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Closed Captioned Trip 1 #201
Stops in Missouri include J.C. Carter's metal sculptures and singing dogs near Warrensburg; the world's second-largest collection of farm implement seats in Iona; Larry Bagget's stonework, including a monument to the Trail of Tears outside Rolla; and Lambert's Restaurant, "home of the throwed rolls," in Sikeston.

Closed Captioned Trip 2 #202
Stops include the gravesite of Major Ray, real-life inspiration for Buster Brown, in Hornersville, MO; the workshop of whirligig artist John North in Alton, IL; the Shrine of the Black Madonna in Eureka, MO; and the Elvis Is Alive Museum off I-70 at Wright City.

Closed Captioned Trip 3 #203
Stops include a visit with painter Robert E. Smith in Springfield, MO; Ralph Lanning's Roadside Sculpture Park in Republic, MO; Quigley's Castle and a giant Ozark shoe tree outside Eureka Springs, AR; and Tiny Town and the bathhouses of Hot Springs, AR. Michael Brewer, half of the musical duo Brewer and Shipley, sings "I Hate Country" on Highway 76 in Branson, MO.

Closed Captioned Trip 4 #204
Sights include a 300-foot fence sculpted from tools and appliances in Collinsville, OK; Ed Galloway's Totem Pole Park near Foyil, OK; Big Brutus, the electric mining shovel in West Mineral, KS; the Dinosaur Not-So-National Park near Erie, KS; and "the Flying Nun House" in Pittsburg, KS.

Closed Captioned Trip 5 #205
Carver Mark Negus of Blue Springs, MO; the incredible Hammer Shed in Norborne, MO; the Wyuka Cemetery in Nebraska City, NE; papier-mâché creator Reece Crawford in Omaha, NE; and the Grotto of the Redemption in West Bend, IA.

Closed Captioned Trip 6 #206
An itinerary devoted to the visual arts includes visits to chainsaw artist Dan Slaughter of McGregor, IA; the Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden in Cochrane, WI; the Grotto in Dickeyville, WI; art missionary and painter Anthony Yoder of Joetown, IA; and Judy Onofrio, a found-object sculptor from Rochester, MN.

Closed Captioned Trip 7 #301
Randy, Mike, and Don the Camera Guy begin a journey south with a stop at Hubble's Rubble, a collection of found-object sculptures in Howard, KS. In Oklahoma, they visit the Tom Mix Museum in Dewey, the Big Driller in Tulsa, and a cemetery for circus folk in Hugo. After crossing the Texas state line, they stop at the Pecan Art Museum in Lewisville.

Closed Captioned Trip 8 #302
In Texas, the three road trippers stop at the Cathedral, Vince Hanneman's multi-tiered towers of trash in Austin; stroll through the Sacred Gardens in New Waverly; and marvel at the Beer Can House in Houston.

Closed Captioned Trip 9 #303
Back in the Midwest, Randy, Mike, and Don travel to Dearborn, MO to spend some time with whimsical sculptor Rhett Johnson. Then they travel north to Nebraska to visit Loi Vo and his sculptures made from car bumpers in Lincoln; the World's Largest Time Capsule in Seward; Ole's Big Game Lounge in Paxton; and Carhenge, Alliance's tribute to Stonehenge.

Closed Captioned Trip 10 #304
Randy, Mike, and Don track down the elusive "World's Largest Pecan," located in Brunswick, MO. In Illinois, they visit the birthplace of the corn dog in Springfield, tour Charles Smith's yard environment in Aurora, and play miniature golf in a funeral home in Palatine. They begin their exploration of Wisconsin with stops at the Mt. Horeb Mustard Museum and the Painted Forest in Valton.

Closed Captioned Trip 11 #305
Randy, Mike, and Don marvel at Wisconsin's largest tree before visiting the Grotto Gardens in Rudolph. In Aniwa, they meet a backyard lion tamer. And in Phillips, they find Fred Smith's Wisconsin Concrete Park.

Trip 12 #306
Wisconsin sights include the Giant Muskie in Hayward, the Wegner Grotto near Cataract, and the World's Largest Six Pack and Paul Hefti's bottle art in LaCrosse. Then it's on to the home of the Jolly Green Giant in Blue Lake, MN and the incredible Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD.

