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Closed Captioned Tight Times #101 [TV-Y]
Patrick McCaffrey reads Barbara Shook Hazen's touching story of a little boy who wants a pet at a time when his family is having money troubles and needs to hold the line on expenses. LeVar visits a pet show and talks to children about their pets—both real and imaginary.

Closed Captioned Miss Nelson Is Back #102 [TV-Y]
In Miss Nelson Is Back by Harry Allard and James Marshall, narrated by Ruth Buzzi, the kids from Room 207 make big plans to act up when their teacher announces she's going away for a week. A mysterious treasure hunt leads LeVar to a makeup artist, who transforms him into a weird creature; to Blackstone the Magician; and finally to a bookstore where the "treasure"—a surprise birthday party—is waiting.

Closed Captioned Bea and Mr. Jones #103 [TV-Y]
Amy Schwartz's story of a little girl trading places with her father for a day, narrated by Madeline Kahn, leads to an exploration of how and why people sometimes wish they were somewhere else. Using the show's costume wardrobe, LeVar dresses up as different people he has always wanted to be. A young guest explains how he started his own library in his small town.

Closed Captioned Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain #104 [TV-Y]
James Earl Jones reads Verna Aardema's rhyming story of a young African boy who brings rain to his drought-stricken village. At the National Center for Atmospheric Research, LeVar learns about predicting the weather and about occupations that are dependent upon meteorology.

Closed Captioned Louis the Fish #105 [TV-Y]
Arthur Yorinks' tale of a butcher who wants to be a fish and is turned into a salmon inspires LeVar to explore exotic marine life, tide pools, and dolphins. He visits the New England Aquarium in Boston and the Aqua Circus of Cape Cod, where trained dolphins Dixie and Dolly live. Vincent Gardenia narrates.

Closed Captioned Digging Up Dinosaurs #106 [TV-Y]
Linda Gelman reads Digging Up Dinosaurs by Aliki, and a ranger and a paleontologist take LeVar on a fossil tour of Dinosaur National Monument to see how dinosaur bones are uncovered and studied.

Closed Captioned Liang and the Magic Paintbrush #107 [TV-Y]
Lauren Tom narrates author Demi's retelling of an old Chinese legend in which a poor boy is given a magic brush that brings everything he paints with it to life. LeVar explores how art is integrated into various aspects of Chinese-American culture, from calligraphy to cooking to a parade.

Closed Captioned Gila Monsters Meet You at the Airport #108 [TV-Y]
Marjorie Weinman Sharmat's book, read by Doug Parvin, tells the story of a boy who is dreading his family's move from New York City to the West because of strange tales he has heard about Western life. After visiting the New York address mentioned in the book, LeVar heads west himself, where a biologist introduces him to some of the plants and animals of the Arizona desert.

Closed Captioned Three Days on a River in a Red Canoe #109 [TV-Y]
Inspired by Vera B. Williams' book about a camping trip by two mothers and their children, LeVar goes camping with a group of kids. He also recounts his own adventure in whitewater canoeing on Africa's Zambezi River. Carolyn McMahon narrates.

Closed Captioned The Gift of the Sacred Dog #110 [TV-Y]
Michael Ansara reads Paul Goble's retelling of a Native American legend in which a young boy brings the gift of horses to his tribe. While visiting the Crow Agency in Montana, LeVar observes a special ceremony of the Old Elk family, attends a powwow, and learns about the importance of the horse to the Plains Indians.

Closed Captioned Gregory, the Terrible Eater #111 [TV-Y]
Mitchell Sharmat's story, about a young goat who worries his parents by eating strange foods like fruits and vegetables instead of the usual goat diet of tin cans and shoes, inspires a look at why animals and people eat what they do. LeVar visits a restaurant where the owners dress like goats, checks out animal diets at the San Diego Zoo, and talks to kids about what would be weird to eat. Marilyn Michaels narrates.

Closed Captioned Three by the Sea #112 [TV-Y]
In Edward Marshall's Three by the Sea, narrated by Chicago City Limits, three friends sit on a beach and tell one another stories. After visiting an improvisational performance group to see imagination and storytelling in action, LeVar takes a walk on the seashore.

Closed Captioned Arthur's Eyes #113 [TV-Y]
The story of a young aardvark whose unwillingness to wear his new glasses gets him into trouble prompts LeVar to explore different ways of perceiving the world using all your senses, including Braille, mime, and sign language. Comedian Bill Cosby narrates the book by Marc Brown.

Closed Captioned The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash #114 [TV-Y]
In Trinka Hakes Noble's story, read by Kaleena Kiff, a school trip to a farm gets out of hand when a boy's pet boa constrictor escapes. LeVar has his own encounter with a boa at an exotic pet store, where he also meets a tarantula; visits some girls who show off their pet pigs; and watches sheep shearing and goat milking at a livestock exhibition.

Closed Captioned Ty's One-Man Band #115 [TV-Y]
Mildred Pitts Walter's book about a mysterious man who creates a one-man band out of a washboard, a comb, spoons, and a pail inspires an exploration of music of all kinds. Ben Vereen sings and dances with kids in a park; the a cappella group Fortune harmonizes; and LeVar goes disco skating and attends a concert of rap, salsa, doo wop, and jazz. Lou Rawls narrates.

Closed Captioned Hot-Air Henry #201 [TV-Y]
William Winden reads Mary Calhoun's story of a sassy Siamese cat who gets more than he bargained for when he stows away on a hot-air balloon. LeVar goes on his own balloon ride, takes a comical look back at some ideas for flying machines that never made it off the ground, and visits kids at NASA's Space Camp.

Closed Captioned Simon's Book #202 [TV-Y]
Author/illustrator Henrik Drescher shows LeVar around his studio and explains how he came up with the idea for Simon's Book, in which an artist's doodles come to life as monsters and he has to use his drawing pen to create an escape route. Then LeVar visits a printing plant to see how books are manufactured.

Closed Captioned Ox-Cart Man #203 [TV-Y]
Donald Hall's book about the daily life of an early 19th-century New England family inspires LeVar to visit Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts, a hands-on living museum where he learns about training oxen, blacksmithing, bartering, and other 1800s skills. Lorne Greene narrates.

Closed Captioned Mystery on the Docks #204 [TV-Y]
A short-order cook rescues a kidnapped opera singer from a gang of rats in Thacher Hurd's story, read by Raul Julia. In Charleston Harbor, LeVar tracks down a giant crane used to load and unload cargo ships and talks to a tugboat captain about what tugs do. Bobby McFerrin sings the "Tugboat Captain's Song."

Closed Captioned A Chair for My Mother #205 [TV-Y]
Amy Linker narrates Vera B. Williams' book about a daughter, mother, and grandmother who work together to save enough money to buy one comfortable chair after all their furniture is burned up in a fire. The production of a song-and-dance number called "Teamwork" shows teamwork in action in the arts.

