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Closed Captioned Finish Your Almanac Quilt #713 [TV-G]

Bird's Eye Quilt (Pt. 1) #904

Closed Captioned Ohio Rose Block #1101
The Ohio Rose is a great beginner block to learn an innovative applique technique.

Closed Captioned Sweetheart Wreath Block #1102
Step by step directions to create the colonial knot to embellish the flower centers.

Closed Captioned Distelfink Block #1103
The whimsical distelfink bird in a nest of hearts and flowers is reminiscent of American folk art.

Closed Captioned Evening Blooms Block #1104
This block blooms with a variety of evening lilies, calyxes, blossoms, and vines.

Closed Captioned Spring Flowers Block #1105
Chain stitch is used to outline the vines that tie the block together.

Closed Captioned President's Wreath Block #1106
Chain stitching and colonial knots trim the magnificent President's Wreath block.

Closed Captioned Fruit Bowl Block #1107
Eleanor shows how to make "couching tendrils" to embellish the fruit.

Closed Captioned Cherry Wreath Block #1108
Eleanor details using fusing thread to make the bias stems for the twig wreath and then topstitching in place using a double needle.

Closed Captioned Flower Basket Block #1109
Both large and small "ruched" flowers fill this enchanting basket.

Closed Captioned Grape Wreath Block #1110
Whether you prefer lightly stuffed flat grapes or dimensional yo yo grapes, you'll delight in their chain stitched curly vines.

Closed Captioned Hearts and Flowers Block #1111
Four hearts and four pleated carnations give symmetry to Eleanor's Hearts and Flowers block.

Closed Captioned Holly Wreath Block #1112
Eleanor features a pair of doves and a heart atop this easy wreath of six holly leaves adorned with a bow and berries.

Closed Captioned Final Floral Arrangement #1113
Join Eleanor as she demonstrates finishing techniques, offering different settings and alternative methods of machine quilting.(Final program in series)

Closed Captioned Barbara Frietchie Star #1401

Closed Captioned Harriet Tubman Star #1402

Closed Captioned Seminole Woman Star #1403

Closed Captioned Harriet Beecher Stowe Star #1404

Closed Captioned Clara Barton Star #1405

Closed Captioned Sojourner Truth Star #1406

Closed Captioned Jane Addams Star #1407

Closed Captioned Susan B. Anthony Star #1408

Closed Captioned Eleanor Roosevelt Star #1409

Closed Captioned Frances Willard Star #1410

Closed Captioned Marie Webster Star #1411

Closed Captioned Carrie Hall Star #1412

Closed Captioned Stars of Quilt in a Day #1413

Closed Captioned Scraps and Fabric Collections #1501
What do with all those scraps! The series is off to a great start as Eleanor sorts her scraps and shares tips for setting up a perfect sewing room.

Closed Captioned Jewel Quilt Box (Part 1) #1502
See how fabric selection and contrasting colors affect the look of the Jewel Box. Eleanor displays some real "gems" and makes her blocks.

Closed Captioned Jewel Quilt Box (Part 2) #1503
Eleanor sets her blocks together and finishes the quilt with a piano keys border, then makes a lovely miniature jewel box.

Closed Captioned Kansas City Star Blocks #1504
Eleanor shares some historical quilt blocks made from patterns published in the Kansas City Star newspaper.

Closed Captioned Kaleidoscope Quilt (Part 1) #1505
Layer-cut triangles are sewn together to create the illusion of a circular block.

Closed Captioned Kaleidoscope Quilt (Part 2) #1506
Eleanor shows you how blocks come together in the "Overall" and "Edge Block" border patterns.

Closed Captioned Kreative Kaleidoscope Quilts #1507
Make a picture quilt out of your kaleidoscope, using alternate layouts and color schemes.

Machine Quilting (Part 1) #1508
Cut your work from days to hours! Eleanor goes over the basics of machine quilting, with help from guest Cynthia Martin.

Machine Quilting (Part 2) #1509
Add dimension to your quilts! Learn a variety of wonderful finishing techniques for your quilt.

Nana's Garden (Part 1) #1510
Here's the perfect quilt for every Nana who ever wondered what to do with all those scraps! Eleanor cuts strips from scrap fabric and makes her blocks.