Closed Captioned #401
The guys make two stops in Kansas, visiting chainsaw artist Gino Salerno of Wichita and Henry's Sculpture Hill in Augusta, then head south. In Oklahoma, they tour the National Lighter Museum in Guthrie and the Muelbacher Bunker in Cheyenne. In Texas, they visit Amarillo's Cadillac Ranch.

Closed Captioned #402
Stops in the Southwest include Mountainair, NM, home of Rancho Bonito and Clem "Pop" Shaffer's hotel; the Tinkertown Museum in Sandia Park, NM; the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe; and Bishop's Castle in Beulah, CO.

Closed CaptionedKentucky Programming #403
In St. Louis, the team sees the "Dark Side of the Corn Dog." Then they top it off with the World's Largest Catsup Bottle in Collinsville, IL. In Kentucky, they visit painter Helen LaFrance in Boaz and the Wigwam Village Motel in Cave City. Then it's on to a meeting with J.L. Nippurs, a wood butcher from Bell Buckle, TN.

Closed Captioned #404
The three friends travel to Brownsville, TN on a quest to capture a one-of-a-kind metal sculpture from Billy Tripp. In Memphis, they visit the Center for Southern Folklore, the Crystal Shrine Grotto, and local painter Joe Light.

Closed Captioned #405 [TV-G]
Mike, Randy, and Don take in rare visions from Viola Hull's house in Kosciusko, MS, then stop for a visit with quilter Yvonne Wells. In Alabama, they have brief encounters with clay painter Jimmie Lee Suddeth of Fayette, the Ave Maria Grotto in Culmin, and the World's Largest Cast Iron Sculpture in Birmingham.

Closed Captioned #406 [TV-G]
The guys begin with Butch Anthony's Alabama Mamma Jamma Car and Woods of Wonder Museum in Pittsview, AL. Other stops featured are the Land of Pasaquan in Buena Vista, GA; W.C. Rice's Cross Garden in Prattville, AL; and the church of Rev. Howard Finster of Summerville, GA.

Closed Captioned #501 [TV-G]
The guys pay their respects to Jim the Wonder Dog in Marshall, MO, then honor flower children at the country's only Hippie Memorial in Arcola, IL. From there, it's on to a house made of Fresca bottles, a totem pole carver, and the Jubilee Rock Gardens.

Closed Captioned #502 [TV-G]
The "burgoo capital of the world," Arenzville, IL; the world's largest wicker chair, Grand Junction, MI; George Zysk's Sign Shrine in Grand Haven; the Traveler's International Restaurant and Tuba Museum in Okemos; and Dmitri Szylak's Disneyland North in Hamtramck.

Closed Captioned #503 [TV-G]
The wonders of Kansas include the Atomic Cannon in Fort Riley, a historical lingerie show in Junction City, the mechanical miniatures at the Boyer Gallery in Belleville, the world's largest ball of twine in Cawker City, the Garden of Eden and the Grassroots Art Museum in Lucas, Vera's Tavern in Hunter, and the Hall of Presidential Also Rans in Norton. Crossing the state line, the trip ends at another wonder: the Wonder Tower in Genoa, CO.

Closed Captioned #504 [TV-G]
The guys start off in the steel mill town of Pueblo, CO, visiting with painter/poet Tony Perniciarro, then head to Colorado Springs to see humongous yard sculptures by Starr Kempf. Then they roll into Denver to talk with carver Bill Potts; swing by Boulder to meet Jennifer Heath, author of a book on velvet painting; and wind up in Fort Collins at the Swetsville Zoo & Chrome Rose Gallery.

Closed Captioned #505 [TV-G]
The guys hit the Cowboy State, Wyoming, at Cheyenne, where they look at concrete sculptures and bottle buildings as well as Fred Apadocas' "That's Incredible" yard. Then it's on to Laramie and the Ames Pyramid, the Fossil House in Como Bluff, the birthplace of the "jackalope" in Douglas, and a welded memorial to Lewis and Clark in Sheridan.

