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Martha Washington Won the War #101 [TV-G]
Chef Staib prepares Martha's authentic turkey stew with oysters and speaks with well-known Martha Washington expert Patricia Brady.

Early German Settlers #102 [TV-G]
Chef Walter Staib prepares ale-braised sausages and shows viewers how his German ancestors helped to make America great.

Von Steuben's Secret Weapon #103 [TV-G]
Chef Staib prepares braised rabbit legs and potato cakes in honor of his favorite Continental soldier, General von Steuben.

Washington's Crossing Pepperpot Soup #104 [TV-G]
Chef Staib makes the West-Indies influenced dish, pepperpot soup with cornbread, the meal Washington ordered after a surprise attack on the British at Trenton.

Jefferson's Monticello (Part 1) #105 [TV-G]
Chef Staib prepares Jefferson's favorite exotic dish, stuffed cabbage with fried asparagus, in the actual kitchen at Monticello. He also tours Jefferson's estate and gardens.

Jefferson's Monticello (Part 2) #106 [TV-G]
Tour "the Dependencies" that housed the beer and wine cellars and the ice house, to learn how 18th Century food was harvested and stored. Chef Staib also borrows Jefferson' kitchen to prepare Bouilli, a favorite boiled beef dish of Jefferson's, along with bouillon potatoes.

Jefferson's Monticello (Part 3) #107 [TV-G]
Jefferson carefully cultivated over 330 vegetable varieties along with a host of fruits in his legendary garden. Chef Staib prepares white bean and bacon soup, chicken fricassee, and herbed barley.

Jefferson's Monticello (Part 4) #108 [TV-G]
Get to know James Hemings, Jefferson's slave cook who accompanied Jefferson abroad to learn the ways of French cuisine. Also, meet Jefferson's long-time Monticello cooks, Edith Hern Fossett and Fanny Hern. Chef Staib prepares a tour-de-force final meal in Jefferson's kitchen: curried lamb and with rice pilaf and stewed mushrooms.

Root Cellars #109 [TV-G]
Wild geese were plentiful in 18th Century America and were prized both for their meat and their layer of fat. Chef Staib prepares a typical winter meal of goose with turnips, along with crab cake with herb remoulade. Also, visit Harriton House and see how a root cellar was a key part of 18th Century kitchens.

Hercules: Slave Chef to the Washingtons #110 [TV-G]
The foundations of the President's residence in Philadelphia, where Washington lived, have recently been excavated, showing where the slave quarters were located in the original White House. The Washingtons relied upon and highly regarded their slave chef, Hercules, who was known to all guests as the best chef in the country. Chef Staib prepares a Hercules signature dish, veal olives, along with a white bean and shallot puree.

West Indies Influence #111 [TV-G]
In the 18th Century, Philadelphia was on the Southern trade route, with ships arriving daily from the West Indies. Discover dishes like salmon escoveitch and salmon corn cakes that got their flair from West Indies spices, which were abundant in that era. Also, the Subscription Room - the world news headquarters of its time.

Ben Franklin's Genius #112 [TV-G]
From discovering how to harness electricity to inventing reading glasses and publishing the first daily newspaper in America, Ben Franklin's genius was a spark that helped to launch a country. We visit the American Philosophical Society, which Franklin founded, to learn more about this most amazing man. Chef Staib prepares braised oxtail, and he toasts Franklin with his authentic Spruce beer.

Madeira Wine by the Galleons #113 [TV-G]
Philadelphia's docks were very busy in the 18th century, receiving ships from as far away as Portugal, laden with precious cargo, Madeira wine. George Washington and the rest of the country was in love with this new wine, which was all the rage in America. Chef Staib prepares chicken Madeira using this wine along with spatzle and chestnut fritters.

Charles Thomson: Witness to History #201 [TV-G]
Visit the farm home of Charles Thomson, the secretary to all the Constitutional Congresses which took place in Philadelphia. Thomson was influential in helping to forge the Declaration of Independence as well as the Constitution. Thomas Jefferson, a close friend, loved to ride out to Harriton House after a long day of debating. Chef Staib prepares shrimp in saffron cream, and marinated asparagus with fennel puree in the Harriton House kitchen.

The Powels: Friends of the Washingtons #202 [TV-G]
Samuel Powel has the distinction of being the last mayor of Philadelphia under British rule, and the first after the War of Independence. Powel hosted elegant parties at his residence for his friends, George and Martha Washington, along with Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin. Chef Staib prepares a Washington favorite - forced cabbage along with a traditional beef stew with egg noodles.