Closed Captioned Paul Bunyan #301 [TV-Y]
Inspired by Steven Kellogg's retelling of tall tales about the mythical lumberjack Paul Bunyan, LeVar explores the world of forestry. He drops in on a camp where forest firefighters are trained, visits a tree farm and a reforestation area to see how trees grow, and takes part in a sawing competition with real lumberjacks. Buddy Ebsen is the guest reader.

Closed Captioned The Patchwork Quilt #302 [TV-Y]
Isabelle Sanford reads Valerie Flournoy's story about a young girl piecing together scraps of fabric who discovers the real secret to her grandmother's lovingly made quilts. After watching some kids make quilts at the Boston Children's Museum, LeVar visits with members of an Italian-American family who run a store selling homemade cheese and other food products.

Closed Captioned Hill of Fire #303 [TV-Y]
After a close encounter with an eruption of Mount Kilauea in Hawaii, LeVar talks with scientists who study volcanoes about what causes eruptions and how we might someday be able to predict them. Fernando Escandon narrates Thomas P. Lewis' book Hill of Fire, which tells the story of a farmer who discovers a volcano emerging in his cornfield and is based on the true story of the Paricutin Volcano in Mexico.

Closed Captioned The Tortoise and the Hare #304 [TV-Y]
Janet Stevens' retelling of the classic fable of the race between the tortoise and the hare is narrated by Gilda Radner. LeVar learns about the true meaning of "winning" while preparing for a bicycle race, tackling an obstacle course used for training by the Marines, and talking to some young karate students.

Closed Captioned Perfect the Pig #305 [TV-Y]
Susan Jeschke's book about a little pig who gets his wish to have wings, read by James Coco, inspires a program about pigs of all sorts. LeVar talks to Kermit the Frog about Kermit's friend Miss Piggy, shares some funny short poems called "pigericks," visits a hog farm, and talks about the history of piggy banks.

Closed Captioned Animal Café #306 [TV-Y]
Martin Short narrates John Stadler's book Animal Café, in which a storekeeper finds all his shelves empty and his cash register stuffed with money in the morning and sets out to find out what's been going on in the shop in the middle of the night. LeVar meets some nocturnal people—New Yorkers from various occupations who work the night shift—and some nocturnal animals: bats who "hang out" in a New Mexico cave during the day and hunt for food at night.

Closed Captioned Alistair in Outer Space #307 [TV-Y]
A boy on the way to the library to return some books is captured by two alien creatures called Goots in Marilyn Sadler's story, read by Arnold Stang. LeVar checks out books and much more at the Library of Congress, and "Conan the Librarian" shows kids how to get a library card.

Closed Captioned Feelings #308 [TV-Y]
LeVar explores the world of emotions as a variety of narrators read selections from author Aliki's anthology of poems, stories, and pictures about universal feelings like love, sadness, jealousy, fear, anger, and joy. With the help of Dr. Penny Patterson, he even gets to ask Koko, a gorilla who has learned sign language, about feelings.

Closed Captioned Watch the Stars Come Out #309 [TV-Y]
Laura Hayman reads Janet and Allan Ahlberg's book about two children traveling across the ocean to join their parents in a new land called America. In New York Harbor, LeVar visits Ellis Island, the first stop for generations of immigrants, and tours the Statue of Liberty with a man who helped restore it.

Closed Captioned Mama Don't Allow #310 [TV-Y]
In the book by Thacher Hurd and Ezra Jack Keats, read by Fred Newman, both his parents and his neighbors object whenever Miles practices on the saxophone he got for his birthday. But an invitation to play at the Alligator Ball leads to surprises for everyone. LeVar visits the swamps of Louisiana to see an alligator farm; journeys down the Mississippi on a riverboat; learns about creating sounds from a mouth-sound performer; and meets Earl Turbinton, one of New Orleans' hottest jazz saxophonists.

Closed Captioned Space Case #401 [TV-Y]
Michael Winslow reads Edward Marshall's book about a thing from outer space that visits Earth, only to be mistaken first for a trick-or-treater and then for a robot. In case any aliens are watching, LeVar shows a special montage of the wonders of Earth and a promotional video about visiting our planet. He also visits the Lick Observatory and talks to an astronomer about the work she does.

Closed Captioned The Milk Makers #402 [TV-Y]
Gail Gibbons' book, narrated by Alaina Reed, explains how cows produce milk and how it gets from them to grocery shelves. LeVar visits a dairy farm, where he learns to milk a cow by hand, and a cheese factory, then makes homemade ice cream.

Closed Captioned Imogene's Antlers #403 [TV-Y]
A real-life Imogene, Imogene Coca, reads David Small's story about a girl who wakes up one day with antlers on her head and decides that she might as well make the best of her odd new situation. LeVar learns the difference between antlers and horns on a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo, then meets some special birds as well as some human musicians who dress like birds for the Philadelphia Mummers Parade.

Closed Captioned Germs Make Me Sick! #404 [TV-Y]
Molly Mandlin reads Melvin Berger's book about the tiny organisms that cause disease and how our bodies fight against them. LeVar uses a microscope to see some real germs, learns about how they are cultured and studied in medical labs, and talks to an organic farmer about the helpful things some microorganisms do.

Closed Captioned Abiyoyo #405 [TV-Y]
Pete Seeger sings and tells his story song, based on an African folk tale, about a father and son who team up to save their town from a giant. Run-DMC provides a rap version of the song, along with an original rap about reading and books. Using music videos by Lionel Richie, Sting, Tears for Fears, and El DeBarge, LeVar shows how music can help tell a story. A ballet dancer and two animators also talk about how music inspires them and shapes their own art forms.

Closed Captioned The Life Cycle of the Honeybee #406 [TV-Y]
Barbara Feldon narrates Paula Hogan's picture book about the lives of bees, the organization of the hive, and the importance of the queen bee. After making sure to don sting-proof clothing, LeVar visits a beekeeper to learn how bees make honey and help pollinate flowers and crops.

Closed Captioned Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie #407 [TV-Y]
Peter and Connie Roop's book tells the true story of a little girl who kept the light in her lighthouse burning during a terrible storm. LeVar tours a modern-day lighthouse in Maine, puts out to sea on a family-owned schooner, talks to a Coast Guard officer about how ships are kept safe at sea, and meets a craftsman who builds ships in bottles. Sada Thompson narrates.

Closed Captioned Chickens Aren't the Only Ones #408 [TV-Y]
Georgia Engel reads Ruth Heller's book about all the different kinds of animals that lay eggs. To learn more about some of them, LeVar visits a chick hatchery and a nesting beach for loggerhead turtles.

Closed Captioned The Paper Crane #409 [TV-Y]
Inspired by Molly Bang's story about a mysterious man who pays for his dinner with a magical paper crane, LeVar explores Japanese culture. He dons a kimono to visit the Gasho of Japan garden in Central Valley, explores Japanese vegetable carving and the art of origami, watches paper being made from old blue jeans, and joins an energetic and colorful group of Japanese drummers and dancers as they perform the celebratory "festival of the drums." Keye Luke narrates.