Closed Captioned #506 [TV-G]
Sights under Montana's Big Sky include Charles Ringer's sculptures in Joliet, the not-to-be-missed "peeing ox" sculpture near Bozeman, more sculptures at "Urethra Park" in Missoula, Lee Steen's wooden figures in Great Falls, the Buffalo Nickel Buffalo and Ol' Shep statues in Benton, and Tim Anderson's "Little Mansion" in Roundup. Then the guys cross into North Dakota via the Enchanted Highway.

Closed Captioned #601 [TV-G]
More adventures in Arkansas: guitar maker Ed Stilley near Beaver Lake, sculptor Finton Shaw in Conway, the Old Mill and World's Second Largest Sundial in North Little Rock, and the Coat of Many Duck Heads at the Agricultural Museum in Stuttgart.

Closed Captioned #602 [TV-G]
Giant chain-link sculptures by Robert Wells in Grannis, AR; the legend of the Boggy Creek Monster in Texarkana; Charles Stagg's amazing home and artwork outside Beaumont, TX; and the Art Museum of Southeast Texas in Beaumont.

Closed Captioned #603 [TV-G]
Heading into the bayous of Louisiana, the guys visit Kenny Hill's Garden of Salvation in Chauvin. Then it's on to the Big Easy, New Orleans, to meet folk artists Dr. Bob and Big Al Taplet. On the Pearl River north of Lake Ponchartrain, Mike confronts his fear of alligators. And in Covington, the crew drops in on the wild and wacky UCM Museum.

Closed Captioned #604 [TV-G]
Mississippi wonders: the Walter Anderson Museum in Ocean Springs, Bette Mott's Gingerbread House Tour in McComb, Earl Simmon's Folk Art Gallery in Bovina, Vicksburg painter Kenneth Humphreys, and the amazing roadside attraction known as Margaret's Grocery.

Closed Captioned #605 [TV-G]
The World's Largest Coffeepot in Stanton, IA; another Big Ball of Twine in Darwin, MN; the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices in Minneapolis; and Louis Wippich's Molehill in Sauk Rapids, MN.

Closed Captioned #606 [TV-G]
Wisconsin wonders: LaReau's World of Miniatures in Pardee; Clyde Winia's dinosaur marsh outside Marshfield; the Kohler Art Center in Sheboygan, where even the bathrooms are fun; and dentist and prolific artist Rudy Rotter of Manituwoc.

Closed CaptionedKentucky Programming #701 [TV-G]
A backyard roller coaster in Indiana, the never-quite-finished medieval castle between Lexington and Versailles, and woodcarver Marvin Finn of Louisville.

Closed CaptionedKentucky Programming #702 [TV-G]
Folk artist Minnie Adkins of Isonville and West Virginia sculptor/painter Earl Albert Gray.

Closed Captioned #703 [TV-G]
In North Carolina, the guys visit Sam "The Dot Man" McMillan in Winston-Salem and Clyde Jones' "Critter Crossing" in Bynum.

Closed Captioned #704 [TV-G]
Stops in North Carolina include Q.J. Stephenson's Trapper's Lodge in Garysburg and Vollis Simpson's Incredible Windmill Park in Lucama.

Closed Captioned #705 [TV-G]
Virginia marvels, including Richard Howell's yard art near Richmond and the Throne of the Third Millennium in Williamsburg.

Closed Captioned #706 [TV-G]
The American Museum of Visionary Art in Baltimore and the Squished Penny Museum in Washington, DC.

Closed Captioned #801 [TV-G]
In Loveland, OH, the guys marvel at the enchanting Château LaRoche, a Norman-style castle built by one visionary man and his "Knights of the Golden Trail" over the course of 30 years. In Wapokeneta, they stop by Jim Bowsher's yard for a look at the Temple of Tolerance, a giant rock sculpture he erected without the use of a single power tool.

Closed Captioned #802 [TV-G]
In Ohio, the guys stop at the Warther Carvings Museum in Dover, which houses Ernest Warther's intricate carvings of the history of the steam engine, Lincoln's funeral train, and other historical subjects. Moving on to Pennsylvania and the Pittsburgh area, they encounter homemade instrument maker Karl Mullen, painter Kathleen Ferri, and the ultimate "tiny town" of Shartlesville.