Surgery and Soda Pop #203 [TV-G]
Dr. Philip Syng Physick is considered the father of American surgery. He also came up with the idea of flavoring carbonated water, something we now call soda pop. Chef Staib prepares smoked brook trout on potato pancakes, coq au vin chicken , and brussel sprouts.

Escape to Deshler Morris House #204 [TV-G]
In the fall of 1793, yellow fever was running rampant in Philadelphia. President Washington decided to move the government's operations north to Germantown, a settlement miles away from the plague-ravaged city. He set up his offices in a charming rented home, Deshler Morris House. Chef Staib prepares shrimp toast, along with a larded heart of beef tenderloin.

Benedict Arnold's Treacherous Wife #205 [TV-G]
We all know the story of Benedict Arnold, and how he betrayed his new country to the British. But few know the role his wife, Peggy Shippen Arnold played in his treasonous act. Fewer still realize how close Arnold was to being caught on the dramatic day of his flight across to British lines. Chef Staib prepares a favorite dish of the time, oyster stew and roasted duckling glazed with honey.

Benjamin Franklin: Science Superstar #206 [TV-G]
No other man of his time contributed more to our understanding of nature and science than Benjamin Franklin. And that's in addition to being one of the key Founding Fathers of our country. What a resume! In this episode, a salute Benjamin Franklin by preparing a favorite French dish of his, vol-au-vent with sweetbreads, beef and pork pie, and sweet and sour red cabbage.

David Rittenhouse's Orrery #207 [TV-G]
David Rittenhouse taught himself Newton's laws by the age of 13. Soon after, he became an expert clockmaker, and then a professor of astronomy. Rittenhouse created an orrery, an elaborate machine to track the movements of the sun, the moon, and the stars. Chef Staib prepares a crown roast of pork with madeira sauce along with sweet potatoes and apples in his honor.

Yellow Fever #208 [TV-G]
In the summer of 1793, a terrible plague swept through Philadelphia. Yellow Fever wiped out ten percent of the population. People of means escaped, leaving their African-American slaves behind to tend to the sick. The slaves cared for their patients so selflessly that the city awarded them two churches in thanks - the first African-American owned properties in America. Chef Staib cooks citrus-marinated salmon with an eggplant dore.

Betsy Ross Sews a Legend #209 [TV-G]
Betsy Ross is one the most celebrated woman in American history. Although there is still controversy around her story and whether she sewed our country's first flag, the details appear to support a woman of great courage who was asked by Gen. Washington to defy the British and secretly give our nation its identity. Chef Staib prepares lobster and corn fritters and baked veal chops with braised artichokes in Betsy's honor.

18th Century Animals #210 [TV-G]
The variety of livestock we see on farms today differs significantly from the ones that were common during the Revolutionary Era. Modern techniques have plumped animals up and induced them to grow much more quickly. But an effort is underway at Colonial Williamsburg to get back to those original breeds. Chef Staib cooks at Harriton House, preparing beef barley soup, pork ragout, and Sally Lunn dumplings.

Coffee at Colonial Williamsburg #211 [TV-G]
Colonial Williamsburg is one of the oldest settlements in America, and the British assumed it would become America's capital. Today, visitors can experience an entire village of Colonial life and authentic foods. Chef Staib cooks in Peyton Randolph's kitchen, preparing chicken vermicelli soup, veal fricassee, and curried rice pilaf.

Lafayette's Sacrifices #212 [TV-G]
Lafayette is portrayed as the dashing young French general at Washington's side. In France, he and his wife were hunted down and imprisoned for supporting America's cause. In this episode, Chef Staib pays tribute to Gen. Lafayette by making a very French meal of tripe soup, roasted sweetbreads, and creamed savoy cabbage.

The Beautiful People of Colonial Williamsburg #213 [TV-G]
The Governor's Palace at Colonial Williamsburg was the epitome of fine dining and cultured cuisine. In this episode, get a rare tour of the Palace kitchens, and see how the "beautiful people" of the Colonial Era lived. Chef Staib also gets elbow deep in chocolate making, after preparing cod fish fritters, stuffed roasted quail, Virginia ham, and pineapple sauerkraut in Peyton Randolph's kitchen.

The Washingtons at Mount Vernon, Part 1 #301 [TV-G]
Chef Walter Staib prepares some of Washington's favorite dishes such as roasted beef marrow, baked stuffed sturgeon, and roasted root vegetables with citrus vinaigrette.

The Washingtons at Mount Vernon, Part 2 #302 [TV-G]
Pickled Herring Bonne Femme, roasted stuffed grouse, braised sunchokes, and sweet potato biscuits are prepared.

Bartram's Gardens: A Revolution In Gardening #303 [TV-G]
Recipes include fried Lafayette fish, curried tofu with shrimp, and turbot and braised romaine.