Closed Captioned The Runaway Duck #410 [TV-Y]
In David Lyon's The Runaway Duck, read by Orson Bean, a pull-toy duck has a series of adventures after a little boy ties him to the bumper of his dad's car. LeVar visits a Chesapeake Bay wildlife refuge to see real ducks, meets a craftsman who carves duck decoys, and listens to human-made duck calls.

Closed Captioned A Three-Hat Day #411 [TV-Y]
Zelda Rubenstein narrates Laura Geringer's story, in which dreams come true at the change of a hat. As LeVar tries on different hats, he is whisked away to their matching locations: A jockey cap puts him in the middle of a horse race, a goalie's helmet takes him to a professional hockey game, an engineer's cap transports him to a model-train display, and a knight's helmet leads to a Renaissance fair.

Closed Captioned Rumpelstiltskin #412 [TV-Y]
Ralph Waite reads Paul O. Zelinsky's retelling of the classic fairy tale, in which a strange little man gives the miller's daughter the power to spin straw into gold—but demands her first-born child in return. In California, LeVar visits a Renaissance festival where reenactors show what spinning, weaving, and other daily chores would have been like in the Middle Ages.

Closed Captioned Best Friends #413 [TV-Y]
In Steven Kellogg's book, read by Liza Seigler, Kathy is feeling lonely because her best friend has gone away for the summer—until a neighbor's dog comes to her rescue. LeVar plays with some puppies and meets a young girl who raised a puppy to be a seeing-eye dog for a visually impaired person. Then he visits the trainer who is working with the dog and his new owner.

Closed Captioned Meanwhile Back at the Ranch #414 [TV-Y]
A bored rancher goes into town and ends up missing an exciting, surprise-filled day back home in the book by Cheryl Walsh Bellville and Trinka Hakes Noble. For a taste of life in the Old West, LeVar dresses up in cowboy gear and visits Old Tucson, where a stuntwoman demonstrates some rope tricks and stunt riding. Hoyt Axton narrates.

Closed Captioned My Little Island #415 [TV-Y]
Inspired by Frane Lessac's My Little Island, about a visit to the Caribbean island of Montserrat, LeVar takes his own tour. He visits a colorful market, meets a vegetable buyer, goes hunting for "mountain chicken" (frogs), and listens to a steel-drum band. Ron Foster narrates.

Closed Captioned The Bionic Bunny Show #501 [TV-Y]
Gene Klaven reads Laurene Krasny and Marc Brown's book about the life of an otherwise ordinary rabbit who has a job playing a superhero on TV. To show what his own "other life" is like, LeVar leads a tour behind the scenes at Star Trek: The Next Generation, on which he plays Lt. Geordie LaForge. He shows the makeup and control rooms, talks to editors and special effects technicians about post-production work, and even shows some bloopers from the series.

Closed Captioned Bugs #502 [TV-Y]
While Lori Delgado and Edwin Maldonado Jr. narrate, film footage of various insects illustrates points from Bugs by Nancy Winslow Parker and Joan Richards Wright. Using the book as a guide, LeVar hunts for bugs in the woods. Then he visits the Cincinnati Zoo's Insect World to meet exotic creatures like hissing cockroaches and a royal Goliath beetle and travels to Mexico to learn where monarch butterflies go when they migrate south for the winter.

Closed Captioned The Robbery at the Diamond Dog Diner #503 [TV-Y]
Peter Falk reads Nancy Winslow Parker and Joan Richards Wright's story of Lola Dog and her missing jewels. LeVar tries his hand as a short-order cook at Rosie's Diner and learns some of the "dinerese" code words the employees use. A gourmet pasta maker shows some of the tricks of turning out treats like tortellini and linguini.

Closed Captioned Brush #504 [TV-Y]
Hector Elizondo reads a story by Pere Calders in which a boy adopts a giant brush to replace his banished dog, then is amazed when the brush comes to life and starts acting like a dog. LeVar learns how people create illusions by exploring the world of 3D animation and by visiting a warehouse where floats for the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade are built.

Closed Captioned The Purple Coat #505 [TV-Y]
Gabby's grandfather makes her a new blue coat every year, but Gabby begs to have a purple one just once in the book by Amy Hest, read by Jack Gilford. To learn more about clothing design, LeVar visits the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Garment District in New York City. He also meets an artist who makes caricatures of people out of papier-mâché.

Closed CaptionedKentucky Programming Barn Dance! #506 [TV-Y]
After hearing Roy Clark read a story by John Archambault and Bill Martin Jr. about a boy who follows the sound of music to an unusual barn dance, LeVar heads to Tennessee to sample traditional music and dance. He meets some bluegrass musicians, watches a craftsman making a fiddle by hand, and learns about the Appalachian dance style called clogging.

Closed Captioned Duncan and Dolores #507 [TV-Y]
Dolores learns how not to smother her new cat with affection in Barbara Samuels' book, read by Jane Curtin. LeVar meets one of the world's biggest cats—a Bengal tiger—at Marine World Africa USA, then watches human actors transforming themselves into felines for the Broadway musical Cats.

Closed Captioned Knots on a Counting Rope #508 [TV-Y]
In a Native American tale, Boy-Strength-of-Blue-Horses and his grandfather reminisce about the boy's birth and the horse race in which he faced his greatest challenge: his blindness. Inspired to face his own fears, LeVar camps out alone in the woods for a night. He also meets a news anchor, Bree Walker, who overcame her disability of deformed hands and feet, and talks to kids about the last time they were really brave. J. Ruben Silverbird and Kenneth Blank are the guest readers.

Closed Captioned Mummies Made in Egypt #509 [TV-Y]
An exploration of how the ancient Egyptians prepared bodies for burial and what we can learn from their mummies today. Corinne Orr reads Aliki's book about mummification techniques, and LeVar visits the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to learn how mummies and artworks from ancient Egypt are preserved. A CT scan shows what's inside the skull of one mummy.

Closed Captioned Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters #510 [TV-Y]
Phylicia Rashad reads John Steptoe's retelling of an African tale about two beautiful sisters, one bad-tempered and the other kind and sweet, who come before a king who is choosing a wife. At a festival celebrating African culture in New York's Central Park, LeVar tries some traditional African musical instruments, learns how drums are made, and meets the dance troupe Forces of Nature.

Closed Captioned Humphrey the Lost Whale: A True Story #601 [TV-Y]
Richard Hall and Wendy Tokuda's book tells the story of a "wrong-way" whale who swam inland but finally found his way back to sea with the help of some human friends. LeVar goes whale-watching in the waters off Massachusetts, meets some aquarium workers who helped rescue three beached pilot whales, and learns about other human activities that threaten whales and their habitats. Jane Pauley narrates.