Closed Captioned #803 [TV-G]
Visits with Pennsylvania artists Mr. Imagination (Bethlehem), who survived a shooting and emerged from his near-death experience with a desire to make art from found objects, and Isaiah Zagar (Philadelphia), whose quest to "tile the world" can be seen at work in some incredible mosaics in and on buildings along South Street.

Closed Captioned #804 [TV-G]
The guys visit an "illuminated garden" at Luna Parc, a fantasy world in the woods created by Ricky Boscarino in Montague, NJ. Heading into New York, they stumble upon a yard full of heads carved by Ted Ludwiczak of Haverstraw, who retired from his job as a contact lens maker and started carving at 67. Back across the state line, they discover the intricate thread artwork created by Troy's Ray Materson from unraveled socks.

Closed Captioned #805 [TV-G]
Randy, Mike, and Don cross a rare floating bridge in Brookfield, VT—though not without some trepidation—to get to Gayleen Aiken in Barre. She's a painter, musician, puppeteer, and all-around force of nature, now in her early 70s, who says she made her first art at age 3. At St. Johnsbury's Fairbanks Museum, they see some even older art: a collection of patriotic and whimsical woven pieces incorporating the bodies of insects, created by a New Jersey man in the 1800s.

Closed Captioned #806 [TV-G]
The guys linger a bit—possibly a bit too long—in the Loony Lagoon in Bath, ME, where Phillip Day, a retired shipbuilder, has some pretty wacky yard art. In Pigeon Cove, MA, they visit Ellis Stenman's environmentally aware Paper House, which includes desks, radios, and clocks all made from newspapers.

Closed Captioned #901 [TV-G]
A collection of Kansas wonders: pun-tastic assemblage maker John Woods in Kansas City, 93-year-old chewing gum artist Betty Milliken in Lawrence, Kracht's Castle in Junction City, and the World's Largest Collection of the World's Smallest Versions of the World's Largest Things in Lucas.

Closed Captioned #902 [TV-G]
Sign maker M.T. Liggett in Mullinville, KS; carver Glenn Stark in Kingman, KS; Wichita rock gardener Dan Beck; a tiny chapel in Ardmore, OK; scrap metal sculptor David Strickland in Red Oak, TX; and the Webb Gallery of Outsider Art in Waxahachie, TX.

Closed Captioned #903 [TV-G]
A giant Sam Houston in Huntsville, TX, plus two stops in Houston: the annual Art Car Parade and Cleveland "Flower Man" Turner.

Closed Captioned #904 [TV-G]
More Texas sites and sights: a Chinese extravaganza known as the Forbidden Gardens in Katy, a big pecan in Seguin, the Rev. Seymour Perkins, Ed Clark's Christmas House, and the Toilet Seat Art Museum in San Antonio.

Closed Captioned #905 [TV-G]
Dinosaur World and Mitchell's Folly Folk Art Gallery in Eureka Springs, AR; painter David Kontra in Hartville, MO; barbecue in a cave in Richland, MO; trick-shot pool player Charles "Spitball" Darling in Washington, MO; and more from the City Museum in St. Louis.

Closed Captioned #906 [TV-G]
Elvis jumpsuit maker Kay Murphy in Mexico, MO; scrap metal welder Bob Smithy in Plevna, MO; a great grotto at Mt. Mercy College in Cedar Rapids, IA; the World's Largest Cheeto in Algona, IA; and Dick Kopp's Planet Garbage creations in Fort Dodge, IA.

Closed Captioned #1001 [TV-G]
The Caveman Head at Cuz's Antiques in Lebanon, TN; the Museum of Appalachia in Norris, TN; an old gas station with an airplane theme in Knoxville, TN; Millennium Manor in Alcoa, TN; Bucket Man (Danny Hoskinson) in Benton, TN; the UFO House in Chattanooga, TN; Ab the Flagman in Morganton, GA; and the Pig Hill of Fame at Poole's BBQ in East Ellijay, GA.