Nana's Garden (Part 2) #1511
Eleanor makes a very special grandmother's quilt with photo-transfer blocks.

Triple Irish Chain (Part 1) #1512
A traditional beauty! Wendy Gilbert joins Eleanor with an exciting new variation on the Irish Chain.

Triple Irish Chain (Part 2) #1513
Eleanor and Wendy finish their quilt with a wonderful scrap border treatment.

Nancy Page Club #1901

Making the Basket #1902

Crocus #1903

Harebell and Bluet #1904

Fuchsia and Bleeding Heart #1905

Rose and Zinnia #1906

Poppy and Shooting Stars #1907

Pansy and Morning Glory #1908

Tiger Lily and Balloon Flower #1909

Jonquil and Trillium #1910

Canterbury Bells and Tulip #1911

Finishing Quilt with Solid Squares and Sawtooth Border #1912

Finishing Quilt with Lattice and Cornerstones #1913

Little Baskets #1914

Patty's Flower Pot #1915
Historical quilts, tidbits of information, and new quilts made by Eleanor Burns and her sister, Patricia.

Salvage Sally #1916
Historical quilts, tidbits of information, and new quilts made by Eleanor Burns and her sister, Patricia.

Easy Basket with Tulips #1917
Historical quilts, tidbits of information, and new quilts made by Eleanor Burns and her sister, Patricia.

French Bouquet #1918
Historical quilts, tidbits of information, and new quilts made by Eleanor Burns and her sister, Patricia.

Strip Tulip Quilt (Part 1) #1919
Historical quilts, tidbits of information, and new quilts made by Eleanor Burns and her sister, Patricia.

Strip Tulip Quilt (Part 2) #1920
Historical quilts, tidbits of information, and new quilts made by Eleanor Burns and her sister, Patricia.

Closed Captioned Celebrate in Town Square #2001
Take a nostalgic look at Town Square blooming in spring pastels, or a chilling winter palette.

Closed Captioned Central Park #2002
The sweet smelling Magnolia Bud and Crisp Maple Leaf share pieced square techniques.

Closed Captioned Grandmother's Choice #2003
Eleanor ties her quilt together with family yarns, and an easy way to make a Grandmother's Choice block.

Closed Captioned Stars of Friendship #2004
A blanket of Stars covers the town as Eleanor tucks us in with the top row, Stars of Friendship, easily made from triangles, rectangles and squares.

Closed Captioned Main Street #2005
Eleanor builds the blocks and sets pieces together for the home-town school, church, and cottage.

Closed Captioned Celebration Angels #2006
See how the Angels are fused together and united on the quilt using two methods of applique.

Closed Captioned Binding the Town Together #2007
Eleanor sews the town together, and surrounds it with a Split Rail Fence border.

Closed Captioned Double Pinwheel Quilt (Part 1) #2101
Eleanor shows how mirror-image blocks can be "magically" sewn from strips, with no tedious triangle piecing.

Closed Captioned Double Pinwheel Quilt (Part 2) #2102
Two projects using Double Pinwheel leftovers: a Four Patch and a roomy travel bag.

Closed Captioned Northern Star Quilt #2103
Eleanor and guest Sue Bouchard take Flying Geese patches to new heights. Sue shows how to sew different sizes of squares together for a quilt that sparkles.

Closed Captioned Ice Cream Cones Quilt (Part 1) #2104
Eleanor and guest Sue Bouchard tempt with ice cream-colored fabrics, then show how to appliqué them atop waffle cones.

Closed Captioned Ice Cream Cones Quilt (Part 2) #2105
Eleanor and Sue make fabric candles and party hats to go along with ice cream cones.

Closed Captioned Fancy Flowers Wallhanging #2106

Closed Captioned Cross-Stitch Quilts #2107

Closed Captioned Quilts from the Underground Railroad (Part 1) #2201
According to oral tradition, coded quilts helped slaves navigate their escape routes north.

Closed Captioned Quilts from the Underground Railroad (Part 2) #2202
Eleanor shows antique quilts embedded with secret codes.

Closed Captioned Log Cabin (Part 1) #2203
Traditionally, log cabin blocks were made with red centers, representing the fire or hearth of the log cabin.