Closed Captioned Stay Away from the Junkyard! #602 [TV-Y]
In Tricia Tusa's book, read by Michele Mariana, a young girl befriends a man most of her neighbors shun because of his pet pig and his junkyard. Having decided to hold a garage sale, LeVar starts going through his junk. But after reminiscing about many of the items he finds and meeting an artist who creates sculptures out of things other people have thrown away, he ends up keeping most of his old things.

Closed Captioned Little Nino's Pizzeria #603 [TV-Y]
Karen Barbour's book about a little boy who loves helping out in his family's pizza parlor inspires LeVar to try making his own pizza. He also meets a real-life family who work together in a fireworks business. Josh Saviano is the guest reader.

Closed Captioned Ludlow Laughs #604 [TV-Y]
A big grump who has never even smiled before has the funniest dream ever and suddenly starts laughing in Jon Agee's book, narrated by Phyllis Diller. LeVar calls in a clown from Acme Deluxe Comedy Make-Over to help him learn to be funnier, watches old slapstick films, and goes behind the scenes at a comedy club to watch a stand-up comedian at work.

Closed Captioned Dinosaur Bob and His Adventures with the Family Lazardo #605 [TV-Y]
Edward Asner reads William Joyce's story about a dinosaur who accompanies a family back from their vacation and becomes a star on the baseball diamond. LeVar goes to spring training with the Oakland Athletics, where he gets hitting and fielding advice and daydreams about being a major leaguer.

Closed Captioned Dive to the Coral Reefs #606 [TV-Y]
Fran Brill narrates Dive to the Coral Reefs, a book by Paul Erickson, Les Kaufman, and Elizabeth Tayntor that explains how reefs are formed and introduces some of the plants and animals that depend on them. To see some of these underwater wonders for himself, LeVar dons scuba gear to go diving in a marine sanctuary in the Florida Keys.

Closed Captioned Desert Giant: The World of the Saguaro Cactus #607 [TV-Y]
Inspired by Barbara Bash's book about cactus and other desert plants and animals, LeVar goes hiking in Arizona's Sonoran Desert. He explains what humans should wear to survive the hot, dry climate; introduces animals like jackrabbits, bobcats, gila monsters, a javelina pig, and woodpeckers and explains how they survive the arid climate; and meets a scientist who studies snakes—along with one of his subjects, a rattlesnake. Philip Bosco narrates.

Closed Captioned Tooth-Gnasher Superflash #608 [TV-Y]
In Daniel Pinkwater's book, the Popsnorkles go car shopping and test-drive the amazing new Tooth-Gnasher Superflash, which can transform itself into various animal shapes. LeVar works in a service station for a day to learn more about how cars work, visits an automobile factory, talks to kids about their fantasy cars, and meets drivers competing in the World Solar Challenge for cars powered by the sun. Victoria Jackson is guest reader.

Closed Captioned Bored—Nothing To Do! #609 [TV-Y]
Two bored brothers spend an afternoon building and flying their own airplane in Peter Spier's book, read by Alex Borg and David Hyman. LeVar visits an airport to watch all the things flight crews do, from stowing luggage and preparing meals to fueling planes and loading passengers, then tries his hand as pilot of a small plane. The program also features film footage of early aviation pioneers like Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart.

Closed Captioned Sports Pages #610 [TV-Y]
LeVar shares his own enthusiasm for sports of all kinds, reading selections from Arnold Adoff's book of poems about young athletes. He also plays basketball and hockey, runs and swims, rides a horse in a race, and talks with an Olympic gymnast and two Olympic figure skaters.

Closed Captioned The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth #701 [TV-Y]
Keshia Knight Pulliam reads Joanna Cole's book about wacky teacher Ms. Frizzle, who takes her students on a field trip they'll never forget by shrinking their school bus so they can journey inside the planet to learn about rocks. A professional cave guide takes LeVar spelunking at California Caverns, where they see stalactites, stalagmites, and fabulous underground crystal formations.

Closed Captioned Jack, the Seal and the Sea #702 [TV-Y]
Leslie Uggams reads Gerald Aschenbrenner's book about a fisherman who gets a message about the dangers of polluted waters directly from an ailing seal. To learn more about humans' responsibility to the environment, LeVar helps a marine ecologist test for water pollutants and check the health of several sea creatures, then shows footage of the clean-up efforts after the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Closed Captioned The Bicycle Man #703 [TV-Y]
In The Bicycle Man by Allen Say, two American soldiers borrow a bike and do amazing tricks in a small Japanese village. Rollerbladers, skateboarders, and a bicycle stunt rider show off their moves, and LeVar takes a look at the development and use of the wheel throughout history and then shows his own skateboarding prowess. Tom Matsusaka is guest narrator.

Closed Captioned Florence and Eric Take the Cake #704 [TV-Y]
A brother and sister lamb accidentally cause a major mix-up between a delicious cake and a beautiful hat in the book by Jocelyn Wild, read by chef Julia Child. Real-life bakers make cakes in shapes suggested by kids: a car, a basketball, a pig, a cheeseburger, and more. At the Movieland Wax Museum, LeVar admires the life-like figures of characters from The Wizard of Oz and Michael Jackson, then gets to see a brand-new wax sculpture—of himself.

Closed Captioned Sunken Treasure #705 [TV-Y]
Robert Morse reads Gail Gibbons' account of the search for the treasure believed to be on board the Atocha, a Spanish ship sunk off the coast of Florida in 1622. While trying to find the "buried treasure" marked on an old pirate's map he has found, LeVar employs a metal detector and even a bloodhound. Underwater explorer Robert Ballard tells how he located the wreckage of the Titanic.

Closed Captioned Alistair's Time Machine #706 [TV-Y]
In Marilyn Sadler's book, a young inventor creates a time machine that allows him to travel anywhere in the past or future—but can't seem to prove it to the science fair judges. LeVar meets famous inventors from the past in Discovery Park and shows film clips of inventions, including some bizarre creations that never quite hit it big. Arnold Stang is guest reader.

Closed Captioned The Adventures of Taxi Dog #707 [TV-Y]
A stray dog has all kinds of adventures after he is adopted by a New York City cab driver in the book by Debra and Sal Barracca, read by Vincent Gardenia. After a look at the creative ways people hail taxis, LeVar meets a girl in a wheelchair and her helper dog.

Closed Captioned The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush #708 [TV-Y]
In a Native American story retold by Tomie dePaolo, Little Gopher has a dream-vision of becoming an artist and bringing the colors of the sunset to his people. In New Mexico, LeVar meets a Pueblo Indian painter and a family of pottery makers and sees a traditional eagle dance. Harold Littlebird is guest reader.

Closed Captioned Galimoto #709 [TV-Y]
Karen Lynn Williams' book about a young African boy looking for wire to make his very own "galimoto," read by Hattie Winston, inspires an exploration of the surprising things you can do with wire. LeVar takes a pipe cleaner apart to show why it bends; meets an artist who works with wire and a circus family who perform a high-wire balancing act; and rides the Sandia Peak tramway in Albuquerque, NM, the longest tramway in the world that moves on a cable wire.