Closed Captioned #1002 [TV-G]
More Georgia oddities: the Big Chicken in Marietta, Tom Haney's Mechanical Masterpieces and Folk Art Park in Atlanta, and a double-barreled cannon in Athens.

Closed Captioned #1003 [TV-G]
Joni Mabe's Everything Elvis in Cornelia, GA; the Peach Butt Water Tower in Gaffney, SC; and Pearl Fryar's Topiaries and Button King in Bishopville, SC.

Closed Captioned #1004 [TV-G]
The Chicken Man of Columbia, SC; the UFO Welcome Center in Bowman, SC; Honey the dog cashier in Hardeeville, SC; Castle Ottis in St. Augustine, FL; and Xanadu, Home of the Future in Kissimmee, FL.

Closed Captioned #1005 [TV-G]
Odd sights at Florida sites: the World Famous J Jonny in Boca Raton, Kevin Doyle-Mad Hatter Mufflers in Hollywood, the Coral Castle in Homestead, the World's Smallest Post Office in Ochopee, Solomon's Castle in Ona, and Ruby William's Vegetable & Art Stand in Plant City.

Closed Captioned #1006 [TV-G]
Florida features: Giant's Camp Restaurant in Gibsonton, Taft Richardson's Bone Sculptures in Tampa, Todd and Kiaralinda's House of Whimsy in Safety Harbor, Dinosaur Gas Station in Weeki Wachee, Jerry Coker in Gainesville, and Mark Miller and Missionary Mary Proctor in Tallahassee.

Closed Captioned #1101 [TV-G]
Randy, Mike, and Don the Camera Guy visit the Hole n' the Rock near Moab, UT and the Gilgal Sculpture Garden in Salt Lake City, then cross over into Idaho for the Idaho Potato Expo, a nuclear submarine, and Cleo's Ferry Museum on the Snake River.

Closed Captioned #1102 [TV-G]
A building shaped like a milk bottle and a giant Radio Flyer in Spokane, Gehrke Windmill Gardens near the Grand Coulee Dam, Dick & Jane's Art Spot in Ellensburg, Seattle artists Ree Brown and Tim Fowler, and the Walker Rock Garden.

Closed Captioned #1103 [TV-G]
West Coast delights: the Fremont Troll and painter/accordionist Greg Blackstock in Seattle, the Java Jive building in Tacoma, Dan Klennert's Ex-Nihilo Sculpture Park near Elbe, the RichArt Yard in Centralia, the World's Largest Egg in Winlock, and Marsh's Free Museum in Long Beach.

Closed Captioned #1104 [TV-G]
The guys set out in search of the World's Smallest Park and Portland's Velveteria, then visit a Bomber Gas Station in Milwaukee and painter Rick Bartow in Newport. Between Redmond and Bend, they have adventures at the Funny Farm and Petersen Rock Garden.

Closed Captioned #1105 [TV-G]
A bird's-eye view from the Out 'n' About Treehouse Resort in Takilma, OR; the remnants of Romano Gabriel's sculpture garden in Eureka, CA; a street-corner encounter with artist Duane Flatmo; artistic activities at the Studio; and a few of the crazy pedaled contraptions at the Kinetic Lab in Arcata.

Closed Captioned #1106 [TV-G]
Randy, Mike, and Don the Camera Guy pay a brief visit to the Kinetic Museum in Ferndale and a drive-through tree on the Avenue of the Giants. They also visit visionary painter Reuben Sorensen in Redway, CA; Auburn's sculpting dentist, Ken Fox; Litto's Hubcap Ranch near Pope Valley; junk metal sculptor Patrick Amiot; and filmmaker turned carver Ernie Fosselius in Sebastapol.

Closed Captioned #1107 [TV-G]
The boys bounce into the Bay Area to visit robot builder Clayton Bailey in Port Costa, CA. In San Francisco, they see Ron Henggeler's Fulton Street Teepee Tower, a giant rubber-band ball, and carver Demi Braceros' work in Cayuga Park. Then it's off to Millbrae and an encounter with futuristic folk artist Stephen Powers.