Closed Captioned Log Cabin (Part 2) #2204
Turning log cabin blocks different ways signifies different meanings: the furrows of a newly plowed field, a directional arrow, or sun and shadows.

Closed Captioned Flying Geese Quilts #2205
Flying geese heading north for the summer represented slaves heading north as well.

Closed Captioned Birds in the Air Quilt (Part 1) #2206
Debra Coates, wife of a Quaker abolitionist, directed fugitive slaves on their journey north simply by the way she turned her quilt blocks.

Closed Captioned Birds in the Air Quilt (Part 2) #2207
Eleanor sets the blocks on point and shows how to create messages in your own quilt by placement of blocks and quilting stitches.

Closed Captioned Designing a Sewing Studio #2301
Sons Grant and Orion help Eleanor set up an ergonomic sewing center and design wall for optimum efficiency.

Closed Captioned Delectable Mountain Quilts (Part 1) #2302
Colonial quilters referenced John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress for the name Delectable Mountains: "They went then till they came to the Delectable Mountains ... behold the gardens and orchards, the vineyards and fountains of water." For her contemporary take on that traditional design, Eleanor shows a strip technique of slicing rectangles into peaks.

Closed Captioned Delectable Mountain Quilts (Part 2) #2303
Eleanor scales the Delectable Mountains quilt, creating blocks in all color ranges and then showing how to sew them together around a pieced or appliquéd epicenter.

Closed Captioned Delectable Mountain Quilts (Part 3) #2304
Eleanor shows how to miniaturize the Delectable Mountain quilt. Machine quilting and a computerized label complete the project.

Closed Captioned Quilts with Stripes and Large-Scale Prints #2305
Eleanor updates the old-time favorite patterns Irish Chain, Log Cabin, and Wild Goose Chase with new stripes, fussy cuts, and floral fabrics.

Closed Captioned Boston Commons Quilt (Part 1) #2306
Eleanor travels a different path with this traditional pattern, creating carefully arranged strips that let her zip right through it.

Closed Captioned Boston Commons Quilt (Part 2) #2307
Eleanor shows how to line concentric squares up in rows, then finishes off the central strip with a wide band of color. Machine quilting and binding complete the sophisticated design.

Boston Commons Quilt (Part 3) #2308



Boston Commons Quilt (Part 2) #2311 [TV-G]

Boston Commons Quilt, Part 2 #2312 [TV-G]

Closed Captioned Freedom Trail of Quilts #2401
A collection of vintage quilts forms a trail through early American history, from the Pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock to founding fathers meeting on the Boston Common to Betsy Ross and the creation of the American flag.

Closed Captioned Country Flag Wall Hanging #2402
Eleanor waves the red, white, and blue with a flag wall hanging embellished with an embroidered eagle and patriotic slogans. She also visits a Fourth of July parade through the streets of Julian, CA.

Closed Captioned Fan Tabletopper #2403
Eleanor dresses up a buffet table with a patriotic fan table runner for an all-American neighborhood potluck.

Closed Captioned Butterfly Quilt #2404
Eleanor appliqués whimsical butterfy shapes in nostalgic prints to a solid background, then adds a final flourish: a charming scalloped border.

Closed Captioned Garden Lattice Quilt #2405
Inspired by the all-American pastime of gardening, Eleanor shows how to sew strips together and cultivate them with fabric flowers abloom with color.

Closed Captioned Star-Spangled Favorites (Part 1) #2406
Eleanor celebrates the spirit of America with country red and white table runners, a watermelon wall hanging, and star-spangled porch pillows.

Closed Captioned Star-Spangled Favorites (Part 2) #2407
Yellow stars and stripes rally around a proud, high-flying red and blue eagle on an "independence square."

Closed Captioned Quarter Log Cabin Quilt #2501
Eleanor commemorates 25 years of variations on the log cabin pattern with photos and reminiscences from her past. She also creates a whole new look with 2.5-inch strips for the quarter log cabin quilt.

Closed Captioned Love the Log Cabin Quilt #2502
Eleanor continues her walk down memory lane with memorabilia from her early days, then embellishes the quarter log cabin project with appliquéd half circles that turn the square into a heart.