Closed Captioned Fox on the Job #710 [TV-Y]
While washing his car, LeVar introduces James Marshall's book Fox on the Job, read by Fred Newman. The story follows the misadventures of a young fox as he tries a variety of jobs to earn money for a new bicycle. Wayne Francis, a 15-year-old living in the Bronx, describes how he sells nail polish to neighborhood girls to earn money for college, and kids review three other books on careers: Pig Pig Gets a Job, Helping Out, and Music Music for Everyone.

Closed Captioned Opt: An Illusionary Tale #801 [TV-Y]
All is not what it seems as LeVar demonstrates optical illusions from the book by Arline and Joseph Baum. He also shows how special effects are created for television; meets artist Christian Thee, who paints trompe l'oeil, or "fool-the-eye," paintings; and shows clips of kids creating their own optical illusions as well as optical illusions in nature—camouflage tricks that animals use to deceive predators.

Closed Captioned Raccoons and Ripe Corn #802 [TV-Y]
Three books by Jim Arnosky—Raccoons and Ripe Corn, Deer at the Brook, and Come Out, Muskrats—inspire a day of wildlife watching. LeVar visits the author at his farm, and together they search the surrounding woods for signs of beavers, salamanders, deer, porcupines, and more. Julia Barr narrates.

Closed Captioned The Lady with the Ship on Her Head #803 [TV-Y]
Marilyn Pasekoff reads the book by Deborah Nourse Lattimore, in which Madame Pompenstance competes for the Best Headdress Award at the Fancy Dress Ball, unaware that a small ship has sailed onto her head. As a correspondent for the "Head"-line News, LeVar reports on weird hats and strange haircuts, gets facts about heads from Dr. Skull, and talks with the members of The Grateful Head about their song "I Ain't Got No Body."

Closed Captioned Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express #804 [TV-Y]
Margaret K. Wetterer's book, read by Brian Dennehy, tells the true story of a 15-year-old girl who rushed out into a storm to the site of a train accident and saved several men's lives. LeVar gets a tour of the parts of a train from Rosie Ellis, an Amtrak engineer, and rides the Coast Starlight along the California coastline.

Closed Captioned Snowy Day: Stories and Poems #805 [TV-Y]
Inspired by an anthology of snow-related poetry and stories collected by Caroline Feller Bauer, LeVar travels to Jackson Hole, WY to try some winter activities: playing in the snow, building a snowperson, riding in a horse-drawn sleigh, and snowshoeing. Susan Bucher, a sled dog racer, talks about the Iditarod Race. Lena Horne, Lacey Chabert, and Richard Courtney read selections by Ogden Nash, Karla Kuskin, and Robert Frost.

Closed Captioned Tar Beach #806 [TV-Y]
Ruby Dee reads Faith Ringgold's book about adventures on a city rooftop—a "tar beach" that serves as an urban oasis. The celebration of life above the crowds continues with a visit to a pigeon keeper and a tribute to the George Washington Bridge.

Closed Captioned The Wall #807 [TV-Y]
Inspired by Eve Bunting's book about the monument, LeVar visits the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC and meets its designer, architect Maya Lin. Visits to Mount Rushmore and a mural dedicated to Louis Armstrong show other ways that walls can be used to pay tribute to heroes.

Closed Captioned Sam the Sea Cow #808 [TV-Y]
Jason Robards narrates the story of the manatee, as told in Francine Jacobs' book Sam the Sea Cow, and LeVar travels to Florida for a close look at these gentle and endangered mammals.

Closed Captioned Rechenka's Eggs #809 [TV-Y]
LeVar explores the egg in art and nature, and author/illustrator Patricia Polacco demonstrates the traditional Ukrainian egg-painting art of pysanky.

Closed Captioned Sophie and Lou #810 [TV-Y]
Lola Falana reads Petra Mathers' book about a mouse named Sophie who overcomes her shyness by learning to dance. After LeVar tries dance steps from mambo to hip-hop, a quick globe-trotting jaunt shows some dance traditions from around the world.

Closed CaptionedKentucky Programming Come a Tide #901 [TV-Y]
Dixie Carter reads Kentuckian George Ella Lyon's book about a quirky family's adventures during a spring flood. LeVar learns about other weather phenomena, from blizzards to tornadoes, and a news reporter gives an account of Hurricane Hugo.

Closed Captioned The Piggy in the Puddle #902 [TV-Y]
LeVar goes behind the scenes to see how artists bring Charlotte Pomerantz's book The Piggy in the Puddle to life through clay animation. Using James Marshall's original illustrations as a guide, the animators sculpt and paint the characters and then film one frame at a time to create the illusion of movement.

Closed Captioned Seashore Surprises #903 [TV-Y]
Using Rose Wyler's book about the seashore as a guide, LeVar goes beachcombing on Florida's Gulf Coast. Two local naturalists help him discover the plant and animal life at the edge of the sea.

Closed Captioned Through Moon and Stars and Night Skies #904 [TV-Y]
Anne Turner's tender story of a family created through adoption prompts an exploration of family life, with people from around the country talking about the ups and downs of being a mother, father, sister, or brother.

Closed Captioned Berlioz the Bear #905 [TV-Y]
In Jan Brett's Berlioz the Bear, an all-bear band takes its act on the road. In New York City, LeVar meets street musicians and goes behind the scenes at a performance by the Boys Choir of Harlem.

Closed Captioned Amazing Grace #906 [TV-Y]
A little girl who wants to be Peter Pan refuses to let narrow thinking stand in her way in Mary Hoffman's Amazing Grace, narrated by Tyne Daly. Academy Award-winning actress Whoopi Goldberg shares her own inspirations and triumphs in an interview.

Closed Captioned The Furry News #907 [TV-Y]
After the cast of Forbidden Broadway narrates Furry News, Loreen Leedy's entertaining look at the ins and outs of creating a newspaper, cartoonist Ray Billingsley demonstrates how he creates his comic strip Curtis.

Closed Captioned Mrs. Katz and Tush #908 [TV-Y]
Reizl Boyzk and Rick English narrate Patricia Polacco's heart-warming story of a special friendship that transcends cultural and age differences. LeVar visits his own Jewish "bubbie" and learns how to make challah.

Closed Captioned The Salamander Room #909 [TV-Y]
Lynn Thigpen reads a book by Anne Mazer about how there's more to creating an animal habitat than meets the eye. At the Bronx Zoo, LeVar explores JungleWorld and learns how it was built.

Closed Captioned Silent Lotus #910 [TV-Y]
Jeanne M. Lee's Silent Lotus, read by Lea Salonga, tells the story of a deaf girl who communicates through dance. LeVar tries speaking in sign language while learning more about the world of nonverbal communication.

