberry lemonade.

Herbs & Roses #201 [TV-G]
James Beard Award-winning Chef Jerry Traunfeld concocts an herb filled multi-course menu. Allen also demonstrates the ease of drying and storing your own herbs. Plus, a mystery solved - is garlic an herb or a vegetable?

Back to Basics #202 [TV-G]
P. Allen Smith makes a visit to the Canterbury Shaker Village in New Hampshire. There he tours the vegetable garden and learns the art of broom making. Plus, Allen shares a favorite family recipe - Aunt Antha's Corn Pudding.

Fire Up The Grill #203 [TV-G]
Allen heads to Oklahoma where they are grilling veggies and whipping up a mint raspberry iced tea recipe.Then learn how to create an elegant outdoor tablescape using gourds.

Gone Fishing #204 [TV-G]
Fresh fish is on the menu. Also tips on growing cabbage, making cole slaw, and fishing for crappie.

Edible Landscaping #205 [TV-G]
P. Allen Smith searches the suburbs of Chicago and finds a front yard filled with edible flora. Allen also makes a stop at the nation's first certified organic rooftop farm.

Soul Food #206 [TV-G]
Allen traces the origins of Soul Food and heads to the garden to harvest okra. Also, a festival in the South dedicated to the purple hull pea.

America's First Food #207 [TV-G]
Allen visits Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home, and learns what us being harvested in the garden. Allen also goes inside Monticello to see what a dining experience in the home would have been like in the early 1800s.

Going Underground #208 [TV-G]
Allen is pulling root vegetables out of the ground and putting them on a plate. Allen demonstrates a gorgeous tablescape idea for your next brunch.

Beans & Things #209 [TV-G]
Allen is harvesting beans for use in the kitchen. He also visits a soybean farm and has some gardening tips for planting asparagus beans.

Farming with Water #210 [TV-G]
Allen visits a rice field in the peak of harvest. He also tests your grain vocabulary and a guest chef has an ingenious way of removing caramel from a bowl with water.

Big City, Farm Living #211 [TV-G]
Chef Peter Hoffman of Manhattan brings his farm-fresh, in-season approach to Allen's kitchen. Allen also has some simple tips on how to put together an amazing indoor tablescape for a large group of guests.

Poultry In Motion #212 [TV-G]
The State Fair is underway and Allen is checking out the feathered creatures in the poultry barn. Poultry scientist Keith Bramwell makes a visit to the farm to talk about the perfect backyard animal that keeps on giving.

5 Mile Dinner #213 [TV-G]
Allen recognizes the work of chefs and farmers across the country who provide local food. He also visits a thriving community garden and even helps plant some peanuts.

The Rite of Spring #301 [TV-G]

There's More Than Meets The Arc #302 [TV-G]

Follow The Pig #303 [TV-G]

Food and Fun Go Together #304 [TV-G]

Arousing Your Senses #305 [TV-G]

Sizzlin Celebrations #306 [TV-G]

Cooking for Kids #307 [TV-G]

The Art of Tailgating #308 [TV-G]
Allen shares tips on how to prepare a tailgate party in your backyard with easy and unique recipes.

Autumn Enchantment #309 [TV-G]
Allen discusses the second growing season of the year and takes a trip to Natchez, Mississippi.

A Feast for the Season #310 [TV-G]
Chef Capi Peck prepares a butternut squash gratin and Allen shows how to decorate an elegant table.

Festive Entertaining #311 [TV-G]
The holiday season is here! Allen prepares a few unique recipes and creates a very festive dinner table.

Celebrating New Beginnings #312 [TV-G]
Allen shares tips on growing sweet peas and prepares healthy recipes with homegrown food.

Reservations for Two #313 [TV-G]
Allen shares tips on downsizing a recipe to serve two people and advises about gardening for two.

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