Closed Captioned Four Sisters Quilt #2503
Eleanor celebrates love of family with childhood photographs and memories. She slices 2.5-inch fabric strips and sews them back together to create the four sisters quilt in honor of her own sisters: Kathy, Patty, and Judy.

Closed Captioned Nine-Patch Party Quilt #2504
Eleanor makes positive and negative nine-patch blocks and sets them together with appliquéd flowers and a scalloped border.

Closed Captioned Nine-Patch and Stripe Quilt #2505
In honor of her two sons, Eleanor makes two quilts at one time with nine-patches and stripes.

Closed Captioned Road to Stardom Quilt #2506
Eleanor reminisces about her first television programs and shares comical outtakes before demonstrating how to construct chain blocks and stars with the triangle-in-a-square ruler.

Closed Captioned Stars and Four-Patch Quilt #2507
Eleanor dedicates a variation on the four-patch to the "stars" in her life. The grand finish is a Seminole border from 2-1/2" strips.

Closed Captioned Gad About Quilt #2508
A new design made entirely of 2-1/2-inch strips and squares.

Closed Captioned Cornerstones of My Life Quilt #2509
An easy quilt design made of 2-1/2" strips of four different fabrics.

Closed Captioned Early Firecracker Quilt #2510
Fun projects that explode with red, white, and blue.

Closed Captioned Fabric Gal Quilt #2511
Eleanor shows how to make two blocks at a time and shares the inside scoop on fabric manufacturing, from concept to design and completion.

Closed Captioned Crossing Pathways Quilt #2512
Eleanor reminisces about old friends while creating a quilt with many intersecting pathways.

Closed Captioned Don't Fence Me In Quilt #2513
From her log home in Julian, CA, Eleanor shares her hobbies and pastimes and demonstrates a simple quilt based on the rail-fence pattern, pieced from eight fabrics cut into 2-1/2" strips.

Victorian Tea Time #2601
At a tea party at Eleanor's house, several designers share Christmas-themed projects. The hostess contributes a tea-cup wall hanging and a ribbon-art pansy pin with gift bag.

Wall Hanging—Saint Nicholas Holiday #2602
Quick and easy ways to stitch stars and trees for a Saint Nicholas holiday wall hanging.

Bears—Bear's Paw Wall Hanging and Teddy Bear #2603
Eleanor makes her bear's paw wall hanging, which can be hung straight or set on point, and stitches a cuddly teddy bear with designer Teresa Varnes.

Baskets of Cheer #2604
Eleanor and designer Sue Bouchard create a wall hanging of baskets filled with holiday cheer, demonstrating how to piece the quilt and make a folded border for the perfect frame.

Mortimer Moose Wallhanging & Cold Hands/Warm Heart Wallhanging #2605
Eleanor adorns her log home with holiday cheer, including a comical Christmas moose wall hanging created with the help of designer Marie Harper.

Tree Decorations - Yo-Yo Garland, Miniature Star Ornaments, Elf Stocking, Pine Tree Wreath Wallhanging #2606
Three projects that help create a memorable Christmas tree, plus a wreath made by piecing pine trees in a circle with cornerstones and borders.

Flying Geese Technique - Reach for the Stars, Flying Geese Tree Skirt #2607
Using Flying Geese patches, Eleanor sews a joyous star wall hanging and a Christmas tree skirt.

Applique - Irish Holiday Quilt, Jolly Jacket for Fido #2608
An Irish Holiday quilt stitched from strips; dog jackets embellished with quick and easy appliqué.

Christmas Stockings - Crazy Quilt Stocking, Strip Stocking #2609
Eleanor sews strips directly to batting to form one quick holiday stocking, then makes crazy-quilt blocks for a beautiful embellished version.

Country Table Setting - Any Seasons Tablerunner, Lone Pine Placemats #2610
Eleanor uses piecing techniques to make pinwheels, trees, and a bright center star for the holiday dining table, plus an any-season table runner and lone pine placemats.

Children's Projects - Chains of Christmas, Patchwork Snowballs, Clay Snowman, Clothespin Tree, Rudolph's 4 Patch #2611
Young friends Seth and Hyla join Eleanor to make fun and easy holiday decorations, including Christmas chains, patchwork snowballs, a clay snowman, a clothespin tree, and Rudolph's four-patch.