Closed Captioned Follow the Drinking Gourd #1001 [TV-Y]
LeVar introduces the history, heroes, stories, and music of the African-American culture that emerged from slavery while telling the story of the Underground Railroad. Keith David narrates a story by Jeanette Winter based on the song "Follow the Drinking Gourd," which advises escaping slaves to keep pointed toward the North Star in the Big Dipper.

Closed Captioned If You Give a Mouse a Cookie #1002 [TV-Y]
A little boy offers a mouse a cookie and starts a surprising chain reaction in Laura Joffe Numeroff's book, narrated by Beth Howland. LeVar visits a bowling alley and tries to master the chain reactions involved in the game of bowling.

Closed Captioned Is This a House for Hermit Crab? #1003 [TV-Y]
LeVar builds a house for some favorite flying friends in his own backyard. Eartha Kitt narrates Megan McDonald's story about how important it is to find just the right home when you have to carry that home around on your back.

Closed Captioned And Still the Turtle Watched #1004 [TV-Y]
Sheila MacGill-Callahan's retelling of a Native American tale explores humans' responsibility to nature and the environment, inspiring LeVar to seek out various children and adults who are working together to preserve and protect the Earth.

Closed Captioned June 29, 1999 #1005 [TV-Y]
In David Wiesner's book June 29, 1999, a science project apparently goes awry and propels readers into a whimsical world of science fiction ... or is it science fact? Charles Kimbrough narrates.

Closed Captioned Nosey Mrs. Rat #1006 [TV-Y]
Faith Prince reads Jeffrey Allen's book Nosey Mrs. Rat, a story about an inquisitive neighbor that takes a humorous look at snooping around: When does a healthy curiosity become annoyingly nosy? In an interview, primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall explains how her own curiosity inspired her career in science and has helped her make some fascinating discoveries about chimpanzees and other primates.

Closed Captioned Borreguita and the Coyote #1007 [TV-Y]
A little lamb uses her wits to outsmart a hungry coyote in Verna Aardema's retelling of a Mexican folktale, narrated by Olga Merediz. LeVar explores Mexican-American culture with visits to some neighbors and friends—including the musical group Los Lobos, who throw him a fiesta.

Closed Captioned Summer #1008 [TV-Y]
Two trips through the cycle of the seasons explore what makes each one special. Ossie Davis narrates Summer, which explores not just summer but also spring, fall, and winter in words by Ron Hirschi and photographs by Thomas D. Mangelsen. And LeVar takes a look at the plants, animals, and landscapes of each season.

Closed Captioned Once There Was a Tree #1009 [TV-Y]
Inspired by Natalia Romanova's book Once There Was a Tree, about the interdependence of all living things, LeVar explores the life cycle of trees in the forest and their importance to animals, other plants, and humans. Eli Wallach narrates the story.

Closed Captioned Appelemando's Dreams #1010 [TV-Y]
Michael Learned narrates Patricia Polacco's book about a little boy who uses his dreams to create colorful images to brighten his world. LeVar demonstrates fun ways to spark the imagination and inspire the artist in everyone.

Closed Captioned The Lotus Seed #1101 [TV-Y]
Sherry Garland's book, narrated by Rona Figueroa, tells the story of a young Vietnamese woman who is forced to flee her country but takes a lotus seed with her as a reminder of her past. LeVar meets families who have immigrated to America and talks about how they are adapting to their new culture while preserving their heritage.

Closed Captioned Hail to Mail #1102 [TV-Y]
Inspired by Samuel Marshak's book Hail to Mail, a humorous look at a simple act of mailing a letter that turns into an odyssey around the world, LeVar goes behind the scenes at the postal service to meet the people who really move the mail.

Closed Captioned Stellaluna #1103 [TV-Y]
Anne Jackson narrates Janell Cannon's charming story about a baby bat who is separated from her mother and raised by a family of birds. When he goes exploring in the world of bats and other nighttime creatures, LeVar discovers that the nocturnal world is not just about silence and dreams.

Closed Captioned My Shadow #1104 [TV-Y]
A classic tale from Robert Louis Stevenson, narrated by Robert Guillaume, explores the human fascination with light and shadows. LeVar discovers how a sundial uses light and shadow to tell time and gets a lesson in the art of creating shadow puppets.

Closed Captioned Ruth Law Thrills a Nation #1105 [TV-Y]
A trip through time uncovers the lives and accomplishments of women aviators, from the barnstorming days of Bessie Coleman to a modern-day teenage girl who's pursuing her own dream of becoming a pilot. Linda Lavin narrates Don Brown's book Ruth Law Thrills a Nation, about an early heroine of flight.

Closed Captioned The Wonderful Towers of Watts #1106 [TV-Y]
Angela Bassett narrates Patricia Zelver's The Wonderful Towers of Watts, which explores the beauty and courage of a community challenged daily by violence. LeVar talks with children from Watts about their hopes, concerns, and dreams for the future.

Closed Captioned Martha Speaks #1107 [TV-Y]
LeVar's dog, Duke, is host for the day. He introduces the book Martha Speaks, about a very special talking dog, and tours the neighborhood to introduce some other special canines.

Closed Captioned Alejandro's Gift #1108 [TV-Y]
Francisco Revela narrates Richard E. Albert's book about the lush oases of California's Indian Canyon, while LeVar discovers how precious water really is.

Closed Captioned The Sign Painter's Dream #1109 [TV-Y]
Jamie Farr reads The Sign Painter's Dream, Roger Roth's book about the bright lights and big signs of Times Square. LeVar explores the importance of signs in everyday life and visits a sign company to watch the creation of a spectacular neon display.

Closed Captioned Archibald Frisby #1110 [TV-Y]
LeVar heads to an amusement park to ride a giant roller coaster and try a scientific approach to winning midway games. Arnold Stang narrates the adventures of author Michael Chesworth's character Archibald Frisby.

Closed Captioned Fly Away Home #1111 [TV-Y]
Daniel Saltzman reads Eve Bunting's moving story about a homeless father and son who go from terminal to terminal in an airport, hoping no one will realize they have no home to go to. LeVar talks to kids from homeless families about why they are homeless and about life in shelters and on the streets. He also meets the father and daughter who started Common Sense, an organization that collects pennies and uses them to buy items for homeless shelters, and an 18-year-old boy who volunteers for a food distribution charity.

Closed Captioned Uncle Jed's Barbershop #1112 [TV-Y]
A black barber overcomes many obstacles to save enough money to open his own barbershop in the book by Margaree King Mitchell, read by Regina Taylor. After getting a trim from his own barber, LeVar talks to the members of the a cappella singing group the Persuasions about how they stuck with their dream of becoming performers despite discouragement from people who said that a singing group without musical instruments would never make it. A young woman who wants to be a veterinarian talks about the support she's gotten from others.

Closed Captioned How To Make an Apple Pie #1113 [TV-Y]
In the book by Marjorie Priceman, a cook discovers that his local market is closed and ends up traveling all over the world to get the ingredients for an apple pie. LeVar meets chef Curtis Aikens, who shares cooking tips as well as his own story of how he learned to read as an adult. A visit to the Turkey Hill ice cream factory shows how chemistry is used to make this sweet treat.