Closed Captioned #1108 [TV-G]
California sights: self-taught art and architecture at the Forestiere Underground Gardens in Fresno, the rambling construction by Art Beal known as Nittwitt Ridge in Cambria, Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo, and what remains of Grandma Prisbrey's Bottle Village in Simi Valley.

Closed Captioned #1109 [TV-G]
California sights: Los Angeles' Watts Towers, including a front-yard display called the 10th Wonder of the World; painter Elias Teller in Montebello; the Wigwam Village Motel in Rialto; and Elmer Long's Bottle Garden near Helendale.

Closed Captioned #1110 [TV-G]
Noah Purifoy's desert sculptures near Joshua Tree, CA; shipbuilder John Taylor in San Juan Capistrano; Richard Margolin's Rock & Roll House in Encinitas; and Queen Califia's Magic Circle in Escondido.

Closed Captioned #1111 [TV-G]
The Primitive Kool Hair Salon and Art Gallery in Ocean Beach, CA; the Desert View Tower and Boulder Park near Jacumba; Leonard Knight's Salvation Mountain outside Niland; the Space Age Lodge in Gila Bend, AZ; and fire-breathing sculptures by Richard Wizardry in Scottsdale.

Closed Captioned #1112 [TV-G]
The Sunnyside Rock Garden and Gus Brethauer's Salvage Yard in Phoenix; Jerry Hall's World of Imagination and the Garden of Gethsemane in Tucson; and sculptor/inventor Poe Dismuke in Bisbee, AZ.

Closed Captioned #1201 [TV-G]
Randy, Mike, and Don the Camera Guy visit Robert Bruno's Steel House near Lubbock, Texas, the World's Smallest Skyscraper in Wichita Falls, artist Bobby Peiser, and Jesus Zertuche's Cascada de Piedra Pinta in San Angelo, Texas.

Closed Captioned #1202 [TV-G]
Randy, Mike, and Don the Camera Guy meet sculptor Donald Keeney in San Angelo, Texas, and wander through Oop Land in Iraan, Texas. They also encounter Ran Horn's Van Gogh Gallery in Van Horn, the H&H Carwash, and Casa de Azucar in El Paso.

Closed Captioned #1203 [TV-G]
Randy, Mike, and Don the Camera Guy frolic awhile in Roswell, then discover Casa de Colores in Las Vegas, N.M., the Tile House and artist Doc Atomic in Albuquerque, and Tammy Tatt2's Tiny Town between Madrid and Cerillos.

Closed Captioned #1204 [TV-G]
Randy, Mike, and Don the Camera Guy find carver Ron Rodriguez Archuleta and santero Nichola Herrera near Santa Fe, then head for Navajo lands to meet artists Mamie Deschellie and Johnson Antonio. Crossing the Arizona line, they discover the Wigwam Village Motel and Stewart's Petrified Wood shop outside Holbrook.

Closed Captioned #1205 [TV-G]
Randy, Mike, and Don the Camera Guy speed by Sedona to take in an art complex called Eliphante in Cornville, Ariz. They visit the haunted hotel in Jerome, drive Route 66 into Kingman, and see some yard art in Chloride. They cruise into Las Vegas for a jaw-dropping stop at the Hammargren Home of Nevada History.

Closed Captioned #1206 [TV-G]
Randy, Mike, and Don the Camera Guy wander off into the desert to see the Goldwell Open Air Sculpture Museum in Rhyolite, a Shoe Tree on the Loneliest Highway, Guru Lane, and Frank van Zandt's amazing Thunder Mountain near Imlay, Nev.

Closed Captioned #1207 [TV-G]
Randy, Mike, and Don the Camera Guy are back in Kansas to see Zoomers Treasures near Pittsburg, meet sculptor Bob Mix in Great Bend, and barbed wire buffalo builder Ernie Poe at the Fort Wallace Museum.

Closed Captioned #1208 [TV-G]
Randy, Mike, and Don the Camera Guy finally make it to Missouri to see Leila's Hair Museum in Independence, Boathenge in Easley, and on to St. Louis to meet the very prolific Theresa Disney.

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