Quick Wall Hanging: Candy Cane Lane #2612
For her "Candy Cane Lane" quilt, Eleanor sews strips together, forms a tube, and snips a seam—all with the help of 10-year-old assistant Jackie.

Finishing #2613
Professional quilter Sandy Thompson outlines the phases of preparing a quilt top for finishing and gives tips on sewing machine maintenance. Eleanor shows the steps involved in stenciling, free motion, and stippling, from "layering" the quilt components to clamping and pinning.

Closed Captioned Grandmother's Flower Garden #2701
Eleanor returns to the 1930s as she selects feed-sack fabric for a beautiful Egg Money quilt in two layouts. She also starts Grandmother's Flower Garden, showing quick new methods for making this old-time favorite as a block or a stylish purse.

Closed Captioned Road to California #2702
Eleanor shows a quick technique for creating the flying geese pattern and shares a cross-stitched quilt made by her Aunt Ann.

Closed Captioned Turkey Tracks #2703
Eleanor pays tribute to the boom in turkey farming in the late 1930s with a traditional template pattern; a visit with Tom and Drumstick, rescued from Thanksgiving; and her mother's collection of vintage aprons.

Closed Captioned Rosebud #2704
Half-square triangles in shades of red, pink, and yellow create a garden of quilted roses. A beautiful quilt from the Depression era, designed by Ruth Finley and given to Eleanor Roosevelt, prompts a history lesson on FDR's New Deal.

Closed Captioned Old Maid's Puzzle and Double Ax Head #2705
Eleanor uses her fusible interfacing technique to adapt two traditional appliqué patterns from the 1930s. In that era's "Waste not—want not" spirit, she also shares some clever ways in which quilters used up every bit of their fabric.

Closed Captioned Dresden Plate #2706
Eleanor shares the history of a pattern from her German heritage, then demonstrates its versatility by varying colors to create two looks: a holiday wreath and a scrappy sunflower quilt.

Closed Captioned Double Wedding Ring #2707
Quick and easy techniques for piecing this most popular of patterns, plus variations on the design by creative quilters.

Closed Captioned Rocky Road to Kansas #2708
Eleanor creates quilts in the spirit of the quilters of the 1930s, who were not only thrifty but also creative in using every scrap of fabric.

Closed Captioned Peony #2709
In her garden, Eleanor "grows" an elegant peony wall hanging pieced with flying geese patches and easy appliqué.

Closed Captioned Friendship and Christian Cross #2710
Eleanor revs up her sewing machine for assembly-line sewing techniques.

Closed Captioned Garden Walk #2711
A pieced block sometimes known as "54-40 or Fight."

Closed Captioned Finishing Sampler One #2712
Eleanor stitches together 12" blocks and frames them with lattice and cornerstones to cover a queen-size bed.

Closed Captioned Finishing Sampler Two #2713
A sampler quilt with many different sizes of blocks, inspired by 1930s newspaper patterns and adorned with a scalloped border.

Closed Captioned My Crazy Valentine #2801
Eleanor embellishes a festive paper-pieced valentine with silk ribbon embroidery by machine.

Closed Captioned Lodgepole Pine #2802
Eleanor chops up fabric and strips it into a tall tree block with appliquéd cardinals perched in branches.

Closed Captioned Morning Star #2803
A quilt design featuring perky flying geese points and fussy-cut centers.

Closed Captioned Gone Fishing #2804
A delightful quilt for children, colorful fish from triangle in a square patches swim through waving seaweed.

Closed Captioned Twin Sisters #2805
Eleanor makes a challenging looking quilt simple with two blocks emerging from one set of strips.

Closed Captioned Baskets and Bows #2806
Eleanor digs up some large floral prints and plants them in a charming checked basket.

Closed Captioned American Beauty #2807
Eleanor salutes America with appliquéd blocks of peaks and crowns made with fusible interfacing.

Closed Captioned Pink Lemonade #2808
Repeating blocks make up fresh checks and flying geese chevrons.

Closed Captioned Summer Porch #2809
Eleanor sews triangles to strips and squares them to a perfect size.

Closed Captioned Harvest Table Runner #2810
A horn-of-plenty table runner filled with leaves, sunflowers, and squash.