Closed Captioned Owen #1114 [TV-Y]
On a visit to a playground, LeVar reminisces about being a little boy and growing up with his mother. Vignettes show a young LeVar parting with his favorite blanket and being jealous of all the attention his baby sister is getting. Matthew Broderick reads the book Owen by Kevin Henkes, and LeVar visits a company that creates comic books for children.

Closed Captioned How Much Is a Million? #1201 [TV-Y]
David M. Schwartz's book provides ideas for visualizing what a million, a billion, and a trillion really represent. LeVar visits the Crayola factory and talks to workers about how they use grouping techniques to keep track of the huge number of crayons they handle every day. At Giants Stadium in New York, estimation techniques help vendors get ready to feed the crowd.

Closed Captioned Always My Dad #1202 [TV-Y]
LeVar reminisces about his childhood with his mother and two sisters—his parents were divorced when he was 8, leaving him without a father—and visits with children who come from different types of family structures, not all of which are traditional.

Closed Captioned Bread Is for Eating #1203 [TV-Y]
Inspired by the book by David and Phillis Gershator on the process of making bread, LeVar explores the place of this staple in several cultures. A Hopi woman shows how she makes blue cornmeal bread, and cooks at an East Indian restaurant bake bread in a tandoori oven.

Closed Captioned Hotel Animal #1204 [TV-Y]
LeVar dreams that he is miniature size and that everything around him is huge. When he awakes and finds things back to normal, he realizes how size can influence your perception: Things look bigger and a little scary when you're small. But as you grow, your perception changes. Suggested books: Hotel Animal, The Three Bears, Mr. Tall and Mr. Small, and Zoom.

Closed Captioned Someplace Else #1205 [TV-Y]
LeVar shows his travel room, where he keeps maps and globes of places he's visited, and hosts a series of short visits that give a taste of what life is like in New York City, on the high seas, and in Hawaii. Books include Someplace Else; Me on the Map; Town Mouse, Country Mouse; and Somewhere in the World Right Now.

Closed Captioned Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin #1206 [TV-Y]
Gregory Hines narrates Lloyd Moss' book about how melodies, mathematics, and the sounds of different instruments combine to make music fun and interesting. LeVar visits the Juilliard School of Music, where he sees a conductor lead an orchestra rehearsal. A performance of a movement from Haydn's "Surprise" Symphony also helps illustrate the parts of an orchestra. Then LeVar meets members of the percussion performance group STOMP, who put rhythm into action with creativity and teamwork.

Closed Captioned On the Day You Were Born #1207 [TV-Y7]
After a reading of Debra Frasier's book about how babies are born by Patrick Stewart, LeVar spends time with a family expecting a new addition. He shows a film about how babies grow inside the womb, accompanies the children to a special class for kids who are expecting a new sister or brother, and goes into the delivery room with mother Kay when it's time for the birth. The program includes close-up scenes of Kay's stomach as she gets an ultrasound.

Closed Captioned Hip Cat #1208 [TV-Y]
LeVar learns about jazz and the concept of improvisation while visiting with the musicians of the Bill Saxton Quartet and saxophonist Joshua Redman. Featured books include Hip Cat, Conga Crocodile, Charlie Parker Played BeBop, and Willie Jerome.

Closed Captioned Regina's Big Mistake #1209 [TV-Y]
LeVar discovers his creativity as he works on a pottery model of his childhood home, then talks with Michael Ives, who makes works of art out of old cardboard boxes. Anna Holbrook narrates the featured book, Regina's Big Mistake. Other suggested books: The Little Painter of Sabana Grande, The Art Lesson, and I Am an Artist.

Closed Captioned Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message #1210 [TV-Y]
Chief Jake Swamp's retelling of a traditional Iroquois Indian prayer prompts a celebration of the gifts of the Earth and what humans can give back in return. LeVar visits a Massachusetts family who grow cranberries, Native American artists who turn clay into pottery, and New Yorkers participating in a tree-planting project, and children sing a song about taking care of the planet. Nicholson Earl Billey is guest reader.

Closed Captioned The Carousel #1211 [TV-Y]
The Carousel, narrated by Sarah Hubbard, shows that a legacy is a special gift passed down from generation to generation. Other recommended books about legacies are The Long Silk Strand, The Always Prayer Shawl, and Up and Down on the Merry Go Round.

Closed Captioned Math Curse #1301 [TV-Y]
Explores how math is used to find solutions to problems. In the book Math Curse, a little girl feels cursed when everything she sees or thinks about becomes a math problem. In the studio, an artist demonstrates how she uses math to create art. Other featured books: Pigs on a Blanket, Twelve Snails to One Lizard, and Marvelous Math.

Closed Captioned My Life with the Wave #1302 [TV-Y]
In the book My Life with the Wave, a boy gets into a boat-load of trouble when he brings home a naughty little wave. After pondering what it would be like to bring home something as outrageous as a wave, LeVar takes a swim in the ocean and learns about the manatee, a 2,000-pound aquatic mammal related to the elephant. Then he meets a "reef doctor" who brings life to the ocean by transplanting healthy coral to barren parts of the deep. Other books reviewed are Water Dance by Thomas Locker, Our Wet World, and Here Is the Coral Reef.

Closed Captioned Saturday Sancocho #1303 [TV-Y]
The art of bartering is the topic as LeVar introduces the book Saturday Sancocho. When Maria's family can't afford chicken sancocho, she and her mother figure out a way to trade eggs for the ingredients they need. A little boy learns the value of a dollar by trading baseball cards, and LeVar goes to an auction to learn how objects are valued. Books featured: Mama Bear, The Pirate Cook Book, and Mama Provi and the Pot of Rice.

Closed Captioned When Aunt Lena Did the Rhumba #1304 [TV-Y]
Lucie Arnaz narrates Eileen Kutis-Kleinman's story of an aunt and niece who make plans to attend a matinee and end up discovering the joy of performing themselves. Visits with the Boys Choir of Harlem, comic Peter Petofsky, and the cast of Cats explore different kinds of performance. Review books: The Old Man Who Loved To Sing by John Winch, The Dancing Man by Ruth Lercher Bornstein, and My Mama Had a Dancing Heart by Libba Moore Gray.

Closed Captioned Work Song #1305 [TV-Y]
Gary and Ruth Wright Paulsen's Work Song, narrated by David Canary, is the springboard for an exploration of a wide variety of jobs. LeVar visits a busy neighborhood breakfast spot and observes all sorts of people going off to all kinds of workplaces. Review books: Work by Ann Morris, A Day's Work by Eve Bunting, and I'm Going To Be a: Firefighter and I'm Going To Be a: Police Officer by Edith Kunhardt.