Rye Coffee #304 [TV-G]
Discover why Rye Coffee became a popular drink in America after President Jefferson and Congress imposed a foreign trade embargo in 1807. Recipes include: Madeira onion soup, Periwinkles (sea snails), beef tongue with caper sauce, and Pennsylvania Dutch dumplings.

Dolley & James Madison - Entertaining at Montpelier, Part 1 #305 [TV-G]
Dolley Madison was the toast of Washington, hosting her famous "squeeze" parties at the White House first for Thomas Jefferson, and then for her husband, James. Recipes include: artichokes, veal kidney dijonnaise, Hoppin' John, and cornmeal fried catfish.

Dolley & James Madison - Entertaining at Montpelier, Part 2 #306 [TV-G]
Chef Walter learns more about how the Madison's dined and entertained at their beautiful home. Recipes include: Virginia ham and oysters, roast pheasant with cornmeal stuffing, and peas a la Francaise.

Philadelphia Falls #307 [TV-G]
Chef Walter prepares potato leek soup, roasted leg of lamb, and cardoon au fromage at The Cliveden Estate.

Continental Congress & Constitutional Convention #308 [TV-G]
Join Chef Walter as he tours Carpenters' Hall in Philadelphia, home to the first Continental Congress and Benjamin Franklin's library. Chef Walter prepares fried calves feet with curried remoulade along with beef olives, mashed potatoes, and broccoli.

Weekend Warriors #309 [TV-G]
Visit the battlefields, mess tents, and riverside encampments for first-hand accounts by reenactors. Chef Walter is busy keeping the fire going in John and William Bartram's kitchen as he prepares mushroom toast, venison stew, bread dumplings, and fried celery.

Jamaica - The Market Basket #310 [TV-G]
Chef Walter goes to Jamaica - the market basket of Colonial America. He prepares classic Jamaican dishes, such as Mannish Water (made from goat's head), Akee and saltfish, curried goat, and festival - a cornmeal fritter.

Birds of America - John James Audubon #311 [TV-G]
Join Chef Walter as he tours artist/illustrator John James Audubon's farm and bird sanctuary near Valley Forge. He prepares a very unusual poultry recipe, stuffed cock's comb. He also makes chicken curry, "the Indian Way," from Hannah Glasse's 1745 cookbook, along with almond rice pilaf.

Nothing Grows On Exuma #312 [TV-G]
Chef Walter introduces the recipes of Exuma: conch salad, conch fritters, fish fry, and a guava duff.

The First Three Seasons #313 [TV-G]
The story of America's founding through excerpts from the first 38 episodes of the series. Chef Walter shows highlights from the very memorable dishes he has prepared so far in three seasons of the series.

Boston's Freedom Trail #401 [TV-G]
Chef Walter follows The Freedom Trail, a walking tour of famous sites from 18th century Boston, then prepares clam chowder and tripe a la mode.

The Midnight Ride #402 [TV-G]
"The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" is retold as Chef Walter accompanies the prose with lobster pie and deep fried quail eggs.

Remembering John Adams #403 [TV-G]
Chef Staib prepares a New England boiled dinner and visits John Adams' birthplace home in Quincy, Massachusettes.

Antigua: Harboring British Interests #404 [TV-G]
Antigua was home to Britain's second largest naval port during the 18th century, commanded by Lord Admiral Nelson. Chef Walter prepares seafood water and pumpkin pancakes in the shadow of a sugar plantation windmill and archeological dig.

St. Lucia: Tropical Delights, Naval Fights #405 [TV-G]
St. Lucia played a critical role in winning the American Revolution. Chef Walter prepares curried chicken and buillion.

Liquid Gold #406 [TV-G]
Travel to Guyana where Rum is made and explore the legend of El Dorado. Chef Staib cooks traditional Guyanese dishes using local ingredients.

In Search of Catchup #407 [TV-G]
Chef Staib travels to Malaysia to trace the origins of catchup, visit an organic farm, and prepare local Malaysian specialties in bamboo rice.

William Penn's Grand Experiment #408 [TV-G]
Visit William Penn's North American home and learn about his planned city, Philadelphia. In Penn's honor, Chef Staib prepares oxtail soup and rib roast with Yorkshire pancakes.

Three Women #409 [TV-G]
Recipes include Mary Randolph's Stuffed Veal Breast, Hannah Glasse's Braised Veal Heart, and Martha Washington's Excellent Cake.

James Monroe #410 [TV-G]
Learn about the Monroe Doctrine, and Chef Staib cooks at Monroe's Ash Lawn estate, preparing fried lake perch and kohlrabi in his honor.

Pirates Get Their Due #411 [TV-G]
Chef Walter visits Port Royal, to see the amazing intact underwater city, then cooks on the Rio Grande River.