Closed Captioned Buckeye Beauty #2811
A charming quilt for cool fall evenings, made from bits and pieces that were too good to throw out.

Closed Captioned Country Lane #2812
Eleanor strip-pieces chain blocks and sets them together with large floral prints.

Closed Captioned Finishing Your Quilts #2813
Turning quilt tops into works of dimensional art.

Closed Captioned Introduction and 1941 Nine-Patch #3001
Eleanor Burns shares the patriotic Victory Quilt with 20 traditional blocks that tell the story of the 1940's. The blocks were published in newspapers or magazines in that time period. To kick off the series, she shows how to make the 1941 Nine-Patch block.

Closed Captioned Mr. Roosevelt's Necktie and Fala #3002
Eleanor demonstrates a traditional quilt block created in Roosevelt's honor, along with a unique applique block of his beloved dog, Fala.

Silent Star and Comfort Quilt #3003
To demonstrate America's conviction to stay out of WWII, Eleanor pieces a block called the Silent Star. A strip pieced block, the Comfort Quilt, represents how sympathetic church groups sent warm quilts to war torn countries.

Radio Windmill and Sky Rocket #3004
Eleanor creates a patriotic block beginning with a star center and then adds template cut rockets.

Closed Captioned Army Star and Hope of Hartford #3005
Eleanor demonstrates the Army Star, honoring the 150,000 WACS that served in World War 11.

Closed Captioned Contrary Wife and Broken Sugar Bowl #3006
Eleanor pieces the Broken Sugar Bowl quickly with half square triangles and four-patches.

Closed Captioned Star-Spangled Banner and Stars and Stripes #3007
Learn how to make two star spangled red, white and blue blocks that are easy enough for kids.

Airplane Block and Propeller #3008
Two traditional blocks are combined to recognize the efforts of the Women's Airforce Service Pilots.

Closed Captioned Signal Lights #3009
The challenging signal lights block is made easy with the Kaleidoscope Ruler.

Closed Captioned Victory Block #3010
Victory Day for WWII was cause for the development of a new block for celebration. Eleanor, with help from the Fussy Cut Ruler, squares up strips and triangles.

Closed Captioned Liberty Star #3011
This traditional star pattern, with set together diamonds and Y seams, is an especially appropriate block to celebrate the end of an era, World War II.

Closed Captioned Bride's Bouquet and Brave World #3012
After six long years of war, soldiers came home to fiances and a brave new world. Eleanor celebrates their return with the Brides' Bouquet, featuring diamonds and Y seams.

Closed Captioned Finishing with Swag Border #3013
Just as WW11 ended on Sept 2, 1945, the making of the Victory Quilt ends as well by piecing blocks together in a straight or on point settings. A patriotic swag border gives the final glorious touch.

Quick Trip #3101 [TV-G]
Sewn from strips this quilt is simplified with unmatched seams.

Quick Quarter #3102 [TV-G]
Eleanor adds lilies for a new look on this quilt she makes quickly.

Closed Captioned Dessert Time #3103 [TV-G]
Showcases a quilt that is a piece of cake using layer cakes and jelly rolls.

Closed Captioned How Charming #3104 [TV-G]
A charming quilt using squares with a scalloped edge is created.

Closed Captioned T- Shirt Quilt #3105 [TV-G]
Keep memories by making old t-shirts into an heirloom quilt.

Orion's Star Quilt, Part 1 #3106 [TV-G]
Eleanor adds stars to a traditional Log Cabin block.

Closed Captioned Orion's Star Quilt, Part 2 #3107 [TV-G]
Jelly Rolls and Layer Cakes are perfect for a scrappy quilt.

Tennessee Waltz, Part 1 #3108 [TV-G]
Eleanor demonstrates how to make the Triangle in a Square Patch.

Closed Captioned Tennessee Waltz, Part 2 #3109 [TV-G]
Eleanor adds Snowball blocks to finish her stunning quilt.

Closed Captioned Day and Night, Part 1 #3110 [TV-G]
This Strip quilt is magical and Eleanor's technique is enchanting.

Closed Captioned Day and Night, Part 2 #3111 [TV-G]
Eleanor uses up her scraps to make more great quilts.