Closed Captioned The Shaman's Apprentice #1401 [TV-Y]
LeVar visits the town of Quamala in the Amazon rainforest and spends some time with the Tirio Indians. Susan Sarandon reads The Shaman's Apprentice by Lynne Cherry and Mark Plotkin, a story set among the Tirios in which a foreign visitor helps the villagers see the importance of their shaman's wisdom.

Closed Captioned Pet Stories You Don't Have To Walk #1402 [TV-Y]
After some funny stories about pets from the book by Marc Brown, Cynthia Rylant, and Syd Hoff, LeVar and his dog Roy go to a "pet wash" and celebrate Roy's birthday with a special bone cake at the Three Dogs Bakery. LeVar also introduces the story of Scarlett, the cat who saved her kittens from a Brooklyn house fire; talks about animal shelters; and meets a man and his pet parrot. Jason Alexander is guest narrator.

Closed Captioned Lemonade for Sale #1403 [TV-Y]
The kids who live on Elm Street open a lemonade stand in the book by Tricia Tusa and Stuart Murphy, read by Andrea McCardle. To learn more about starting and running a business, LeVar visits the American Stock Exchange; Nantucket Nectar, a juice company; and the nonprofit organization Dress for Success.

Closed Captioned The Secret Shortcut #1404 [TV-Y]
Two friends, Wendell and Floyd, discover a secret shortcut while trying to get to school on time—leading LeVar to explore the use of maps, mazes, and other math-based tools to solve travel problems.

Closed Captioned My America: A Poetry Atlas of the United States #1405 [TV-Y]
LeVar takes a literary tour of the United States. From Hawaii to Maine and from Montana to New York, each state has something unique to offer.

Closed Captioned Badger's Parting Gift #1406 [TV-Y]
LeVar tells stories of his late grandmother and shares ways to help children deal with the loss of a loved one. In the book Badger's Parting Gift, the animals learn that even though their good friend Badger is gone, his memory will always live in their hearts. Then LeVar introduces some kids who use art to keep memories of departed loved ones alive.

Closed Captioned The Tin Forest #1407 [TV-Y]
Two stories, one fictional and one real-life, demonstrate the healing power of the human spirit. In Helen Ward's book The Tin Forest, a sad old man decides to change things and gradually transforms his surroundings from gloomy and lonely to lush and full. LeVar visits P.S. 234, a New York elementary school just blocks from Ground Zero, and talks to the students about how they have dealt with the tremendous upheaval in their lives since the September 11 attack. Together, they make a music video expressing their hope and gratitude.

Closed Captioned Max #1408 [TV-Y]
In Bob Graham's story, the youngest member of a family of superheroes is worried because his flying ability is late in coming. Then a cry for help from a baby bird turns things around. In search of real-life heroes, LeVar visits a company of firefighters and follows the story of an injured goose nursed back to health by a wildlife rescue organization.

Closed Captioned Enemy Pie #1409 [TV-Y]
In Derek Munson's story, a young boy is excited about making an "enemy pie," but confused about why one of the requirements is that you spend an entire day with your adversary. Kids talk about how to make friendships work, and two children from different social and religious backgrounds spend a day together to learn more about each other.

Closed Captioned Our Big Home: An Earth Poem #1410 [TV-Y]
Linda Glaser's narrative poem expands the idea of "home" to include the whole planet. LeVar learns about international cooperation and interdependence when he visits the United Nations. Then he meets Craig Kielburger, a teenager nominated for the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize for founding Kids Can Free the Children, a global service organization run entirely by young people. In Nicaragua, volunteers from the group build a school for a poor village.

Closed Captioned Visiting Day #1501 [TV-Y]
A young girl and her grandmother make a long bus trip to visit the girl's father in prison every month in Visiting Day by Jacqueline Woodson and James Ransome. LeVar meets a family separated by a prison sentence and goes along on a real-life visiting day to find out what life is like for the kids as well as for the incarcerated parent.

Closed Captioned Unique Monique #1502 [TV-Y]
In a book by Maria Rousaki and Polina Papanikolaou, Monique's school uniform doesn't allow her to express herself, so she experiments with ways to be unique without breaking the rules. LeVar meets a man named Brandon who had difficulty expressing himself as a child because he stuttered, but now helps others express themselves through art.

Closed Captioned Mr. George Baker #1503 [TV-Y]
Amy Hest and Jon J. Muth's Mr. George Baker, about a 100-year-old man who returns to school so he can learn to read, inspires LeVar to seek out real people who have made learning an ageless adventure. He meets the Steppers, a group of senior women who are learning to dance and perform, as well as several members of the Ferrara family, who have been mixing up sweet treats in a family-run bakery for five generations.

Closed Captioned Beegu #1504 [TV-Y]
Children on a playground help a small space creature named Beegu feel welcome on Earth in the book by Alexis Deacon. LeVar shows Earth from a whole new perspective as he explores the International Space Station; watches the Mars rovers in action; and gets close-up views of the planets, stars, and moons.

Closed Captioned Two Old Potatoes and Me #1505 [TV-Y]
John Coy and Carolyn Fisher's book about a young girl who plants and tends two old potatoes to see whether they will produce new potatoes inspires LeVar to explore the world of recycling. He and his daughter, Michaela, show how they use waste from their kitchen to help their garden grow. Then LeVar visits artists who turn cast-offs into works of art and a manufacturing plant that's doing amazing things with corn.

Closed Captioned The Biggest Test in the Universe #1601 [TV-Y]
In Nancy Poydar's book, a boy dreads the big test that has become his elementary school's rite of passage. LeVar learns about the pressure to prepare and do well as he watches his daughter Michaela practice for an audition and the members of the New York children's theater group TADA! get ready for a performance.

Closed Captioned I Lost My Tooth in Africa #1602 [TV-Y]
In the book by Baba Wagué Diakité, a young girl loses her tooth while visiting family in Africa. So she puts it under a gourd and gets two chickens from the Tooth Fairy. LeVar talks to young people about physical changes while growing up and attends a quinceañera—a traditional Mexican coming-of-age party held on a young girl's 15th birthday.

Closed Captioned Boxes for Katje #1603 [TV-Y]
Candace Fleming's book about a charity started by a girl and her family during World War II inspires LeVar to seek out other organizations that let young people help those in need. He talks with members of the Global Ambassadors, which raises money for community service projects worldwide, and learns about the Backyard in a Box project to help families rebuild yards devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

Closed Captioned Game Day #1604 [TV-Y]
Inspired by twin brothers Tiki and Ronde Barber's book about how they became professional football players, LeVar watches athletes train for a variety of sports and learns just how critical teamwork is.

Closed Captioned Show Way #1605 [TV-Y]
Jacqueline Woodson's Show Way traces several generations of quilters in one family, beginning with women who sewed secret maps into their quilts to help escaping slaves find their way to freedom. LeVar discovers the histories of some heirlooms within his own family and meets a grandmother who inspires her children and grandchildren with stories of surviving the Holocaust.

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