Blue Mountain Coffee #412 [TV-G]
Chef Watler visits a Jamaica coffee plantation and prepares an elaborate British plantation brunch.

The First Five Presidents #413 [TV-G]
At The White House, Chef Staib looks back at the first five presidents and the foods they loved.

Engineering A Revolution #501 [TV-G]
Walter prepares Hungarian Goulash and cabbage potato stew with kielbasa in honor of Thaddeus Kosciuszko.

Star Spangled Banner #502 [TV-G]
In honor of our national anthem, Walter celebrates the Star Spangled Banner at Ft. McHenry by preparing eel and mussel chowder, smoke pheasant en croute, roasted veal shank, and bread pudding with black currants.

Let Freedom Ring #503 [TV-G]
Walter pays tribute to the Liberty Bell with sauteed shad roe and coq au vin rouge.

El Camino Real #504 [TV-G]
Chef Walter travels to New Mexico and recounts the incredible journey of migration to our early Southwest. He prepares authentic People of the Red Willow recipes of Atole, a blue corn porridge, and elk stew.

Chili Peppers: Fruit of New Mexico #505 [TV-G]
Chef Staib visits New Mexico for the chili pepper harvest and makes short ribs, red polenta, and wild boar chile.

King of Prussia #506 [TV-G]
Chef Staib prepares authentic German favorites, Konigsberger Klopse meatballs in caper sauce, Eisbein pork shanks, and apple strudel.

Battle of Nassau #507 [TV-G]
Chef Staib prepares boiled fish, curried lobster and Johnny Cakes in the Bahamas.

Trekking South Africa #508 [TV-G]
Join Chef Staib as he prepares warthog kebobs and ostrich stew on an incredible journey to South Africa.

Original Americans #509 [TV-G]
Chef Staib prepares cornmeal fried catfish, stuffed squash, maple baked beans, and corn and cranberry pancakes.

Under The Vine and Figtree #510 [TV-G]
To celebrate our pluralism, Chef Staib prepares calf brains with butter and capers and beef royale.

A Capital Design #511 [TV-G]
Chef Staib honors French architect Pierre L'Enfant by preparing liver dumplings, veal tongue fricassee, sauteed heirloom carrots, and chocolate mousse cake.

Original Sushi #512 [TV-G]
Kobe Japan is the backdrop for the secrets of sushi-making and demystifying the most prized and pampered beef in the world, Kobe Beef.

Revolutionary Caribbean #513 [TV-G]
The island of Turks and Caicos is Chef Staib's muse as he prepares conch chowder and cod fish cakes.

Philadelphia's City Tavern #601 [TV-G]
Chef Walter Staib celebrates the history of the venerable City Tavern in Philadelphia. He prepares roast leg of venison, yellow beets and walnuts gratin, sage potatoes, and creme brulee.

Winning The War with Bread #602 [TV-G]
Chef Staib roasts a turkey to demonstrate how to make a classic turkey pot pie from scratch.

Artillery by the Book #603 [TV-G]
Chef Staib cooks "Pease" soup with pork shanks and Sally Lunn toast and hunter's stew with rabbit.

Fort Mifflin's River War #604 [TV-G]
Chef Staib makes shrimp and rutabaga fricassee, corn fritters, okra fish stew, and baked fennel.

General Hand, Redcoat/Patriot #605 [TV-G]
Chef Staib cooks cabbage soup with meat dumplings and roasted stuffed pork stomach with pan gravy.

Take to The Waters #606 [TV-G]
Chef Staib cooks mountain trout, honey stung Brussels sprouts, "hausenpfeffer" braised marinated rabbit, and stuffed tenderloin of venison.

Grenada - The Spice Island #607 [TV-G]
Chef Staib visits Grenada and cooks with local chefs to make 'oil down' and other island dishes.

Discovering China's Past #608 [TV-G]
Chef Staib visits a fish market in China and cooks tripe, pot stickers, and Chonging-style chicken.

Benjamin Franklin - At Home In London #609 [TV-G]
Chef Staib cooks Ben Franklin's own recipes for lettuce and anchovy Soup, stuffed lobster, and more.

The Return of L' Hermione #610 [TV-G]
Chef Staib makes calf livers in calvados with apples, potato gratin, poached leeks in vinaigrette, dandelion salad with lardons, and more.

Back to The Black Forest #611 [TV-G]
Chef Staib prepares Maultaschen, or Black Forest ravioli, Black Forest potato salad, and Black Forest cake.

Roots of Creole Cooking In St Lucia #612 [TV-G]
Chef Walter Staib prepares authentic Creole cuisine with local experts in St. Lucia.

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