Closed Captioned Irish Chain, Part 1 #3112 [TV-G]
Petal to the metal. Eleanor team sews with guest Daniella to get the blocks done quick.

Closed Captioned Irish Chain, Part 2 #3113 [TV-G]
Eleanor and guest Orion take the guess work out of this block.

Closed Captioned Monitor Barn with Hole in the Barn Door #3201 [TV-G]
Eleanor pieces a barn from fabric for her project.

Closed Captioned Broken Wheel and Farmers Daughter #3202 [TV-G]
Bright and bold - these blocks are made easy.

Closed Captioned Dutch Barn with End of Day #3203 [TV-G]
Making the roof is a cinch on Eleanor's symmetric block.

Closed Captioned Bank Barn & Flying Kite #3204 [TV-G]
Eleanor shows how to make the Flying kite block into a quilt.

Closed Captioned Quatrefoil & Cups and Saucers #3205 [TV-G]
Flying geese blocks are made from squares.

Closed Captioned Gothic Barn #3206 [TV-G]
Applique made easy using fusible interfacing.

Closed Captioned Corn and Beans & Hens and Chicks #3207 [TV-G]
Two blocks using a unique technique for half square triangles are demonstrated.

Closed Captioned Gambrel Roof Barn #3208 [TV-G]
Add landscaping to your dairy farm for a peaceful pasture.

Americana Star Block and Quilt #3209 [TV-G]
A patriotic block make from flying geese blocks.

Closed Captioned Dora's Delight Block #3210 [TV-G]
A square in a square and four triangle in a square patches are featured.

Closed Captioned North Star Block #3211 [TV-G]
Strip piecing is demonstrated.

Closed Captioned Harvest Star Wallhanging #3212 [TV-G]
Make from diamonds and "Y" seams this Star is Radiant.

Sewing Quilt Top Together #3213 [TV-G]
Finish off the quilt with a checkerboard border.

All Star Quilts: Marianne's Star #3401 [TV-G]
An All Star Quilt that is out of this world is highlighted.

All Star Quilts: Alex's Star #3402 [TV-G]
Eleanor focuses on small 4" Stars done in a twinkling!

All Star Quilts: Nancy's Star #3403 [TV-G]
A border quilt with twenty-four bright and easy stars is created.

All Star Quilts: Mark's Star #3404 [TV-G]
Fourth stellar Star is added to the All Star Quilt constellation.

All Star Quilts: Feathered Star, Part 1 #3405 [TV-G]
Eleanor simplifies the challenging Feathered Star with no inset seams.

All Star Quilts: Feathered Star, Part 2 #3406 [TV-G]
The Feathered Star is completed with stunning results.

All Star Quilts: Finishing All Star Quilt #3407 [TV-G]
Be dazzled with the finale of five sharp looking stars.

Title goes here | Anniversary Special #9301
Celebrate Eleanor's 20th year in business! Eleanor shares the story of her quilting career, starting from her very first sewing machine to the book that started it all, The Log Cabin.

Title goes here | Eleanor And Friends, Part 1 #9302
Take a trip with Eleanor as she visits quilting shops and quilt shows across America. (Part 1 of 2)

Title goes here | Eleanor And Friends, Part 2 #9401
Discover the love behind quilting. Come with Eleanor and friends as they make quilts for the less fortunate, pass the heritage of quilting to children, and visit more quilt shops. (Part 1 of 2)

Closed Captioned Women Who Taught Us To Sew (Part 1) #9403
Eleanor takes a break from her sewing machine to explore the lives of creative early-20th-century quilt designers such as Marie Webster, Ruby McKim, and Anne Orr. She also discovers the history of the adorable faceless moppet Sunbonnet Sue.

Closed Captioned Women Who Taught Us To Sew (Part 2) #9404
New quilt patterns, an introduction to the Nancy Page club with Florence La Ganke, and the story behind a famous pattern associated with quilter Grandma Dexter.

Closed Captioned Quilts Across America #9405
Eleanor shows off her collection of old and new quilts depicting the evolution of regional differences in quilting styles and techniques.

Closed Captioned Crib Quilts #9406
Eleanor shares the historical meanings behind some patterns traditionally used in babies' or children's quilts.

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